Our mission is to  prevent isolation,  present ideas and  provide inspiration   to club coaches    throughout the        w...
Page 2                     Assessment                    As club coach, my goal       They needed an agenda         at mee...
Page 3Joyce encour ages gr owt h                   “Shari . . .a problem solver with integrity and professionalism.”     T...
OUR MISSION IS TO  PREVENT ISOLATION,                              Lessons Learned  PRESENT IDEAS AND       PROVIDE       ...
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Club Coach Weekly Issue 17


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Shari Francis was a club coach to WCR of Palm Beaches
Toastmasters Club. Here is the breakdown.

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Club Coach Weekly Issue 17

  1. 1. Our mission is to prevent isolation, present ideas and provide inspiration to club coaches throughout the world. July 3, 2010 Volume 1, No. 17 October 23 - 24, 2010 Flexibility is Key Merriam Websters Dic- meeting. When a speaker practice, the ability to tionary defines flexibility fails to attend, others may be flexible will benefit as being characterized by a question their commitment us in our personal ready capability to adapt to to the Toastmaster pro- and professional new, different or changing gram. lives. Isnt this why requirements. When faced Rather than viewing last- we joined Toastmas- with a club that had many minute changes with a nega- ters in the first place? last-minute changes, Shari tive attitude, lets reframe Frances taught them flexi- the disappointment of a bility. speaker no-show from disap- Preparation before the pointment to joy. This new- meeting can minimize last- found attitude will help us minute changes. How- learn to adapt to a different ever, life may still get in or changing environment. the way of Toastmas- Members will take advantage ters. When the Toast- of a no-show to try a new master of the Day is late, meeting role or to give an it may disrupt the entire extra speech. With a little Inside this issue: WCR of Palm Beaches Toastmasters Club #1216688 in District 47Assessment 2 The WCR of Palm Beaches contingent of WCR Toastmasters Club was founded only two years members. However,Planning & Imple- 2 membership soonmentation ago in October 2008. dwindled. The club This club has its roots in the leadership of the local began reaching out intoShari . . .a prob- 3 Women’s Council of Realtors the community to re-lem solver with (WCR). They saw the con- cruit new members,integrity and pro-fessionalism including students from nection of Toastmasters and other chapters of the local colleges andLessons Learned 4 WCR. To charter the club, universities. they invited membersResults 4 from local Toastmasters clubs and provided capital to start the club. Initially there was a large
  2. 2. Page 2 Assessment As club coach, my goal They needed an agenda at meetings, However, was to perform an as- and a strong treasurer the officers werent sessment of club. I vis- to help process new meeting regularly and ited and watched them. members. the President was quite Almost immediately, I On the other hand, the difficult to reach. discovered that the club club had several strong Fortunately, through needed instruction in points: they wanted to persistence and enthusi- the fundamentals of a present manual asm, I was able to estab- Toastmasters meeting. speeches, they had ex- lish rapport with the The clubs membership cited leaders and several clubs officers, and con- needed to understand potential members. duct a meeting where I the basics and impor- The next step was to could provide valuable tance of the various schedule a meeting with feedback.What is the meeting roles. They the clubs officers. Iproblem? werent excited about wanted to ask them the role of grammarian. where they needed help, The club also suffered to share my assessment from busy and dis- and to give them feed- tracted members who back. This task proved were not focusing on quite difficult. The the club or their own President had a great development needs. presence and demeanor “the club needed Planning and Implementationinstruction in the The plan addressed the club’s meeting style. Club Program. I evenfundamental deficiencies noted in the assessment. I worked brought little gifts every once in a while to excite s of a with the clubs officers the members and visitorsToastmasters and their Division Gov- of the club. ernor to implement Most importantly, I helped meeting. “ training. At most of the meetings, the Division them understand the im- portance of having a solid Governor or myself, treasurer that can get a would provide informa- handle on the finances by tion on a different accounting for funds, mak- Toastmaster meeting ing deposits, and register- role or process. For ex- ing new members in a ample, the protocol of timely manner. entering and leaving the speaking area, proper timing requirements, I consulted with them on etc. Also, I helped create issues that arose regarding a few agendas to see dates and times or how to which would fit the work their Distinguished
  3. 3. Page 3Joyce encour ages gr owt h “Shari . . .a problem solver with integrity and professionalism.” Teach and Test FlexibilityTo Whom it May Concern, Note: Flexibility refers to adaptation to last-minute changes, not meeting vari-As the immediate past Division D Governor of Toastmasters International, it ety.gives me a great pleasure to acknowledge Shari Francis for her dedication andfine work as WCR Palm Beaches Noon club coach. Preparation Teach members about theOur Toastmaster year runs from July 1-June 30. When Shari began coaching TMOD calling tree located in the back of the Compe-WCR Toastmasters in December 2009, the club was struggling to stay afloat with tent Communicator Manual.10 members. I compliment Shari on the way she dove in head first to help get Test members by askingthis club back on its feet. Her initial assessment of what needed to be done the VPE to only shareprompted her to develop a thorough call to action plan to meet the club’s needs meeting responsibilitiesand get them on track. Shari s perseverance and weekly communication with with the TMOD. Theclub members and officers proved very successful. On June 30, 2010 the club members must learn abouthad 21 members and achieved the status of Distinguished Club. their upcoming assignment from an active calling tree.Shari is someone you would want on your team. She has proven that when givena challenge she will go the extra mile to get the job done right. Shari is very pro- Speechesfessional, organized and follows through. I would highly recommend Shari to Teach members about theany company that is looking for a problem solver with integrity and professional- prepared speeches foundism. She is someone you can count on to do a great job. in the Better Speaker, Suc- cessful Club and Leadership Excellence modules. Test members by occasion-Kind regards, ally asking a member to spontaneously present one of these speeches.Karen Novek, DTM Meeting RolesImmediate Past Division D Governor Teach members to have a supply of documents to help them serve in any meeting role. For exam- ple, have several words of the day ready for a last- minute grammarian. Test members by having a meeting where the meet- ing roles are announced when the members walk in the door. Leadership Teach members how to preside over a meeting. Test members by asking the President to arrive late or leave early depending on when the business meeting occurs.
  4. 4. OUR MISSION IS TO PREVENT ISOLATION, Lessons Learned PRESENT IDEAS AND PROVIDE The hardest thing for me meet with the Presi- into a training session, INSPIRATION TO CLUB was penetrating the ranks of dent face-to-face and inviting all the clubs COACHES the officers and to gain an insisted that he set up members, guests from understanding of their per- an officer meeting im- other clubs and areas. THROUGHOUT THE sonalities. I needed to deter- mediately. This session would WORLD. mine what each officer’s mo- have demonstrated the tivations were and how best I would also have re- proper protocols and to provide feedback. quested that we turn probably been a timejohn.murphy@dist8tm.org If I could go back in time, I one of the meetings of enlightenment for phill063@bellsouth.net would have tried harder to both the officers and the other members. However, I definitely We’re on the web! feel the club is much www.dist8tm.org/ stronger today be- clubcoach.html cause they understand and present informa- tion in a more organ- ized manner. Their Club Coach Weekly is a officers are strong combined effort of Dr. leaders and will con- John Murphy, DTM, tinue to guide the club and Patricia Hill, DTM. toward better times. John is the 2010-2011 Club Coach Chair for District 8 and is re- sponsible for the Club Coach stories and let- ters of praise. Patricia is a Past Dis- trict Governor from District 58. She is re- sponsible for graphic Results design, editing and lay- The club ultimately became a distinguished club. Membership had grown and out. Please contact active member involvement increased. Although their transient membership them with any ques- base still makes well-attended meetings diffi- tions, comments or cult, they have come a long way and have possible content. learned the best trick to a great meeting - flexibility. The clubs members demonstrated initiative by using Facebook and Twitter as tools to recruit new members as well as promote club activi- ties. At the end of the Toastmaster year, the members selected officer roles that better suited their skill sets.