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Cocktails & fitness

  1. 1. The not-so-personal training session that will change your physique, your health and your fitness forever (and your friends too)
  2. 2. I know that you want to look like a million bucks and feel even better. Maybe you have thought about workingwith a personal trainer, but don’t you wish that looking good and feeling great wasn’t such a dry, clinical process?
  3. 3. When I think of a personal training session I picture astuffy little consultation office, a personal trainer sitting behind a desk in a cheesy track suit with a clipboardready to listen to you confess your sins of laziness andoverindulgence and then poke, prod and pinch your fat. I know it all too well, I have been THAT trainer for many years. Cringe! That’s why I created...
  4. 4. The not-so-personal training session.The idea is to take the ‘clinical’ out of getting in yourbest shape ever, to make it fun, and to do it with thepeople that are the biggest influences in your lifestyle- your besties! So how does it work?
  5. 5. Instead of a dreadful corporate consultation wouldn’t you rather just kick back with your best pals on aFriday night, sip some lowfat cocktails and have a good hearty chit chat about the best ways to be your most fabulous self? Allow me to lead the chat...
  6. 6. Simply rally up your best girls on a Friday night, glamyourselves up, kick back with some cocktails, (yes real ones) and prepare to get fit and fabulous. Huh? I told you this not your typical personal training session.
  7. 7. I’ll guide your gang through the research, best practices and case studies. You will get all the same information, education and self exploration as you would in atraditional personal training session, plus a tonne more, and in a super fun, relaxed social setting.We’ll dispel myths, set goals, build our support system and do a whole lot of laughing. This is how fitness should be delivered!
  8. 8. Learn the latest research, hear horror stories, dig deepinto your own emotions, set smart goals and do it with the most powerful support system- your besties! Here’s what we’ll cover...
  9. 9. Posture PrimerYou look like a hunchback, here’s why and howto fix itThe 30-second make-over. Really!Assess your own posture
  10. 10. Flat stomach bluesBelly fat primerWhy crunches won’t do a darn thingAbdominal anatomy 101Outsmarting the female fat cellThe best exercises for your core
  11. 11. Physique 101How to tighten your tush without growingit Go sleeveless Hippy hippy shake shake Get rid of back fat
  12. 12. A new way to look at cardio Fat blasting The best calorie burning exercisesHealthy heart
  13. 13. Hollywood BodiesSecrets of Hollywood personal trainersrevealedGwyneth to Oprah-A critical look at starletphysiquesHow to get red carpet ready
  14. 14. Daily JuiceBoozie Suzie to the rescue- eat, drink and begorgeousAnatomy of the post workout shake
  15. 15. Motivate MeWhat is your story?Discover your fitness personalityBarrier bustersFind your model of successSet S.M.A.R.T. goalsYour new vocabulary of successAccountability
  16. 16. Insiderdiscussed in a corporateStuff that just can’t be SecretssettingDon’t be this person in the gymTips your male trainer won’t offer (cuz hedoesn’t have a clue)Shopping channel gadgets to avoid8 Reasons why your trainer wants to fire YOU!
  17. 17. Fun, educational & memorableTotally interactive sessionThe best handouts ever!Learn your stuff with trivia, games & contestsCool prizesAsk all your pressing fitness questionsA fraction of the cost of private training
  18. 18. What’s my story?After delivering over 10, 000 hours of fitnessprograms, I have seen it all. I have worked inwomen only fitness centers, senior centers, golfclubs, private training studios.I spent 5 years studying Kinesiology atuniversity and participated in 100’s of hours oftraining and workshops.
  19. 19. DetailsSession length: 2.5 hours (may go longer if yourgroup is chatty)Location: Hostess home
  20. 20. Interested in more information about hostingyour friends for fabulous evening of Cocktails and Fitness?