Visit wales monmouthpedia presentation 181012


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Presentation comiled for Do Cool Stuff and Get Visitors event 17th October 2012

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Visit wales monmouthpedia presentation 181012

  1. 1. Attribution: John Cummings Wikimedia Commons
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  6. 6. MonmouthpediA is a World first project which attemptedto use Wikipedia (the People’s Encyclopedia) to coverevery notable place, person, artefact, plant, animal andother things in Monmouth in as many languages aspossible.Devised by John Cummings and supported by Wiki MediaUK, Monmouthshire County Council and local and globalcontent creating contributors.Philosophical underpinning - Knowledge gives us contextand it allows us to appreciate our surroundings more.The Council for British Archaeology designatedMonmouth as the seventh best town for archaeology inBritain.MonmouthpediA uses QRpedia codes, a type of bar codea smartphone can read through its camera (using one ofthe many free QR readers available) that takes you to aWikipedia article in your language.
  7. 7. http://qrpedia.orgQRpedia is the first language detecting QR code that can connect communitycurated notable digital content around the world to Wikipedia.Developed by Roger Bamkin and Terence Eden in 2011 & originally deployed in acuratorial context in Museums across the world.People scan a QR code and are taken directly to a mobile friendly Wikipedia pagewritten in the user’s preferred language.
  8. 8. QR codes are extremely useful, as physical signs have noway of displaying the same amount of information and ina potentially huge number of languages.Over 1000 QRpedia codes have been deployed around theMonmouth to date:• Ceramic plaques for places exposed to the elements for articles specific to Monmouth.• Labels for use inside buildings, e.g. for objects in museums.• Glass stickers in the windows of shops to give information on their professions .Articles have coordinates (geotags) to also allow a virtualtour of the town using Wikipedias mobile apps (or theWikipedia layer on Google Streetview) and are available inaugmented reality software including Layar.
  9. 9. In May 2012: 550 of the articles generated forthe MonmouthpediA experience were availablein over 30 different languages.Currently there is no Mobile OS to deliver Welsharticles.
  10. 10. Over 1500 new images relating to Monmouth shared forcreative commons use in Wiki Media Commons over a 5month period.
  11. 11. Opportunities for Growing TourismIncreased PR: Launch media led to 277 stories across 36countries, including Wall Street Journal, New York Times,Times of India, Iran Today……Opportunity to update & change perceptions.New infrastructure – free to use town-wide wifi.Development of enhanced and compelling digital visitorexperience.Opportunity to engage the community in thedevelopment of product & marketing.Evaluation & improvement – monitoring of value &volume / visitor behaviour, visit motivation andsatisfaction.
  12. 12. Attribution: John Cummings Wikimedia Commons