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SSL VPN from your android phone


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ShareTech SSL VPN from your android phone

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SSL VPN from your android phone

  1. 1. / SSL From Your Smar tphone Support for Android Smartphones
  2. 2. The SSL VPN is moving out to your smartphone  ShareTech roll out full SSL VPN support for Android Smartphones for more secure remote access to UTM and other corporate applications because of the Android system support and flexibility.
  3. 3. Securely Connect Your Android Smartphone via SSLVP N ----------------------------------------------------- When you’re out on the road with nothing but your phone and desperately need access to a document that’s stored on your computer at home or at work, what do you do? Because a modern smartphone is really just a small computer, you can securely connect to your home LAN or company network over a SSL VPN connection. Let’s take a look at how you can do this with popular Android phones.
  4. 4. Add an authentication account Objects > Authentication > Local User Objects > Authentication > Local User
  5. 5. Add an authentication group Objects > Authentication > User Group
  6. 6. Add a New Certification Group SSL VPN > SSL VPN Setting > SSL Client List SSL VPN > SSL VPN Setting > SSL Client List
  7. 7. Start SSL VPN SSL VPN > SSL VPN Setting > SSL VPN Setup
  8. 8. Configure Your Android Device -------------------------------------------------
  9. 9. Download "ShareTech SSL VPN "
  10. 10. Install "ShareTech SSL VPN "
  11. 11. Add a new SSL VPN connection
  12. 12. Network > Interface
  13. 13. Enter Server Information HTTPS Port
  14. 14. Launch It
  15. 15. Connection Procedure……
  16. 16. Address of information message  Your smartphone is now successfully connected to the SSL VPN SSL VPN > SSL VPN Setting
  17. 17. Connect to Internal Servers SSL VPN > SSL VPN Log
  18. 18. How to disconnect SSL VPN?
  19. 19. Other Information ------------------------------------------------ Using a SSL VPN to connect your smartphone to your home or work network can expand the usability of your phone and help you to be productive no matter where you are.
  20. 20. What is your internal IP? SSL VPN internal IP
  21. 21. What are Details? Route Information
  22. 22. Setting Modify settings
  23. 23. About SSL VPN SSL VPN version
  24. 24. SSL VPN Connection Logs
  25. 25. Please mail your SSL VPN connection logs to if you get any wrong message.
  26. 26. ShareTech Team will solve issue soon.
  27. 27. / What are you waiting for? Thank You! You Please don't hesitate to mail us if you have further questions.