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How to boot mail server from a usb device


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How to boot mail server from a usb device

  1. 1. ShareTech 64bit Mail Server How To Boot From a USB Device (Flash Drive or External Hard Drive) L/O/G/O /
  2. 2. Hot Tip 1 Make sure your USB space • Your flash drive, external Hard Drive, or USB stick free space must be equal to or more than original HDD. 2 When it’s an emergency • Boot from usb when it’s an emergency. It’s not a permanent solution, just a makeshift arrangement when original HDD fail. Honestly, please contact us when mail server with something wrong.
  3. 3. System Backup Backup policies are set to govern which content should be backed up at scheduled time. ShareTech mail server makes it even more convenient for administrators to use USB flash drive as a backup storage device. Removable USB HDD can be used as full system backup. If the operating system on the host computer crashes, chose USB recovery mode while rebooting. The system will revert back to the status before backup.(restore) MS-6400, MS-6410, MS-6420, MS-1225, MS-6440, MS-1410A, MS-1420A, MS-1430A, MS-1440A
  4. 4. Backup Device – USB USB 2.0 “Hi-Speed“ higher maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (effective throughput up to 35 MB/s or 280 Mbit/s)
  5. 5. Management > System Backup
  6. 6. Mount Device
  7. 7. HD. SYS. Backup Formatting
  8. 8. Enter Information
  9. 9. Immediately Backup
  10. 10. Backup Log List
  11. 11. HDD fail One day, original HDD fail cause you cannot boot mail server
  12. 12. Find console line Please fine your PC computer which has 9-pins SUB-D, Connect Console cable to between COM port(RS-232) of computer and Console port of UTM.
  13. 13. Connect console 1. Please download putty: 2. Run “putty,” select “Serial,” type Speed “115200,” and click [Open]
  14. 14. Console Screen
  15. 15. Console Screen Enter 2 while the time is counting down
  16. 16. Console Screen Select 2, boot from sdc(usb) Select 1
  17. 17. Console Screen Machine restart
  18. 18. Console Screen Do thing this time More than 5 minutes……
  19. 19. Console Screen
  20. 20. Console Screen
  21. 21. Till show MS#
  22. 22. Successful Booting From External Hard Drive
  23. 23. What’re HD. SYS. Backup Items NOTED!!!!. 1. Config setting 2. kernel(ex: Network Setup, Mail Server Basic Setup…so on) 3. Graylist and IP Reverse 4. clamav, sophos (Anti-Virus Engines ) 5. spam(Anti-Spam Basic Setup) 6. ldap(LDAP sharecontacts) 7. mysql Db(database) 8. mail accounts(Account List) 9. Mail attchech 10. Audit & Filter Rule Setting 11. Separate(Anti-Spam > Basic Setup > Quarantine Zone) 12. Bulletin 13. Mail Log 14. Shared Folder 15. E-Paper 16. Logs (system Log) 17. Update server files
  24. 24. Thank You! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions, thanks. L/O/G/O