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this is the presentation for presenting- continue of titanic (view only)

if you did not see the titanic (view only) go to that presentation first and then come back to this :)

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  1. 1. Titanic - A Tragic ending 14th April 1912
  2. 2. •It took 3 years to build with 3000 working men. $7.5million was spent to build it. It was owned by whitestar line.•The Titanic began her maiden voyage fromSouthampton, the story bound foruntil today? 10 Why does England, remains New York City, WHAT WAS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE SHIP?April 1912, with Captain Edward J. Smith in command.•Passengers aboard was categorized into:  First class-  Second class-  Third class-
  3. 3. • When titanic began her journey at first, the weather was clear and the ocean was smooth. One man said, “We’re making good speed. We might even arrive in New York early- if we don’t run into ice.”• she was designed to be a marvel of modern safety technology.• Her accommodations were the most luxurious and had the most extensive facilities and on any ocean liners at the time.
  4. 4. Some of the facilities offered on board were:- electric light and heat in each room . electric elevators  a swimming pool  a squash court (considered terribly modern), a Turkish Bath  a gymnasium with a mechanical horse and mechanical camel to keep riders fit. two musical ensembles (rather than the standard one) of the best musicians on the Atlantic.
  5. 5. A HISTORIC TRAGEDY WAS BORN• On the night of April 14 1912, it was in the middle of Atlantic ocean.• The ice berg warnings never reached Captain Smith or the officer on the bridge.• Ice-berg spotted!• They tried to turn Titanic away from the iceberg, But it was too late.• She could stay afloat with four flooded compartments.
  6. 6. The Nightmare Night• Approximately 37 sec later the, the greatest maritime disaster in history began• Then slowly she started to sink into her watery grave.• Several messages were sent to ships for help.• Two-thirds of her passengers and crew went down with the ship. :- •First class- 60.5% survived •Second class-41.75% survived •Third class-24.5 survived •Crew -23.5 survived• Titanic sank more than two miles down to the ocean floor, where no diver could go alone.• Carpathians came to rescue.
  7. 7. Some people onboard when the ship sank. Margaret “molly” brown. Survivor of RMS titanic sinking • Helped loading people into the life boats • First woman to row a life boat. • She became famous due to exhorting the crew of lifeboat 6 to return to look for survivors. Violet Jessop 2 October 1887 – 5 May 1971 Survivor of Rms Titanic and Britannic (sister ship of titanic)
  8. 8. Bruce IsmaysurvivorFrederickFleetsurvivor The band- No survivors
  9. 9. Perished during the sinking of the shipCaptain Edward Smith Jack Phillips: 27 January 1850 – 15 April (11 April 1887 – 15 April 1912)1912 Senior wireless officer.He was planning toretire right after themaiden voyage of theTitanic William McMaster Murdoch (28 February 1873 – 15 April 1912)- First officer or lieutenant William on titanic
  10. 10. Facts or fictions..•Was Jack Dawson and rose Dewitt Bukateronboard? - A J.Dawson was onboard ( a member of crew)•Did the titanic’s band continued to play when theship sank? - The 8 man assembled•Was the heart of the ocean a real necklace? -a reason to hear Rose’s story
  11. 11. •The four smoke stack. - to make the ship more impressive other than it’s size.•Did some of the passengers chose to go downwith the ship? - An old couple embracing in bed as the water pours into the cabin.
  13. 13. •1st September 1985•A submersible named“Alvin” was sentunderwater to capture theimages of the ship wreck.•Titanic’s boiler was thefirst part of titanic to bediscovered.
  14. 14. It did not only lead to the discovery of the ship wreck…..Rather they discovered more and more about the tragic ship… MORE WERE REVEALED!
  15. 15. Artifacts•Some of the artifacts recovered were:•Silverware•Plates•Chairs•Letters•Currency•Jewelries•Clothing•Menus…
  16. 16. The voyage was very much anticipatedaround the globe. The white star linesemployee is believed to have said that“even god himself couldnt sink the ship.’The sinking was a wake-up call – arealization that technology can only go sofar.