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Introduction to the Read Write Web

A 40 minute presentation to the Read/Write Web.

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Introduction to the Read Write Web

  1. 1. The Read/Write Web Dean Shareski October, 2006
  2. 2. What is it?
  3. 3. Educators therefore face a different set of challenges. Very different. Their authority is in question since we’ve learned that we can learn more from talking with others than by listening to any single expert. But, more important, if knowledge emerges from conversations, then just about all our educational focus ought to be on learning how to be good conversationalists: how to listen, how to kindle a conversation, how to evaluate claims, how to speak in a voice worth hearing… and, most of all, how to share a world in which knowledge is plural,for that’s what conversation and knowledge is about . Dave Weinberger
  4. 4. Learning is Changing
  5. 8. Kryptonite Bike Lock
  6. 13. "They are beginning to gain comfort in the context of the knowledge that is out there. They are beginning to question differently, seeing how current events fit in with past, and future possibilities. They are easing into the global flow of information. They are young teenagers, between 12 and 14, they are in the slow land of the freeway and feeling their way, but they are on the freeway and in the flow of the information and that is what counts for right now. As a teacher of teenagers, I want to help them into this flow in a way that is understandable and safe for them. I want to help them over the on ramp. This is messy business with kids. Schools have given the mindset that knowledge is neat and cleanly boxed. As adults we know better and we need our kids to clearly see this as well."
  7. 14. “ MySpace is a cultural requirement for high school students.Or as one teenager said, “ If you’re not on MySpace, you don’t exist.” Dana Boyd researcher
  8. 15. Buckle Boy
  9. 16. MIT
  10. 17. What can schools offer kids that online learning cannot?
  11. 19. “ Engagement is more important than content” Marc Prensky
  12. 20.
  13. 22. Tools
  14. 24. Order Chronological Reverse
  15. 26. This comment is from Karl Fisch. He's the Director of Technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. Now you guys are really teaching the teachers! Cool
  16. 28. engaging relevant ownership
  17. 29. R S S eally yndication imple
  18. 32. Less designing
  19. 33. More content
  20. 34. social bookmarking
  21. 36. Less exclusive
  22. 37. More sharing
  23. 38. Wikis
  24. 39. Less isolated
  25. 41. More collaborative
  26. 43. Blogs A weblog is a website that offers one click publishing and avoids the need for any web design skills. It posts ideas in reverse chronological order and utilizes comments and links to create a rich and current perspective. Less designing and more content. Social bookmarking Storing favourite sites online is not only convenient but allows you to share you sites using tools like RSS. Tagging enables you to organize and search for sites based on your descriptions. Less exclusive and more sharing. Wikis wikis are editable webpages. They can be public or private. Users can make any changes to a document and save them. All revisions are saved so you can never mess up. Less isolated and more collaborative.
  27. 44. Room 208
  28. 45. Less talk more rock Alternative Communication
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A 40 minute presentation to the Read/Write Web.


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