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How to Deliver Internal Communications with a SharePoint Intranet


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Join Creative Sharepoint for this webinar: How to Deliver Internal Communications with a SharePoint Intranet

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How to Deliver Internal Communications with a SharePoint Intranet

  1. 1. How to Deliver Internal Communications with a SharePoint Intranet
  2. 2. Communicate with a SharePoint Intranet 1 2 3 4Communica Collaborate Automate Analyse te on key tasks key business key businesskey business and projects processes data information
  3. 3. Agenda Overview of Communication Needs Top-down, bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication Basic Communication Features in SharePoint Basic sites, apps, web parts and branding Advanced Communication Features in SharePoint Advanced sites, custom web parts, publishing, targeting and branding Overview of Communication Features Developing from basic to advanced communication features
  4. 4. Overview ofCommunicationNeeds
  5. 5. Overview of Communication Needs Top Down Bottom-up Peer-to-peer
  6. 6. BasicCommunication inSharePoint
  7. 7. Communication Sites (basic) Team Sites Blog Site Home Departmen Departmen Departmen Blog t t t
  8. 8. Team Sites Content Editing Add rich text content (e.g. a welcome message or instructions) and share it on a page Announcements Communicate news items and other short bits of information in a list and on a page Document Libraries Store documents (e.g. policies & procedures) and share them in a library and on a page
  9. 9. Team Sites (continued) Promoted Links Display links (e.g. to other applications) in a visual format in a list and on a page Contacts Store contacts (e.g. employees or customers) and share their details in a list and on a page Calendar Communicate upcoming events (e.g. meetings) in a calendar format in a list and on a page
  10. 10. Company-wide Links to other applications announcements Libraries for important documents List of all staff by departmentCalendar for company-wide events
  11. 11. Blog Sites Rich Media Insert videos from your computer, elsewhere on SharePoint or embed them from YouTube Likes / Comments Display threaded comments after a blog and allow users to “Like” popular posts Sharing Share blog content via alerts, RSS or through email
  12. 12. Likes / comments for readers Embed rich media, including YouTube videos Keep followers updated with RSS
  13. 13. Branding (basic) Logo Upload your company or brand logo to the “master page” of the intranet site so that it is displayed on all pages Navigation Customise the global (top) and current (left-hand) navigation to make your content findable for users. Themes Change the „look and feel‟ of your site easily using a theme, allowing you to change background images, fonts, page layouts and more
  14. 14. Change the site logo Drag and drop a site background Change the layout of your navigation Change the colour of titles, hyperlinks and moreChange the site fonts
  15. 15. AdvancedCommunication inSharePoint
  16. 16. Communication Sites (advanced) Publishing Sites Blog Site Home Departmen Departmen Departmen Blog t t t
  17. 17. Publishing Sites Content Approval Automatically route new content to one or more approvers before publishing it to everyone Content Rollup Consolidate and display content from a variety of lists and libraries across many sites in a single area Cross-site Publishing Control content in a single „authoring‟ location and surface it in multiple „publishing‟ locations
  18. 18. Publishing Explained 1. Content is added to lists andContent Rollup libraries in multiple sites Home 2. Select content from across these locations is displayed on a single site Departmen Departmen Departmen Blog t t t 1. Content is created in aCross-site Publishing single, ‘authoring’ location Home 2. That version of content is displayed across multiple ‘publishing’ locations Departmen Departmen Departmen Blog t t t
  19. 19. Publishing Sites (continued) Audience Targeting Tailor the content displayed to different users based on their “audience” criteria (e.g. department) Device Targeting Tailor the content and layout of content displayed to users based on their device (e.g. mobile or tablet)
  20. 20. Targeting ExplainedAudience Device Finance HR Sales Laptop Tablet Mobile Documents Page Layouts Style Sheets List items
  21. 21. Branding (advanced) CSS Customise the look and feel of your master page (background, navigation etc.), page layouts and specific page elements using a custom style sheet Design Manager Import designs (e.g. for a master page) from design packages created using popular design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver jQuery Add interactivity to SharePoint interface using jQuery (e.g. tabbed content and animations)
  22. 22. Tabbed news web part Custom master page navigationUser-specific metrics + KPIS Links to popular content
  23. 23. Overview ofCommunicationFeatures
  24. 24. Feature OverviewCost Complexity
  25. 25. Thanks for watching! Watch our ‘out-the-box’ demo Use our step-by-step guide to build the basic intranet homepage shown earlier in the presentation: Read our communication case studies See how we‟ve delivered advanced intranet communication solutions for other organisations: Get in touch for more information Ready to take your intranet communication to the next level? Get in touch to find out how we can help: Richard.barrett@creative-