Cloud confidence - SharePoint Online for the Enterprise


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This presentation, featuring partners Microsoft and AvePoint, will demonstrate the benefits of Sharepoint Online and explore how enterprise organisations can manage and develop their solutions in the cloud.

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Cloud confidence - SharePoint Online for the Enterprise

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Jess Meats Shyam Oza Chris Clark1 2 3 Provide Manage the Develop the the Platform Platform @shyamoza @sharepointuk 2
  3. 3. Changing World of Computing For the first time in1 billion modern history, workplace demographics now span 130 millionsmart phone users by2014, more thanquadruple the number in 3 generations enterprise customers using mobile cloud-based applications by 20142009
  4. 4. Microsoft Office 365
  5. 5. Defining Cloud Services
  6. 6. Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability.
  7. 7. Office 365 Value
  8. 8. Office 365 Value
  9. 9. Office 365 Value
  10. 10. Office 365 Value
  11. 11. Drivers For Cloud Adoption
  12. 12. Drivers For Cloud Adoption
  13. 13. Drivers For Cloud Adoption
  14. 14. Drivers For Cloud Adoption
  15. 15. Potential Obstacles For CloudAdoption
  16. 16. Potential Obstacles For CloudAdoption
  17. 17. Potential Obstacles For CloudAdoption
  18. 18. Potential Obstacles For CloudAdoption
  19. 19. User Segments: Right Features for the Right Users
  20. 20. Customers Are Embracing Microsoft Office 365
  21. 21. “Software Plus Services helps us deliver projects faster by giving Aviva this agile nervous system. It helps us takes costs out of infrastructure, also solves typical headaches of infrastructure updates. Microsoft does this much better and more cheaply and effectively than we would be able to do.” – Toby Redshaw, CIO World’s 5th largest Insurance provider integrates software plus services with Microsoft to unify and rebrand a 300 year old global company to bring them together as one organization. Unify and communicate  Software plus services  Increase efficiency across the company  Deployed Microsoft  Collaborate across Collaborate across SharePoint Online for geographies regions and time zones 60,000  Centralized portal Create “Aviva World” a  One global company company-wide intranet intranet available in 12  Enterprise search and portal languages content management
  22. 22. “The more we looked into the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, the more we realised that it could have been tailor-made for us. It was considerably less expensive than the alternatives, easier to manage, and removed our business continuity and disaster recovery concerns.”” – Billy Waters, IT Manager Sushi Brand Swaps On-Premises Systems for Cloud and Cuts Costs by 40 Per Cent Minimal IT support  Collaboration portal  40% cost savings Hardware end-of-life  Email & communications  Seamless & secure user Required for intranet  Document managements access Rapidly growing  Mobile access  Management burden workforce eased  Inspires future cloud opportunities
  23. 23. Factors Moving to the cloud is both a business and technical decision One size does not fit all Take advantage of the opportunity to re-design Look at all environments for cost savings The cloud will change both the organization and the role of the CIO24
  24. 24. DocAve Cloud SolutionsMicrosoft Office 365 Management & Deployment Shyam Oza, Product Manager AvePoint @ShyamOza
  25. 25. About @AvePoint_Inc Specialized SharePoint Focused From Tahoe to Today World’s Largest Provider of Enterprise-Class Governance and Infrastructure Experienced Management Solutions True 24 x 7 Support – Microsoft Certified Invested Technicians
  26. 26. Migrate to the Cloud Why DocAve Software Platform?Granular Content SelectionMaintain Custom Metadata & TaxonomyMixed Workload SupportScheduled Migration to PromoteBusiness ContinuityAgile Restructuring for OptimizedArchitecture
  27. 27. Migrate or Replicate tothe CloudDisaster Recovery FarmConfigurationMulti-farm Management On Premises& Reporting Production IntranetSelf-service Enablement Cloud Development/ User Acceptance Testing Stand By Production Extranet
  28. 28. Company Strong Our Office 365History 1 Creativity 2 Approach 3 SI Partner 4Established 2006 User Experience Innovative Part of o365 TeamAll In House Branding Key Req Gathering Select FewUK & Sweden User Interface Actual Team Proven ExperiencePassionate People Creative Teams Collaborative Learnings31
  29. 29. 01 Data-rich interfaces Designer Data-rich interfaces Workflow for processes Customisation Workflow for processes Data connectivity Data connectivity Design and branding Design and branding Business Connectivity Services02 Solutions Sandboxed Solutions Sandboxed Solutions Farm Solutions03 Web Services Subset of .NET web services All .NET web services04 InfoPath Sandboxed Solutions Forms Sandboxed Solutions Forms Administrative Forms05 Workflow Sandboxed solutions and farm Sandboxed workflow activities workflow activities 32 Online On-Premises
  30. 30. ? Creative Sharepoint AvePoint Manage the Platform Microsoft Provide the Platform33
  31. 31. Creative Sharepoint Maximise the Platform AvePoint Manage the Platform Microsoft Provide the Platform34
  32. 32. 1 2 335
  33. 33. 01 02 03Planning Innovative The Right Approach Guidance on Workshops (Cloud on Your Terms) Licensing Cloud & Sharepoint An Extension “Eat Our Own Dog Expertise (DocAve) to Your Current IT Food”36
  34. 34. Design Corporate User User Branding Experience InterfacesDev Range of Functionality Aligned Microsoft Best Sharepoint Projects to Business Goals Practice Coding37
  35. 35. Training End User Super User Build & Learning Training Training Training38
  36. 36. Microsoft AvePoint Creative Sharepoint 1 2 3 Maximise ROI39
  37. 37. Register Request Enquire1 2 3 Executive Associated About Our Roundtable Marketing Products & Event Material Services40