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OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams: The holy trinity of collaboration

  1. Sensitivity: Regular InSpark©
  3. Sensitivity: Regular Work Modern Workplace Consultant @ InSpark Focus • Collaboration & Communication • Adoption & Governance Community Microsoft MVP
  4. Sensitivity: Regular OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED RAPIDLY
  5. Sensitivity: Regular
  7. Sensitivity: Regular
  8. Sensitivity: Regular
  9. Sensitivity: Regular Manage your time & communications Office 365 Groups Source: Microsoft
  10. Sensitivity: Regular
  11. Sensitivity: Regular 2x Teamwork Source: Microsoft
  12. Sensitivity: Regular
  13. Sensitivity: Regular o The one-stop-shop for all your files. o Share files inside or outside your organization. o Integration with File Explorer and offline availability of your files. o Manually restore your files with Files Restore. o Quickly find your files. o Access your files from all your devices.
  14. Sensitivity: Regular InSpark© DEMO
  15. Sensitivity: Regular ONEDRIVE = ME
  16. Sensitivity: Regular o Security & Compliance o Guest Access o Windows 10 with Files On Demand & Next-Gen Sync Engine o Migration o Adoption
  17. Sensitivity: Regular
  18. Sensitivity: Regular
  19. Sensitivity: Regular o Communication driven by persistent chat, audio & video. o Live meetings & on-demand recordings. o Integrated experience with Office 365 & external services. o High level of adoption due to its simplicity. o Mobile App for on-the-go teamwork. o Your day-to-day teamwork hub.
  20. Sensitivity: Regular o 100% focus on collaboration. o User friendly & simplicity thanks to the Modern experience. o Large collection out-of-the-box Apps for a quick roll-out. o Responsive & integrated with SharePoint Mobile App. o Backbone of all teamwork tools.
  21. Sensitivity: Regular InSpark© DEMO
  22. Sensitivity: Regular TEAMS & TEAM SITES = WE
  23. Sensitivity: Regular • Apply use cases for the deployment & training of Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Team Sites. • Answer the “why” question. • Re-use or refer to official Microsoft support materials for a centralized FAQ site.
  24. Sensitivity: Regular • Creation process • Naming policy • Expiration policy • Soft delete and restore • Policies & information protection • Guest access • Reporting
  25. Sensitivity: Regular Releasing Now! Document templates Content approval and Microsoft Flow integration for pages (tags, templates, targeting and approval) Auto Content Type labeling End of 2018 SP2019 – Attention views, bulk edit, # and %, MAX PATH Modernize document sets PowerApps for libraries Mobile capture Location column Embeddable doc library control File plans Label analytics Immutable labels File intelligence card First half 2019 PowerPoint slide reuse Flow triggers for file analysis / images & cognitive Central asset library Top of mind Flow action to set file permissions Search connectors Flow extracts full text of any file Flow used to set labels and dispose of documents
  26. Sensitivity: Regular
  27. Sensitivity: Regular o 100% focus on communication. o Content ready? Quickly deploy a Modern Intranet Portal. o Modern communication with SharePoint News. o Responsive & integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App. o Uniform & integrated experience with SharePoint Hub Sites.
  28. Sensitivity: Regular o Roll-up content from (selected) connected sites. o Integrated Search Experience. o Uniform top navigation & look and feel. o Assign through SPO Administration Center (Targeted Release). o Maximum of 100 hub sites. o Approval of connected sites (coming soon)
  29. Sensitivity: Regular o Incredibly easy to use for business users. o Multiple lay-out options to fit your design needs. o Out-of-the-box news archive. o Distribute news with the news digest. o Comments, likes & save for later. o Integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint Mobile App.
  30. Sensitivity: Regular InSpark© DEMO
  31. Sensitivity: Regular COMMUNICATION SITES = US
  32. Sensitivity: Regular Releasing Now! Save for later on content across web and mobile build-modern-intranet Updated SharePoint design guidance site: End of 2018 Page designs to reuse and standardize content New site header layouts, including shy mode New megamenu layout for site and hub navigation Site Footer, with layout options Enable Communication site experience at the root of a tenant Audience Targeting in News and highlighted content First Half 2019 Audience targeting in site and hub navigation Platform usage insights in site usage page Top of Mind for 2019 Additional page extensions for developers
  33. Sensitivity: Regular Releasing Now! News link – reuse existing content in the news distribution system across web and mobile. Create News links from Android. Quick links web part new layouts Image gallery web part new “brick” layout End of 2018 Page designs to easily reuse content Page thumbnail and description customization Dynamic data connected web parts – List, embed, file viewer,… @mentions in comments with notifications, alo notifications from followed sites Flexible, accessible and consistent system/guidance for theming custom web parts and apps First Half 2019 Site pages library updates Microsoft Fluent theming Top of Mind for 2019
  34. Sensitivity: Regular
  35. Sensitivity: Regular InSpark©
  36. Sensitivity: Regular 36 @jasoosterveld

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