External collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer


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External collaboration has never been easier with the latest version of SharePoint Online. Every end-user can store personal and business documents with OneDrive for Business. SharePoint Online makes it very easy to share these documents with colleagues but also your business contacts. The Project Site is a new site template with valuable features for project collaboration. You may ask yourself: what features? These include an integrated OneNote Notebook, Site Mailbox, Document Library and a Task list with a timeline to present important tasks in a clear overview. It doesn't stop here! Microsoft acquired Yammer in 2012 and promoted Yammer as the Social tool for SharePoint Online. Since the acquisition, Yammer is being integrated with SharePoint Online. The combination of SharePoint Online and Yammer proves to be the perfect solution for external collaboration.

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  • You have been storing your personal documents for years on your desktop or laptop. This situation is failing due to changing technologies and the time we live in. Why?
  • Central location: Personal documents aren’t stored in a central location. They are scattered all over the hard drive and often external hard drives.Mobile support: There isn’t any support for mobile devices. You aren’t able to connect to your files.Collaboration: There isn’t an option to work together in one document.
  • 25 GB: Every business users receives 25 GB to store documents, pictures or videos. You can buy additional storage to raise the limit to 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1000GB.Standalone subscription: You aren’t required to buy SharePoint licenses to use OneDrive for Business. You can acquire a standalone subscription.Office Online: You are able to work with Office Online to create or edit Office documents within the browser.Apps: Apps are available for Windows 8 Desktop and RT and iOS.Yammer integration: Through the Yammer integration, end-users are able to share document with Yammer. The Yammer general feed or a Yammer Group.Sharing documents: Its so easy to share documents with internal but also external people
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Only show when features aren’t available yet.
  • Auditing: No auditing system in place, to get an overview of all your end-users sharing of document with external users. You have to visit each site, per colleague, to view what documents are shared and with whom.Sensitive content: By enabling external sharing you can’t prevent users adding documents with sensitive content in OneDrive and sharing it with external people. Governance: How do you apply Governance without auditing and controlling sensitive content? Totally rely on trust of your employees.
  • More soon. Microsoft is also previewing some OneDrive for Business features that are coming down the road, including advanced auditing and reporting features, encryption at rest, data loss prevention (DLP), extensibility improvements, even higher storage limits, and more.
  • A lot of external collaboration is done in projects or assignments.
  • The current options to collaborate with external people leads to a lot of frustration because of the following situations:E-mail: A lot of e-mail messages are sent between the project members. These contain questions, discussions, meetings but also documents. This results in communication errors due to not being able to find or record the latest agreements. Information gets lost in a flood of e-mail messages.Document collaboration: Its not possible to collaborate in documents without sending this to a project member and including the changes into a different document. This leads to versioning issues and a lot of extra work.
  • The solution for an efficient external collaboration process is the combination of SharePoint and Yammer.
  • The Project Site contains all the features you require for project collaboration with external partners. Tasks & Timeline: The project leader can assign tasks to all the project members. An overview of all the project tasks is presented at the home page of the project site. Notebook: Every project site has an integrated OneNote Notebook. This Notebook is accessible through the browser and any mobile device through the OneNote App.Calendar: A central calendar to add all important project events such as project meetings.Yammer Feed: Connect to the Yammer Group for the project and use it to start discussion.Document libraries: A central library to store all project documents instead of sending by e-mail. Collaboration within documents enable by the power of SharePoint Online.Easy to share: The project leader, who is the site owner, can share the site and its content easily with the external project members.
  • In my opinion you don’t need the site mailbox because you would use e-mail for:Asking questionsSending documentsSending meetingsThis is replaced by Yammer and SharePoint Online Project Site with the document library and calendar.
  • Yammer really enhances the power of SharePoint Online with three features:Connect & Collaborate: The power of Yammer is the ease of connecting people, internally or externally, and enable collaboration in an user friendly Social platform. It allows the project members to ask each other questions, come to agreements and review important documents.Mobile Apps: Yammer is available as an App for all popular mobile devices. This enables to project members stay up-to-date and keep connecting and collaborating at anytime and anyplace.Integrated with SharePoint: Yammer is available as a SharePoint Web Part to show the Yammer group in the SharePoint Project Site.
  • I realize you must be very excited at this point! Before you start building project sites and inviting project members please stop and review the following.
  • Governance is always essential within every SharePoint implementation but with providing access to external users it becomes ever more important. The ensure the stability of your SharePoint Online platform and the success of your Extranet scenario you need to apply Governance. Let’s take a quick look what your Governance needs to include based at this Extranet scenario.
  • This is the overview of the site collections and sub sites limitations per Office 365 subscription. My advise is to creating a site collection per customers and a site per project. This is based at the permission structure.
  • How are you going to structure your project documents? Are you going to use folders? Metadata? A Taxonomy? Or even enable versioning?In case you don’t create an agreement or rules every project site will become different from the other and eventually become unworkable and chaotic. At my previous employer we had project sites without any Governance. Every project leader had his or her own methods and this resulted in different project sites and a complete mess for storing documents.
  • The amount of external users allowed per Office 365 subscription.
  • You need to enable IRM in the Office 365 Administration Center. The second step is to enable it in the SharePoint Online configuration center. You are then able to configure IRM in every document library.Examples of usage rights are permission to read, copy, print, save, forward, and edit.
  • You give external people access to your SharePoint Portal. You have to create SharePoint Groups for these
  • Does your company have a corporate branding? Do you want to apply this within your Extranet Portal?
  • Yammer Web Part:The web part is very unstable and users with contribute permissions can change the feed typeDocuments in Yammer: You are still able to add documents in Yammer, in my opinion you would want to disable this when you work with SPO. That’s the platform for storing documents. Not Yammer!Two profiles: Every user has a SharePoint and Yammer profileSharePoint Search Integration: There isn’t really an integration. Just a link that opens the query in Yammer.
  • External collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer

    1. 1. External Collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer The future of collaboration is here!
    2. 2. Introduction
    3. 3. Introduction
    4. 4. My goal? Leave this session happy!
    5. 5. And not unhappy 
    6. 6. Questions? Please!
    7. 7. I apologize in advance
    8. 8. Working with personal documents
    9. 9. Current situations is frustrating
    10. 10. The answer to your problems: OneDrive for Business
    11. 11. Demo time!
    12. 12. Challenges
    13. 13. Coming soon!
    14. 14. Inline controls
    15. 15. Integrated Search
    16. 16. Friendly URL http://contoso.onedrive.com https://contoso- my.sharepoint.com/personal/garthf_contoso_onmicrosoft_com
    17. 17. Project collaboration
    18. 18. Current situation leads to frustrations
    19. 19. The solution for project collaboration
    20. 20. SharePoint Online Project site
    21. 21. What about the Site Mailbox?
    22. 22. Advantages of Yammer
    23. 23. Stop! Wait a minute, don’t start yet!
    24. 24. Fine line between success and failure. Go for Governance!
    25. 25. No Governance leads to chaos!
    26. 26. Governance topics
    27. 27. Information Architecture: Site structure
    28. 28. Information Architecture: Sites or site collections 1 site collection 20 site collections 10.000 site collection
    29. 29. Information Architecture: Document Management
    30. 30. Security: External sharing
    31. 31. Security: External sharing
    32. 32. Security: Windows Azure Rights Management
    33. 33. Security: SharePoint Groups
    34. 34. Look & Feel: Company branding
    35. 35. Demo time!
    36. 36. Issues current integration
    37. 37. Yammer App comparison table External network Share pictures Share documents People view Administrator tasks Tags Polls Event Praise Windows phone Surface RT iPhone iPad Galaxy Tab 2 Galaxy S2
    38. 38. Resources SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits What is Windows Azure Rights Management? Manage external sharing for your SharePoint online environment Share sites or documents with people outside your organization Office 365 Demo Request permission as external user
    39. 39. Resources Drag and drop requirements & limitations One place for all your work files — introducing OneDrive for Business One-Way Outbound Hybrid Search Step-by-Step and OneDrive for Business
    40. 40. Contact details
    41. 41. Questions? Thanks for attending!