Selenium Webdriver Training In Bangalore


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FabGreen is a Training institute and software development company located in Bangalore. We provide quality IT training either at our training center or at client premises. We provide training in SharePoint, BizTalk, QTP, Selenium, and SQL. All our courses are taught by experienced trainers who have extensive field knowledge with the topics they teach. FabGreen provide services to wide range of customers like for the working professional, job seeking candidates, corporate & to the students. We provide effective and efficient customer service, answering your queries promptly and being as helpful as possible in assisting you to choose the right course.

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Selenium Webdriver Training In Bangalore

  1. 1. Selenium Training in Bangalore FabGreen is one of the best training institutes in Bangalore. We are providing end to end training in Selenium. This training teaches you how to automate the testing of both Classic and Ajax Web applications. FabGreen has excellent trainers with real time experience who will expertise you in Selenium. The knowledge you gained through this training program will help you to achieve / resolve your job and business requirement.
  2. 2. Course Objective:  Practical installation of the IDE and remote control, Web driver 2 and all related applications  Practical introduction to Web driver 2, Eclipse, Selenium Jars , JAVA and jUnit  Automated scripting and manual scripting – running your own JavaScript functions  Explanation of the commands and concepts  Create test cases and test suites  Extensions to Selenium IDE  Command line usage for cross browser testing
  3. 3. Advantages of SELENIUM  It is an open source platform  It works on different web browsers like safari, Mozilla, chrome and many more  It supports multiple operating systems  It supports multiple languages  It has the tendency to test Flash and Ajax applications  Database testing possible with this platform  Supports multiple tests framework  UI and Functional testing possible
  4. 4. Languages Supported:  JAVA  NET (C#)  PHP  RUBY  PERL  PYTHON
  5. 5. Course Content:  Selenium IDE  IDE features  Building test cases  Creating test suites  Executing tests  Extending IDE functionality  Selense commands  Debugging
  6. 6.  Java  How to declare a variable.  Condition statements.  Looping statements.  Arrays  Functions.  OOPs concepts  API
  7. 7.  Selenium Web driver  Installation and configuration  Running HTML test suites against various browsers  Creating batch files  Firebug  Firepath  Xpath  Locator  Cross browser testing
  8. 8.  Junit frame work  TestNG frame work  Hybrid model  Keyword driven frame work  Selenium Grid  Configuration  Distributed testing  Cross browser testing
  9. 9. FabGreen Technologies #6/05, VP road, 2nd cross, Old Madivala, Behind Anjaneya Temple Bangalore - 560068 Phone: 8971120505 / 8971120606 Email: Web: Company Website:
  10. 10. Other Courses Offered: • QTP • Selenium • SQL Server • MSBI • DotNet • BizTalk