Sharepoint consulting services from Vensys IT Services Pvt. Ltd


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Sharepoint consulting services from Vensys IT Services Pvt. Ltd

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Sharepoint consulting services from Vensys IT Services Pvt. Ltd

  1. 1. SharePoint Consulting Services @ Vensys IT Services Pvt. Ltd, BangaloreMicrosoft SharePoint is a versatile and robust platform used by leading organizations aroundthe world. By facilitating "one-stop" collaboration, knowledge management, documentmanagement, enterprise search, and more, SharePoint enables companies to streamlineinformation and significantly enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. However,without proper guidance and support, navigating the process of transitioning to SharePoint,customizing it for your organizations specific needs, and maintaining the system can bechallenging. At Vensys, we provide a full array of Microsoft SharePoint consulting services to assist clients inleveraging their SharePoint investments. Our SharePoint consulting expertise includesSharePoint and planning, implementation and configuration, migration, customization andbranding, development, training, and support. We are experts in both the "hard" and "soft"sides of SharePoint consulting. Not only do we have the technical skills required to meet yourSharePoint needs, but we understand the human and business related requirements forpositioning clients to utilize SharePoint effectively. Our teams of accomplished consultants arewell versed in SharePoint best practices and have the skills and experience to help you meetyour unique needs.Microsoft SharePoint Consulting ServicesAssessment and Planning: Whether you have already selected Microsoft SharePoint as thebest platform for your organization, or are in the process of evaluating whether SharePoint isthe right fit, we can help you by conducting a detailed assessment and analysis of your needsand developing the best strategy to meet those needs.Our SharePoint assessment and planning services include:  Assessment of your current knowledge management system, document management system, etc.  Conducting detailed requirements analysis  Conducting interviews with end-users, IT personnel, management, and key stakeholders  Development of actionable recommendations and a sound strategy for SharePoint implementation. SharePoint Installation and Configuration: Now that you have decided that SharePoint is the right tool for your firm’s needs, our SharePoint consultants will work with you to install and configure your SharePoint infrastructure. Though fairly straightforward, the process does require careful planning with your IT team to ensure a smooth installation and configuration
  2. 2. process. Our experience and thorough knowledge of SharePoint best practices enable us to ensure that your SharePoint implementation works properly and consistently and that you prevent issues from arising down the road. Our SharePoint installation and configuration services include:  Security configuration  Active directory integration  Portal setup  Search and index configuration  SharePoint disaster recovery planning and implementation SharePoint Migration: Vensys team has extensive experience assisting companies in complex SharePoint migrations. Whether you need to transition from your legacy systems to SharePoint or to migrate content from Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 to SharePoint Server 2013, our experienced team can ensure a risk-managed, seamless migration. We work closely with you to analyze your business and technical needs, develop and implement a migration strategy that is right for your organization, implement customizations and new requirements in your migrated SharePoint system, and ensure that your migrated system works in full accordance with your needs. Our SharePoint migration services include:  Migration to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013  Migration to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  Migration from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007  Migration from Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.SharePoint Customization and Branding: Vensyss professional team of SharePointdesigners and developers work with clients to transform SharePoint into a customized, user-friendly system that encompasses the look and feel of their teams and organizations. Whetheryou want to incorporate your firm’s branding elements such as existing colors, fonts, logos, andlayouts, or to incorporate a highly customized design, our expert team can help you meet yourspecific SharePoint needs. In addition to aesthetic design, we focus on developing a seamless,user-friendly, and intuitive design for clients to ensure a pleasant user-experience and ensurethat users derive the most value from SharePoint.SharePoint Application Development: We believe that SharePoints out-of-the-boxfeatures can adequately meet most, if not all, of many clients requirements. We recommend
  3. 3. thoroughly using and exploring SharePoint out-of-the box before considering customdevelopment, as this will often save you unnecessary time and money spent. However, if youdo realize, as many organizations do, that you have a need to extend the functionality of yourSharePoint system above and beyond what the built-in features offer, we can workcollaboratively with you to develop custom SharePoint solutions to meet your unique needs.Our SharePoint consultants can analyze your needs, provide recommendations in regard towhich and how much SharePoint customization may be necessary and worth applying, and thenimplement such customizations.Vensys’s SharePoint custom application development services help clients realize the fullcapabilities of SharePoint. Our team of consultants is experienced in delivering customizedsolutions that are individually tailored to your business processes and that scale your solutionsto meet your unique business needs.Our SharePoint application development services include developing custom  Web parts  Workflows  Enterprise search  Dashboards  Reporting  Extranets and public facing sitesSharePoint Training: Microsoft SharePoint training is key to effective SharePointimplementation. Without proper training, SharePoint administrators and users may not havethe tools to properly use the system or realize the full benefits that the robust tool has to offer.With years of SharePoint expertise and SharePoint consulting experience, our consultants areequipped to provide thorough, customized SharePoint training to administrators and end-usersto enhance productivity and efficiency and maximize ROI.Vensys works closely with clients to identify their specific SharePoint training needs, throughinterviews with managers, administrators, and users, in order to customize training to meettheir specific needs. Training serves to teach users how to properly utilize the vast features ofSharePoint, their organizations standards and workflows, and to provide administrators withthe skills and tools needed to support Microsoft SharePoint, effectively troubleshoot issues,and ensure the system runs smoothly and meets the needs of their company.SharePoint Maintenance and Support: If you find yourself trying to maintain SharePoint, orare running into issues using the tool, our consultants can provide you with timely help withanything within the SharePoint infrastructure. We provide ongoing SharePoint maintenance,troubleshooting, and support to enable your firm to be able to utilize SharePoint in accordancewith its full capabilities. From investigating and resolving any SharePoint related problems, toproviding general SharePoint advice and general maintenance, our consultants can provide thesupport you need.SharePoint Reporting Services:
  4. 4. Our team understands your business need to have reports in your system that can help withvarious decisions in business, through the use of SharePoint Reporting Services with SQL ServerReporting Services.SharePoint Workflows:Our consultants help you improve your business processes and increase efficiency with the useof custom work flows and by streamlining your organization system. Vensys will work with customers through the whole lifecycle, from business vision to design,from coding to QA, from deployment to support, an approach that appreciates the dynamics ofour customers’ business and helps ensure firm returns on their investment. Employing a judicious blend of Business analysis & Management with latest technology, Vensysdevelops state-of-the-art custom software & web based applications. Our solutions enablereduction in time and resources spent on a business process and effectively eliminatefunctional bottlenecks.SharePoint InfoPath:Our team of SharePoint developers and consultants has successfully integrated customizedforms with the use of Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 and 2010. We can provide customizedform integration with the use of InfoPath as per your organizations requirement. We offer a range of consulting services as per the client needs. If you wish to know more, do write to us we will reach you at the earliest! Office Address:- Vensys IT Services Pvt. Ltd, #45/1, 45/2, S.P Mansion, 3rd Floor Marathahalli, Bangalore-560037, India Landmark: Next to Coupon Mall Email: Phone: +91-9916229967