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Digital books online


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share free ebooks and get paid!

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Digital books online

  1. 1. Share FREE eBooks Get PAID!
  2. 2. STEP 11.Go to: search for “Share FREE eBooks”2.LIKE our Facebook Fan Page3.Now you can start share ebooks link and download ebooks.
  3. 3. STEP 2Start Getting PAID1. Sent request email to shareFREEebooks@gmail.com2. Write this details: Subject: Share FREE eBooks Paid Member Full Name: Valid Email Address: Valid PayPal Account: Referrer Name: (leave it blank if you don’t know)
  4. 4. STEP 31. After review your request we will sent you PayPal Request Payment. Your Payment is totally secure by PayPal.2. We only charge USD$ 2.99 ONLY! For life time membership.3. We will pay you via your PayPal account USD$ 2.00 for each member you refer.
  5. 5. STEP 41. Invite your friends to LIKE our Facebook fan page and encourage them to become paid member2. Use your wall, pages, group, blog to promote our fan page. Start making money!3. Consistently promote and share your ebooks link at our fan page.