Geoscience Australia National Map


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GovHack Data Jam 2014 - presentation by Geoscience Australia

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Geoscience Australia National Map

  1. 1. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact National Map Overview Tim Mackey (GA) 3 June 2014
  2. 2. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact Rationale for National Map • Initiative of Office of Spatial Policy (Dept of Comms) to: – Provide easy access to authoritative and other spatial data to government, business and public – Facilitate the opening of data by federal, state and local government bodies – Provide an open framework of geospatial data services that supports commercial and community innovation 2 More users using data services More data services available
  3. 3. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact Map browser code and data mgmt Govt open data directory Vision: An open national map 3 Web browser … Value-add commercial and community services (analytics, visualisations, mashups) Map imagery Tile map server Elevation data Terrain server C/wealth govt agency authoritative data services Internet Tablet Other data and services ABS data GA data BoM data … State govt authoritative data services WA data QLD data State data …
  4. 4. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact 10 design goals for an open national map 1. Authoritative data services – Eg Administrative boundaries, place names 2. Multi-jurisdiction – Live data services for commonwealth, states, local government 3. Multi-custodian – Live data services from different agencies - GA, ABS, BoM, state agencies 4. Multi-vendor (at back end) – ESRI’s ArcGIS, Google Maps Engine, open source software (eg Geoserver) 5. Multi-format – OGC-compliant data services, KML, GeoJSON, CSV, etc 6. Open framework – All data sets and services available for other compatible front-ends 7. Open source – Open source front-end; back-end data services can use open source 8. Easy access to the data set/service itself from the National Map UI – Map provides visualisation but all data can be directly accessed too 9. Features not available in current globes – Timeline, water flow direction, subsurface, etc 10. Platform for commercial and community innovation – Interfaces to support value-add services (eg analytics, visualisation, sharing, printing) 4
  5. 5. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact Existing open source software Architecture: In-browser 5 Browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) on desktop and mobile National Map User Interface Leaflet (open source 2D map display) Geospatial Data Manager (Selecting and loading data sets and services) Cesium (open source 3D map display) NICTA is developing these Connects to services: OGC, ESRI, GME Data loading: URL, Drag and drop Data formats: KML, CSV, GeoJSON, etc Canvas supportWebGL support
  6. 6. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact 6
  7. 7. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact 7
  8. 8. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact Adding own data 8
  9. 9. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact 9
  10. 10. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact Current available data services • All now available from their custodian and in National Map • Land (Geoscience Australia) – Gravity, land cover, magnetic image, surface geology, hillshade • Water (Bureau of Meteorology’s Geofabric) – Water bodies, streams and rivers, catchments, estuaries, boreholes, waterholes, river regions, drainage divisions, aquifer contours, water table aquifers • Infrastructure (Geoscience Australia’s Geotopo 250k) – Roads, railroads, airports, ferry routes, pipelines, power lines • Boundaries (Australian Bureau of Statistics) – States and territories, local government areas, postal areas, commonwealth electoral divisions, state electoral divisions, state suburbs, natural resource management regions, Australian drainage divisions, tourism regions, statistical boundaries • Population (Geoscience Australia) – Cities – Populated places • Other data sets and services at • Lots more coming! 10
  11. 11. NICTA Copyright 2013 From imagination to impact National Map status • Beta will be released in time for Govhack (11-13 July) • Any custodian wanting their data set or service in the National Map… – Add it to; and – Email or contact 11