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Share2B is an open, flexible enterprise social collaboration solution. The second place Inovvations IT Award 2013 winner provides sales support, improves internal communication and promotes teamwork throughout the company– across departmental, locational and even country boundaries. This social business suite applies familiar social media technologies and makes them business-compatible. The intuitive user interface enables companies to dispense with long induction sessions for staff when rolling the system out. Share2B is based on open-source software and offers a free choice of hosting options, ranging from an on-demand cloud service through to a proprietary server environment. The available mobile app also enables field sales executives to remain in constant direct touch with their teams.

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Share2B - Accelerate Your Business

  1. 1. Share2BAccelerate Your Business.
  2. 2. Social Business SoftwareMotivation• The bigger a company is, the more complex its communication gets.• Emailing lists replace direct coordination• Internal application systems are uncoordinated• Got a handle on the large number of projects? No chance.• Colleagues with specific experience? An unknown. Brad, Employee
  3. 3. Social Business SoftwareShare2B is an information and networking hub. Suga Intra SAP ... rCR net M Share2B links people, topics and information from a wide range of different sources.
  4. 4. FrameworkShare2B interfaces corporate information. Sources are for example: • CRM • ERP • Website • E-Commerce • Accounting Dept. • DMS • Marketing Tools • CMS • Intranet • Social Networks • Controlling • ... and employees!
  5. 5. Key FeatureTracking projects, sharing knowledge and information.  Brad monitors all activities relating to a potential client, a client or a colleague. He finds recommendations, ideas or expert knowledge.  He asks questions, shares documents, results and project stages. He initiates activities and discussions.
  6. 6. Key FeatureTracking client activities in SugarCRM.
  7. 7. Key FeatureExpertise: finding and networking with colleagues. Brad does not know many colleagues in the company really well. However he can find out immediately where client-focused projects are being actioned, quickly locate the people with the know-how he is looking for and is able to establish contact easily.
  8. 8. Key FeatureExpertise: finding and networking with colleagues.
  9. 9. Key FeatureGroups: Teamwork Brad monitors all activities relating to a potential client, a client or a colleague. He searches for and finds recommendations, ideas or expert knowledge. He initiates and monitors discussions.
  10. 10. Key FeatureGroups: Teamwork
  11. 11. Key FeatureShare2B is mobile. With Share2B group activities, trending topics and news are always to hand when you are travelling. Email tidal waves that engulf you after being away are a thing of the past. Because you can step in, when and where you want.
  12. 12. Mobile App (1) News bar (Messages for the current (3) Monitored (5) Search People user)
(2) News (Communication within the group) Groups
(4) People
  13. 13. Hosting Private Cloud OnDemand Partner Cloud
  14. 14. Business CaseLindner Group KGShare2B Partner: Insignio CRM GmbH • 5,500 employees worldwide • 600 employees involved in project • SugarCRM & Share2B • Social Sales & Social Teamwork • Next release scheduled in 2012
  15. 15. Accelerate Your Business. Try Share2B free today at: or contact the team