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ProductCamp DC Manifesto


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ProductCamp DC Manifesto

  1. 1. Manifesto<br />Our Purpose, Our Mission – Why does ProductCamp DC exist?<br />To advance our capability to conceive, build, manage and market great products through open and collaborative community dialogue.<br />Our Stakeholders – For whom does ProductCamp DC exist?<br />Product developers, product managers, marketers and any professional interested in improving their ability to conceive, build, manage and market great products are welcome.<br />Our Core Values – What is important to us?<br /><ul><li>We are a Participant Community. As a community of professionals dedicated to championing great products, we thrive when each member participates in the success of the community.
  2. 2. We benefit from Sharing. Each of us learns more by openly exchanging information and our experiences with everyone else through collaboration, discussion and dialogue.
  3. 3. We “Unconference” the conference. We believe individual professional development flourishes by unraveling the traditional conference structure and creating a user-driven, highly engaging and interactive professionally organized learning environment with plenty of networking opportunities
  4. 4. We act with Integrity. We recognize that our individual conduct is a reflection on ourselves and our community as a whole, and hence, we will conduct ourselves with professionalism and a respect for others.</li></ul>Our Vision – What do we want to be?<br />To be the premier product management and marketing event in the Washington, DC metro area where interested professionals can share, learn and discuss issues they face every day in an open, collaborative, engaging, "unconference" style forum.<br /><br />Twitter @pcampdc, #pcampdc<br />