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Information Quality Assurance is critical for agro-advisories to be perceived as trustworthy by farmers

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Mobile Plus Chennai, Sharbendu Cabi

  1. 1. Delivering high quality content –A Critical Success Factor for Agro-advisories Mobile Plus , Chennai, India, September 2011 Sharbendu Banerjee, CABI, India KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE
  2. 2. About CABI • Established in 1910 • Not-for-profit status • Owned by 45 member countries • Global leader in • infomediary services • communication of agricultural research for development • scientific publishing • agricultural development consultancy and project delivery
  3. 3. PartnershipsAlliances Linkages
  4. 4. Transforming global knowledge into local insights
  5. 5. Agriculture “Knowledge Landscape”
  6. 6. The BottlenecksInformation: The information is held by dispersed anddiversified entities; e.g. academia, businesses, serviceproviders, farmers, governments etc; Information mustbe Standardized for congruity and authenticityCommunication: “WYSINWYG” ; Informationgenerated for one target audience may not make senseto other target audiences ; Information must be Re-purposed as per the target audienceTechnology: The “last-mile” is not friendly with many“common technologies” (e.g. Internet); Technology mustbe Accessible and Adoptable for the target audience
  7. 7. Farmers’ information need:● information to make decisionsWhat will grow on my soil type?● answers to questionsWhat standard should my cropmeet to go to market?● solutions to problemsAn insect is damaging my crop –what do I do?But they are cautious and conservative
  8. 8. Farmers want the informationthey receive to be:● Reliable and ● In local ● Affordable to tested language access● Updated ● Relevant to ● Easy to● Accurate their context understand● Compliant to ● Actionable ● Flexible local within their delivery options regulations capacity Quality Customized Accessible Our work gives us this insight
  9. 9. Mobile Agro-advisoryOur work ● Delivered through Airtel mobile network ● Over 4 million farmers in 18 states of India have subscribed to date. ● Each farmer daily gets 5 local language voice messages on crop protection, agronomy, animal husbandry etc ● Further supported by a local language helpline What CABI is doingCABI IKSL ● Providing scientific backstopping service to the local experts ● Developing content & Knowledge Management ● Information Quality Assurance (SOP & Audits) ● Developed Crop Health Diagnosis inference Tools for the contact centre agents
  10. 10. Our work Plantwise What is Plantwise? Plantwise is a global initiative, led by CABI, to improve food security by reducing crop losses. Plantwise works by communicating and capturing knowledge ● locally from face-to-face Q&A via a network of plant clinics to help the poorest farmers, documenting and digitising the Q&A; ● internationally via a comprehensive global knowledge bank.
  11. 11. Our work Good Seed Initiative Identifying food security problems and working with farmers on the solutions ● Supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation ● Projects run in Bangladesh and Uganda ● Working participatively with women farmers ● Local knowledge and technologies integrated with new science to empower women to improve seed quality
  12. 12. Direct2Farm ● Knowledge delivery through mobile/land- phones ● Farmer friendly Mobile Apps ● Single-window access (portal) for agriculture information; aggregated from various sources ● Validated and re-purposed by experts ● High quality, actionable information ● Real time information exchange and analytics
  13. 13. Creating an effective content system for impactful Agro-advisory services Content features: Content management: ● Authoritative ● Standard Metadata ● Accurate ● Quality control workflows ● Quality controlled ● Interoperable ● Relevant ● Regularly updated Delivery System features: ● Locally relevant ● Scalable ● Replicable ● Transferable ● Cost-effectiveHow will Agro-advisory services deliver this?
  14. 14. Partnerships, alliancesand linkages for creating impactfulAgro-advisory servicesPartners Alliances LinkagesContent delivery Content Service & product management delivery• MNO-s • Infomediaries • Agro-service• MVASP-s • Agriculture providers• Rural Service Universities • NGO-s Providers (IKSL) • NARS (e.g. ICAR) • Markets• Apps Developers • Agriculture Centres of • Government Excellence extension services...and “commitment to quality” brings all together
  15. 15. Information Quality Assurance;for Trustworthiness• Real-time• Socio-economic Feedback Aggregating •Authenticityimpact of sources •Validated • Updated•Actionable• Holistic• Contextualized Generic Customised Disseminating Warehousing • Metadata/Indexing Standards •Re-purposed • Interoperable• Minimum Distortion Accessing• Multiple platforms
  16. 16. In summary● Farmers need information, but they are sometime sceptic● Because each farmer is operating within its unique climatic, socio-economic and demographic environment, hence one solution does not fit all● There is a lack of “trust-factor” about the agro-advisory services among farmers (specially the smallholders)● Agro-advisory services need to deal this by providing ● Authentic & Hyper-localized information ● Taking leverage of “partnerships-alliances-linkages” for maximizing impact and minimizing cost ● Having robust Information Quality Assurance process in place, to win the “trust-factor”
  17. 17. Quality information is key to help the poorfarmers address food security challenges
  18. 18. Thank YouSharbendu KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE