Direct 2 Farm Agriculture Infomediary Service


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This is my latest project; aiming to change lives of a billion farmer by 2020

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Direct 2 Farm Agriculture Infomediary Service

  1. 1. Direct2Farm: mobile-infomediary Service for agriculture Sharbendu Banerjee, CABI South Asia-India KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE
  2. 2. Mobiletelephony in The perspectiveagriculture • 3.9 billion people in the world today haveextension access to mobile telephony (more than 50% of population) • 56% of these subscribers comes from developing nations • Mobile devices have enabled “Digital Democracy”; i.e., people access and share information with others in real time without institutional intervention • Mobile devices give access to financial“Globally, more people now services, agricultural information andhave access to a mobile promote supply chain efficiencies, evidencedevice than to justice orlegal services suggests this leads to increased agriculture incomes of up to $138 billion(UNDP 2008).Image source UNDP 2008
  3. 3. Mobiletelephony in The infomediary marketagriculture • In India, the mobile value addedextension services (mVAS) market size is estimated at US$158 billion; which, by 2015 will grow to US$671 billion • Total revenues of mobile operators in the A25 countries of Africa, reached US$49 billion in 2010. This equates to a direct contribution of 3.0% to aggregate GDP“The next wave of Telecom • For a subscriber, a mobile phone isgrowth will come from the not just a device to communicate, it’sbottom of the pyramid. Formajority of the population in a multipurpose tool that enablesthe rural segment, the users to communicate as well asmobile phone is the firstcommunication providing “infotainment”device..IAMAI 2008
  4. 4. Mobiletelephony in The demandagriculture Farmers wants information that is:extension“Knowledge harvesting isone way to draw out andpackage tacit knowledgeto help others adapt,personalize, and apply it.... And solve their problemsKnowledge Solutions,ADB, 2010”
  5. 5. CABI asmobile agro- CABI DIRECT2FARMinfomediary • a Mobile Infomediary Service • designed for helping the farmers in applying better knowledge • for improved market readiness and sustainable response to climatic adversities • through high quality information, accessible in real-time • resulting in profitable farming and better rural livelihoodsThe difference betweenwhat we do and what weare capable of doingwould suffice to solvemost of the world’sproblems...MK Gandhi
  6. 6. Value A VAS for rural communitiesProposition ● Provides “actionable information” on agriculture ● Repurposed and contextualized ● Interoperable over multiple media Info-mediation across agri-ecosystem ● Real-time information exchange ● Multidimensional connectivity ● Tailor-made to unique user/business needsBy themselves, mobile phoneswill neither pull people out of Cost effectiveness & scalabilitypoverty, nor propel democratic ● Can be plugged in to existing VAS CMS-sgovernance. ● Mobile technology enables maximizing reachInstead they are catalytic toolsfor enhancing and broadening with minimized costdevelopment programming if ● Complements conventional agri-extensiondeployed strategically systemsUNDP 2008
  7. 7. Competitive Strengths of Direct2FarmAdvantage Direct2Farm is back-stopped by the scientific expertise of CABI, an intergovernmental organization, globally respected for its research and information management capabilities. This enables: • Updated, authentic and validated information through a single window • Ability to design customized tools and applications, backstopped with scientific“In 10 short years, what was once knowledge, serving unique business needsan object of luxury and privilege, • Facilitated collaboration between memberthe mobile phone, has become abasic necessity in Africa.” countries and the public/private sectors.Paul Kagame, President of • Use of mobile devices for developmentRwanda, Africa Summit, 2007 programs in developing countries.
  8. 8. Service Elements of Direct2FarmFeatures Direct2Farm will be a unique blend of mobile and web technologies. Its delivery platform will be equally adaptive and effective for smart phones, tablets, PC-s or basic mobile phones. In specific, it is planned to deliver; • A plug & play platform for designing and delivering mobile agri-services; • A repository of high quality actionable information on agriculture;“Mobile Value Added Services • In-built feedback loop for capturing field data(MVAS) have assumed significantimportance in recent times due to in real time;the rapid growth in wirelesssubscriber base. They have • Easy and effective communication mediumenhanced the utility of mobile for business to reach rural as a powerful medium todeliver information..Dr. J S Sharma, TRAI, India
  9. 9. Direct2Farm Infomediary Schema Extension/Ag- service provider Businesses Voice/Text Farmer Groups Analytics Messages Dissemination Data SHG/NGO-s Users Researchers Alerts D2F Mobile Network Infomediary Operators Producer Bulletins Companies Policy Makers Reports Content Content Re- CABI Validation purposingAssurance Quality Knowle dge & Info Aggregation ARD Agro- Agribusiness Public & Partners NARS meteorology Private Extension Sharbendu Banerjee, 2011
  10. 10. Dissemination & Feedback Loop Dissemination FeedbackAg-service provider D2F Server Mobile Network Operators Voice Recording (optional) USSD/SMS feedback Farmers
  11. 11. How to Direct2Farm business plansengage Dependent upon user case and business needs of users/customers: • Lease Plan: suitable for development projects, NGO-s with content already. Direct2Farm platform will be used for repurposing and disseminating information to target customers via mobile channel. A fixed retainer is charged for the access. • Revenue Sharing: Suitable for mobile operators and agro-service providers: a for-“Mobile Value Added Services profit business model. Entire content(MVAS) have assumed significant development process is managed byimportance in recent times due tothe rapid growth in wireless Direct2Farmsubscriber base. They have • Pay per use: Suitable for B2B customers.enhanced the utility of mobilephone as a powerful medium to Fee is charged each time service is used.deliver information..Dr. J S Sharma, TRAI, India
  12. 12. CABI and mobile agro-advisory services – to date • Developed content, content management and SOPs for IKSL business in India. Under annual service contract to provide backstopping scientific and content support. • D2F database of actionable information moving to beta stage of development. • Populated with content relevant to the Indian market, with Kenyan content in development. • In consortia to deliver content in two mFarmer grants, one led by HandyGo Technologies in India and the other by Airtel in Kenya • In discussion with TIGO Tanzania about CABI’s role in their mFarmer programme • Conversations with other Mobile Network Operators, Value added service providers (e.g., Movirtu, Sibesonke), CG Centres (IRRI, ILRI, CIMMYT), other Agri VAS providers (ESOKO, Ghana) • Next steps, test D2F platform, review its scalability, develop content, enter into new partnerships
  13. 13. спасибо merci cảm ơn cô faleminderit stuh-tee salamat zikomo asante sana Assalamualikum urakozeありがとう kiitos thank you gracias ke itumetse tak terima kasihநன்றி dhanyawaad शुक्रिया xie-xie mersi efharistó danke благодаря 谢谢 grazie teşekkür ederim KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE