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IBM Commerce: The Power of Cognitive Commerce for Retailers

It’s really about knowing your customer
Showing them you’re listening, caring, adopting, anticipating,
Going-the-extra-mile by doing the large-, small-, and in-between things showing you really care

Leaders put the customer at the center of the business….

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IBM Commerce: The Power of Cognitive Commerce for Retailers

  1. 1. The Power of Cognitive Commerce for Retailers and CPG Manufacturers May 27, 2016
  2. 2. What has changed in the World of Retail  Customers are more connected, more empowered and demand satisfaction  Seamless customer interactions are sought across all channels  Fulfillment models are being transformed with on-demand options
  3. 3. of companies say they have or are close to having a holistic view of their customers of consumers say their favorite retailer understands them Source: The Consumer Conversation – eConsultancy Report
  4. 4. Source: The Consumer Conversation – eConsultancy Report …WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY of brands are satisfied with their ability to resolve conflicts with customers of consumers who had a significant customer service issue in the last twelve months say that the company resolved their conflict "very effectively." WHAT BRANDS THINK… Satisfaction gap exists as well …
  5. 5. Retailers must now leverage brand advocates as the new strategic advantage 5 91% of consumers say they like to share views about their brand experience with other consumers  81% received advice through a social site about an upcoming purchase  74% found it influential in their buying decision 91% of mobile users keep their phone within one meter’s reach 24/7 150 is the average times a mobile user checks their device each day 37% of consumers say they post comments about retailers once or more a week Sources: Yahoo/BBDP Survey, Bloomberg Businessweek Survey, IBM IBV Study, Morgan Stanley Research
  6. 6. There has been a massive change in how people engage with brands… © 2016 IBM6 As leaders we need to embrace all the information that allows us to understand customers and serve them better
  7. 7. Expectations are high … © 2015 IBM7 I want to …  use virtual reality to design and remodel my kitchen, then have it delivered and installed while on a weekend getaway…  take delivery of fresh grocery – farm to table – and track the source and route it took…  have local health and wealth advisors accessible to me who are as knowledgeable as the best advisors in NY and London…  have make custom made clothes from your local retailer to exact measurements with the material of your preference ready for you…
  8. 8. • Deliver a contextual shopping experience • Build intelligent merchandising, fulfillment and supply operations • Drive informed and efficient operations A winning retail strategy
  9. 9. © 2016 IBM9 Deliver in the moment Align past, present and future dispositions Anticipate intent Understand behavior and emotional influences Earn trust and loyalty In every interaction across all channels Many leading brands are differentiate through customer engagement…
  10. 10. Perfect Timing The right experience, delivered at just the right moment. Predictive Capability Understanding what individuals really want, before they even know it. Cognitive Power Ability to see patterns and make unlikely connections, beyond human imagination. Infinite Data Access to an endless universe of information and possibilities. © 2016 IBM10 We help forward-thinking leaders make better decisions, drive insight to action, and deliver rapid innovation by capitalizing on these areas …
  11. 11. For marketers …the ability to create personalized, meaningful customer experiences, infused by analytics. For e-commerce professionals …the ability to perfect all aspects of the customer’s interaction through customer and experience insights. For supply chain leaders …the ability to orchestrate complex systems, processes and partners, to deliver flawlessly. © 2016 IBM11
  12. 12. To engage with customers, not at them © 2016 IBM12 Customer Analytics Marketing eCommerce & Merchandising Digital Experience IBM Interactive Customer engagement solutions from IBM help you understand and adapt instantly to what customers are saying and doing – so you can deliver the kinds of experiences and offerings they want before they even know they want them.
  13. 13. And, to have value chains that are seamless and strong © 2016 IBM13 B2B Integration Procurement Payments IBM Managed Services Partner and supplier engagement solutions from IBM help you establish and manage closely linked value chains enabling seamless and secure collaboration, enhanced transparency and new levels of agility for you and your trading partners.
  14. 14. Marketing Engage customers in relevant and rewarding experiences that makes them ask for more. © 2016 IBM14
  15. 15. Orvis Orvis uses IBM Marketing Solutions to employ powerful flowchart logic, segmented offers, offer assignment, and channel selection. 88% 2yrs reduction in digital and non-digital campaign and reporting costs record profits after solution implementation 40% reduction in email costs versus prior outsourced solution
  16. 16. Deliver a differentiated brand experience across channels and show customers how much they matter to you. eCommerce and Merchandising © 2016 IBM16
  17. 17. hhgregg Captures sales in real-time to deliver a consistent experience across all channels -- all powered by IBM eCommerce solutions. Of traffic from mobile devices Enables mobile and desktop customers to execute product purchases25% Seamless © 2016 IBM17
  18. 18. Customer Analytics Really know how your customers are feeling and what they need to serve them better. © 2016 IBM18
  19. 19. 19 © 2015 IBM FreshDirect FreshDirect is using IBM Customer Analytics and IBM Marketing solutions to drive campaigns that are personalized with the best offers based on customer insights. 40% Lift in order rates with new customers 10X Increase in transaction rates from cart abandonment communications
  20. 20. Digital Experience © 2016 IBM20
  21. 21. © 2016 IBM21 Clear Returns Drives profitability for retailers - all powered by IBM eCommerce, IBM Customer Analytics, and IBM Digital Experience 650k USD savings identified for UK fashion retailer by removing the top 10% of frequently returned items 30% USD estimated impact of returns for the UK e-commerce sector
  22. 22. B2B Integration Improve information flows across all business relationships to be more responsive. © 2016 IBM22
  23. 23. 23 © 2015 IBM Bonnie Plants Bonnie Plants is using IBM B2B Integration solutions to collaborate and engage with partners and suppliers with real-time visibility into inventory, enabling them to anticipate needs of an individual store. Of their business occurs in 3 months from March to May USD realized growth by reducing costs and increasing reliability of their B2B operations10-20M 70%
  24. 24. Payments Ensure customer trust by quickly and securely processing payments. © 2016 IBM24
  25. 25. JCC Payment Systems JCC Payment Systems is using IBM Payments solutions to deliver SEPA transaction processing as a service to creditors and banks across Cyprus. SEPA 250K Transaction processing to creditors and banks – enriching its service offering and driving growth SEPA Direct Debits processed daily at peak times
  26. 26. 26 © 2016 IBM Industry Expertise  Experience design and digital consultancy using disruptive thinking, visioning workshops, and cross-industry expertise  IBM IX pioneered new apps on the Apple watch for Nationwide,Citi and JapanAirlines  IBM is a leader in digital transformation consulting and SI services-IDC MarketScape 2016  25Global Design Studios World class design and digital transformation services
  27. 27. Open Ecosystem © 2016 IBM27 Ready for IBM Commerce Pre-built integrations that deliver value faster with complimentary capabilities. IBM Universal Behavior Exchange For a key set of Business Partners who create and leverage a vast pool of behavioral data. Plus… A comprehensive set of resellers, system integrators, complimentary solution providers as well as digital marketing agencies and marketing service providers. Investing to deliver better customer experiences…
  28. 28. IBM Commerce delivers nearly 15x ROI for every dollar spent 50% of IBM Retail Solutions transacted over 50% more online sales than the next closest retail solution provider 2/3 of business transactions for the US retail sector are conducted on mainframes 5 of the top 6 retailers globally use IBM Retail capabilities and solutions #1 The IBM e- commerce platform has been ranked #1 by top industry analysts for 15 consecutive years 70 of the top 100 global retailers are powered by IBM retail solutions MoreTop 500 online retailer sales are powered by IBM Retail Solutions than any other platform provider
  29. 29. Why choose IBM Commerce? © 2016 IBM29 Powered by Watson Experience Design Design based on a deep understanding of our users Cognitive Power Ability to see patterns and make unlikely connections Industry Expertise Scale with speed by developing asset-based industry solutions Open Ecosystem Data exchanged to develop personalized customer experiences
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  • sidhpink

    Jul. 26, 2017

It’s really about knowing your customer Showing them you’re listening, caring, adopting, anticipating, Going-the-extra-mile by doing the large-, small-, and in-between things showing you really care Leaders put the customer at the center of the business….


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