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Philips 1. let the party begin


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SOAB Group 9

Published in: Education
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Philips 1. let the party begin

  1. 1. PHILIPS a. zaeki | k. lam | n. yadav | p. bajaj | s. batra | v. sultania
  2. 2. Overview of the Company Dutch multinational company Founded in 1891 Turnover: € 21,391 million Brand value: $ 10.3 billion MISSION Improve the life of people through meaningful innovation VISION Make world healthier and sustainable through innovation
  3. 3. Products Personal Care Domestic Appliances Health & Wellness Automotive Lighting Consumer Luminaires Professional Lighting Solutions Imaging Systems Customer Services Healthcare Informatics, Solutions & Services Health-care Lighting Consumer Lifestyle
  4. 4. Innovation – The Heart and Soul of Philips “Innovation is vital to the strategy of the entire Philips organization and it is the key aspect of how Philips has won in the past, is winning today, and will win in the future” Philips have its innovation centres in  Netherlands  India  China
  5. 5. Business System The way they run the company to deliver on mission and vision. Designed to ensure that success is repeatable.
  6. 6. International Presence
  7. 7. Issues and Challenges  High Competition  Market Slowdown and Exchange Rate Fluctuations  Breach of Contract  Co-ordination with Stakeholders  Delayed operations from Cleveland unit  Decline in sales of Lighting division