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Diller Scofidio + Renfro - The High Line


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Diller Scofidio + Renfro - The High Line

  1. 1. DS+RDiller Scofidio + RenfroArchitectural design of the High Line, NYC
  2. 2. DS+R DS+R consists of three principal architects: Elizabeth Diller, Richard Scofidio, and Charles Renfro (respectively as shown below); the former two originally founded the studio in 1979.Diller: Professor in PrincetonUniversity’s School of ArchitectureScofidio: Professor Emeritus atCooper UnionRenfro: Vstng. professor atColumbia and Rice University
  3. 3. DS+RDS+R have worked on a wide array of architectural projects. In New York City alone, besides the design of High Line Phase II, they have redesigned various elements of Lincoln Center,made several novel commercial/residential proposals in Midtown and the Lower West Side, and are commissioned to design the Columbia University Medical Center.
  4. 4. DS+RThe architects were “inspired by the melancholic, unrulybeauty of this postindustrial ruin, where nature has reclaimeda once vital piece of urban infrastructure, the new parkinterprets its inheritance...”The main objectives: Preserve the original intent behind the High LineRetain the overgrowth in the park in an organicand eco-friendly way Make the site socially multifunctionalMake the overall contrast between the city belowand the High Line above as great as possible“Agri-tecture” - Part agriculture, part-architecture,divides the space into discrete regions that rangefrom being fully paved to fully planted, andencourages “between-the-cracks” growth of allsorts of vegetation.
  5. 5. The Gansevoort Woodland Evidently, such spaces are more aesthetic than functional; the walkways are narrower, perhaps more attractive to wandering couples and photographers.
  6. 6. The 23 rd Street Lawn The other end of the spectrum would be this spacious area, with plenty of room for anyone who wishes to take a rest or enjoy the view.
  7. 7. The 30 th Street CutoutThis much abandoned space is hard to find in the city, so it gave DS+R a chance toexperiment with interesting concepts such as this, a semi-transparent bridge over a New York City street.
  8. 8. Untouched sections Most of the shown track is in a left-to-die-since-the-1980s state and is found only upwards of West 30th Street. This will most likely change, however; there is a Phase III planned for the northward expansion of the High Line.
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