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Hannie Syeda – Model<br />Interview – (5th February 2011)<br />As part of our primary research, we met with a professional...
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Hannie syeda


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Hannie syeda

  1. 1. Hannie Syeda – Model<br />Interview – (5th February 2011)<br />As part of our primary research, we met with a professional model to understand her responsibilities and to ask for advice on selecting the right models for our photography exhibition.<br />Below are some of the questions and responses that we directed to her.<br />What is your role in the fashion industry?<br /><ul><li>‘My job role is to model in clothes provided by the artists and stand in front of the camera for the shoot to take place.’</li></ul>How long is an average shooting?<br /><ul><li>‘The average shooting time is usually about 5 hours and the maximum it has ever reached for me is 7 hours. The shortest shoot i have had was approximately 3 hours.’</li></ul>When you reach your destination where you have the shoot, what are the procedures that are undertaken before the actual shoot itself?<br /><ul><li>‘I have to go to the place and get my hair and make-up done by the artists, sometimes i have sit-ins and sometimes i am required to bring in my own clothes. After all of that is sorted, the shoot itself takes place.’</li></ul>How did you get into the career?<br /><ul><li>‘I was always interested in modelling and one day my aunt suggested me to enter an audition. After entering the audition, i was selected for a photo shoot. This was my first photo shoot and i really enjoyed it. I was also explained the terms and conditions and how much i would be paid. Of course depending on the amount and if it was satisfactory for the time, i took the offer.’</li></ul>As you know we will be holding an audition to select models for our photo shoots, what advice would you give us when choosing the right models?<br /><ul><li>‘There are a lot of qualities that a model needs to have. I would recommend that you choose someone who seems as though they are enthusiastic and they must be camera confident as they will be posing in front of a camera and people. They must also dedicate themselves to their work and allow for artists to work freely on them such as no fuss about hair and make-up. They need to be able to follow instructions and be punctual. These are some of the things that most models need to qualify and they are quite basic.’