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  1. 1. Creative and Media: Level 2 Higher Diploma Unit 4: Record Level 2 Higher Diploma Creative and MediaUnit 1: Scene4.2.3 Recording your ideasStudent Book pp 120–29 You could use this mind map diagram to help you to think of ideas for your record. We analyzed the lyrics and thought it would suit the story of our music video. Basic storyline: A young girl is bored Holiday - at home which is Madonna annoying her, when the doorbell rings and she goes to open it, there are a bunch of her friends rushing in and RECORD Our target getting the party ‘There it is’ audience is started. This is instrumentals those who where we have enjoy dancing Moushomi and decided to add and partying. dancing animations. Shapla (BRiiNK Then we have a productions) birthday celebration and a girly day out shopping. We haven’t come to an ending for our music video but one of our The genre of our initial ideas is to end We thought about music video will it whilst coming adding animations be RnB but back home. in our dance scene mainly dance. in our music video. To do this we would need to create our animations ourselves Professional which involves animator: learning what software Trevor to use etc. © Pearson Education Ltd 2008. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free. 1