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138 new vp website

SHAPE Society

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138 new vp website

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The New
  3. 3. Why
  4. 4. Research = Re-Search! • 1) Search for prior observations. • 2) Make new observation.
  5. 5. Olcott 1931 “plaque rupture” Leary 1934 “rupture of atheromatous abscess” Wartman 1938 “rupture-induced occlusion” Horn 1940 “plaque fissure” Helpern 1957 “plaque erosion” Crawford 1961 “plaque thrombosis” Gore 1963 “plaque ulceration” Friedman 1964 “macrophage accumulation” Byers 1964 “thrombogenic gruel” Chapman 1966 “plaque rupture” Plaque Fissure in Human Coronary Thrombosis (Abstract) Fed. Proc. 1964, 23, 443 Constantinidis P. “The destruction of the hyalinized wall separating lumen from the atheroma was almost always observed to be preceded by or associated with its invasion by lipid containing macrophages.” Friedman and van den Bovenkamp 1965
  6. 6. Recycling of Science and Missed Opportunities to Save Lives • If plaque rupture was broadly communicated between all investigators and clinicians involved in the field of cardiovascular disease, in other words, if cardiovascular pathologists, clinicians, and biologists in 1960s perhaps: – Thermal detection could have been in clinical trial in 1970s. We could not have OCT which needs fast computer processing but NIR spectroscopy could have been a possibility as they were screening lean meet from fat in food industry in 1970s – Plaque immunology could have been fully investigated by 1980 and specific immune markers of plaque inflammation might have been available as a cheap bedside test to all primary care physicians in 2001. – … – Millions of lives including our grand parents and parents, friends and relatives could have been saved to enjoy a few more years with their families...
  7. 7. Internet • No need to talk about. Visit: EverythingYouWant.Com!
  8. 8. Re-Search @ the Speed of Light Mort Gates!!!
  9. 9. What’s new in • Medical Professional (VP Community and others) • Industry • Media • Consumers (patients and their relatives) ACC 2002 • VP Biology and Pathology • VP Detection • VP Treatment
  10. 10. What’s new in • “Atheroline”; A new online library powered by: Medline, Science Citation Index, patent data bases (United States, and PCT), multimedia presentations, conference abstracts, and regular update of clinical trials along with many novel interactive features, all dedicated to the field of Atherosclerosis and investigators in the field of vulnerable plaque.
  11. 11. What’s new in • “Atheroline Toolbar” a truly one-click- away option to the whole world of medical literature and online information related to atherosclerosis and vulnerable plaque
  12. 12. What’s new in • “Personal VP Watch” members of can program their own VP Watch to receive individualized VPW (science, patents, industry…) on any periodical basis, daily, twice a week, weekly, bi- weekly…
  13. 13. Dear VP Scientist and Industry: Rest assured and sleep well as I am up 24 hr 7 days a week / 365 days watching VP for you. Looking forward to seeing you at the VP Dinner Symposium in Anaheim, California Monday November 12, 7-10pm @ the Hilton Convention Center. May God bless your heart with no VP. Sincerely yours! VP Watch
  14. 14. The New is coming up in 36 days. COUNT DOWN! 8pm Monday November 12th – Vulnerable Plaque Dinner Symposium The Hilton @ Convention Center AHA 2001 Anaheim, California Please tell your Palm Pilot
  15. 15. Mohammad Madjid, MD Reza Mohammadi, MDParsa Mirhaji, M.D. Mohammed Reza Khan, MD Khawar Gul, M.D.
  16. 16. New Members of Team • Eric Jarvis • Alireza Zarrabi • Cornelius Nwora • Shayda Katousian • Mark Johnson • Marilyn Sanders
  17. 17. 2001 2050 Genomic Proteomic 2010 2020 2030 2040 Celomic? VP Treatment Home-based VP Screening Test Heart Attack Eradicated US Annual MI <50,000 Heart Cloning VP Rx as OTC or Vaccine? Eradication of Heart Attack VP Detection Mission Impossible!
  18. 18. Association for Eradication of Heart Attack