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Reach one


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Reaching one mark

Published in: Business, Technology
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Reach one

  1. 1. IT Strategic Vision March 14, 2001
  2. 2. Executive Vision Revenue Growth Improve every aspect of customer service Concentrate on development of the employee Malcolm Baldrige Award In 3 Years
  3. 3. Mission  To be the leading systems, services and solutions provider in the world by exceeding customers’ expectations through superior service delivery, world class talent and applied technological innovation making ADT the most profitable business in the Tyco portfolio. We will …  Make the customer service experience the “Best in Class ....  Maximize shareholder value through focus on revenue growth …  Be the company that introduces new technology …  Be the company that attracts and retains the best talent …  Be the company that is first to market, quick to execute …From: Mike Snyder’s General Manager’s Presentation – October 2000
  4. 4. IT Mission Information Technology is a SERVICE organization Our primary customer is the END USER community We MUST provide highly reliable operations, development, implementation and support of applications that effectively address the needs of the users and the business Our customers DESERVE the highest level of service, professionalism, and integrity Customer satisfaction is the ONLY measure of our success
  5. 5. IT Today Overly complex architecture Totally Tactical Too often technical solutions defined by users Improving  Responsiveness  Reliability Too Expensive
  6. 6. Planning Metrics
  7. 7. Utilization Metrics ytd actual FY2001 Completed Projects Total Hours = 60,280 20,000 15,000Hours 10,000 5,000 - Le x 0 cy A pe AS O i E x CA A eb In e O ons 11 i 40 iv Q rm BO PM ga W ut M C cle ti AS fo ec ra ra O Product Areas
  8. 8. FY2001 Active Projects Utilization Metrics -fy forecast Total Hours = 369,930 120,000 100,000 80,000Hours 60,000 40,000 20,000 - Le ix 0 AS e cy Se A ra S O PM i ec A A y eb cle s In ive 11 O tion rit 40 ur Q rm O MA BO E x CC ga W cu ut ct fo ite ra pe ch Ar Product Areas
  9. 9. Environmentto 18 MonthsTransition in 18 MonthsCurrent Environment Web Gateway Application D/B O/S H/W PMO Citrix Win 2000 Win NT Intel SQL Server Intel Disp Mgmt Sys Access SM 2000 Siebel/Oracle App OS400/DB2 OS400 AIX AS400 RS6000 Telemar BOA Oracle True 64 Compaq AP / Dlr Imaging Linux AIX Intel RS6000 OracleWEB TIBCO ADAC MASterMind Inside EDWWebSphere, MM Monitoring MAStermindADT.comVignette AIX RS6000 MAS Monitoring ISAM Dealer Sys Informix CCA Oracle Flat File Linux Intel CCA ADMIN Oracle True 64 Compaq Web DL/1 Dealer Walker CARMS eRevenue OS390 S390 DB2 Z/OS Z390 RMS Ceridian ESM - Tivoli, Remedy, Net View HP/UX HP9000Cisco Works Open View Security - Tivoli Nerve Center Remedy HP/UX HP9000 Security
  10. 10. Layered Approach to ESM Business Objectives Users Processes & Support Services Desktops Level 1 M A Clients (Help Desk) N A E G Applications M S E M Databases T Level 2 E N O (Operations) T Servers O L T S O Network & Level 3 O L Facilities (Support) S
  11. 11. Environment 36 18 MonthsTransition to in MonthsEnvironment in 36 Months Web Gateway Application D/B O/S H/W PMO Citrix Win 2000 Intel SQL Server Siebel/Oracle App BOA Oracle AIX RS6000 AP / Dlr ImagingWEB TIBCO EDW AIX RS6000 MASterMindWebSphere, MM MonitoringVignette MAS Monitoring ISAM CCA Oracle True 64 Compaq Walker eRevenue DB2 Z/OS Z390 RMS ESM - Tivoli, Remedy, Net View HP/UX HP9000 Security - Tivoli
  12. 12. Discussion Is this on target? Are we missing anything? Does this get ADT where you want it to go?
  13. 13. Challenges Multiple islands of IT Company culture Ability to meet business requirements Capacity for change Budget
  14. 14. Next Steps What When How much
  15. 15. 18 Month Tactical Plan