Top 50 case-studies of airlines and airports excelling in social media


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The best case-studies of airlines and airports marketing on social media

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Top 50 case-studies of airlines and airports excelling in social media

  1. 1. Aviation Top 50 Marketing InitiativesIn celebration of the 1s birthday of our renowned top 10s Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably
  2. 2. Facebook case study Cathay Pacific: “Around the World in 80 Days”
  3. 3. Cathay will fly you around the world *free* for 80 days! Cathay Pacific invites fans to plan an 80-day trip across the world. One global winner is awarded unlimited round-trip tickets for 80 days on the Cathay Pacific network.
  4. 4. 80 days of unlimited round-trip tickets to the winner!Increases Cathay’svisibility on Facebook.Drives unparalleledawareness aboutCathay’s worldwidenetwork of flights.
  5. 5. Facebook case study Southwest Airlines: “Fans Fly Free”
  6. 6. Facebook Used to Promote Free Baggage Policy“Fans fly free”sweepstakes wasorganized in Dec2010.“Bags fly free” pagepromotes contestdetails to fans.
  7. 7. 100 pairs of round-trip tickets given away!Fans arrived at theFacebook page inmasses to participate.Southwest Airlines nowhas over 1.3 million fanson Facebook.
  8. 8. Facebook case study Cebu Pacific: “Fly One, Fly All, Fly Free”
  9. 9. Cebu Pacific flies you and friends free…Cebu Pacific will flyyou and your friendsfree if you can get 150friends (includingyourself) on aconfirmed flight (thusfilling the entireairplane)
  10. 10. Exponentially Increases AwarenessEach participantinvites 149 ofhis friends!1=14910=1490100=14900!!
  11. 11. Twitter case study KLM : “Fly2Miami”
  12. 12. KLM challenges Dutch DJ & Filmmaker to fill up a planeKLM announces that But Dutch DJ/producerthe Amsterdam-Miami Sied van Riel and film-route would be re- maker Wilco Junglaunched on Mar replied on Twitter that27, 2011. this would be too late for the Spring Break events. In response KLM empowers and challenges them to fill up a plane! In return, they’d fly on an earlier date!
  13. 13. The challenge gets an unbelievable response!The DJ and Result: OnFilmmaker Marchresponded with a 21, 2011, a KLMwebsite, Twitter MD-11 packedaccount and a with Dutchhugely popular DJs, producers,#fly2miami hashtag. promoters and other dance fans, willGoals Driven fly2miami!RevenueEngagement
  14. 14. Twitter case study Delta Airlines: “@DeltaAssist”
  15. 15. Delta gets serious about customer service!Delta Airlines has aseparate, dedicatedTwitter channels to listenand respond tocustomers.What’s remarkable is theeffort put into answeringqueries from almosteveryone.They’re not even afraid toapologize!
  16. 16. “Thanks for doing the right thing, Delta!”
  17. 17. Great response rates! This is possible due to aA recent infographic dedicated team of aboutrevealed that @DeltaAssist 10 people handlingtweets almost 64 times a customer!Goals DrivenCustomer Service Source:
  18. 18. Twitter case study JetBlue: “Cheeps”
  19. 19. Cheap tickets sold every Tuesday morning on Twitter JetBlue sells last minute, limited- availability, cheap flights every Tuesday. Almost 205,000 people follow this account!
  20. 20. Fills up capacity, drives revenue!Not only does ithelp fill upcapacity, it drivesmore user trafficto JetBlue.Goals drivenRevenue
  21. 21. Twitter case study Eurocontrol: “Taming the Ashcloud”
  22. 22. Big daddy comes to play!Eurocontrol stole the showon Twitter even as manyairlines struggled to handlethe ashcloud crisis andprovide decent customerservice.Relevant and informativeupdates at frequentintervals calmed nerves.
  23. 23. Transparent and speedy information-sharingLiberally used theTwitter hashtags#euva and #ashtag toinform customers.Posted links to the latestmaps of ash-flow.Goals drivenCrisis ManagementCustomer Service
  24. 24. Twitter case study Air New Zealand: “@AirNZFairy”
  25. 25. Do you believe in fairies? You should.The Air New ZealandFairy grants one wish aday – “sometimessmaller, sometimesbigger” – to followers.Notable example:Helped raise more than$2000 for Leukaemia &Blood Foundations.
  26. 26. Serves people’s needs, makes them happy!Many requests for moreair-points are fulfilled!
  27. 27. Users respond – and how!Goals drivenEngagementCustomer ServiceLoyalty
  28. 28. Location-based case study Virgin America : “T2 Takeover”
  29. 29. Virgin America wants customers to takeover SFO’s new terminal
  30. 30. A race to get on the leaderboard!Passengerscompete with eachother to check-in atthe most locationsaround the airportand to get on thepublic leaderboard.Goals DrivenLoyaltyEngagement
  31. 31. Location-based case study KLM: “Surprises”
  32. 32. KLM makes its Foursquare followers happySome passengerswho check intoKLM’sFoursquarevenues aresurprised withpersonalized giftsfrom KLMRead more onSimpliFlying.
  33. 33. Surprises = Delighted customers!Passengers, chosen atrandom, are accosted byKLM at the airport andreceive special gifts.Delighted passengersshare stories ofappreciation with friendsand family on socialnetworks, spreading theword even further.Goals DrivenEngagementLoyalty
  34. 34. Location-based case study Southwest Airlines: “Loopt Rewards”
  35. 35. Southwest and Loopt tie up to please customers Southwest Airlines gave away 10 round trip tickets (plus some other goodies) via the Loopt Rewards Wagon in Austin during SXSW Interactive in March 2011.
  36. 36. People actually ran for the rewards!
  37. 37. Location-based case study Air New Zealand: “Foursquare Mayors”
  38. 38. Foursquare could help get you into Air New Zealands upper class airline lounges.The “mayors” of selectairports and terminalsserved by Air NewZealand receive freeadmission to the KoruLounge just by showingtheir mayor status andboarding pass.Pro Tip: Koru Lounges offeramenities like bar service, lightrefreshments, televisions, magazines and showers.
  39. 39. Rewarding the most loyal customers!If they’re already a KoruLounge member, Air NewZealand will award them100 Airpoints Dollarsinstead of club access (upto a maximum of $300 permonth).Mayors of Koru Lounges areeligible for 100 AirpointsDollars as well.Goals drivenLoyaltyEngagement
  40. 40. Location-based case study Germanwings: “ITB Berlin Takeover
  41. 41. Germanwings takes over ITB BerlinWhere: ITB Berlin, world’s largest traveltradeshowThe challenge: Germanwings has neither abooth nor a budget for marketingThe solution: Two people sent to createFacebook Places locations for the booths ofother airlines, with a Germanwings twist.On checking-in at an airline’s booth, thestatus update on Facebook lookedsomething like this: Air Berlin: You’ll get to breathe Berlin airCheaper with Germanwings! Air France: France for a bargain price isonly available from Germanwings!
  42. 42. Significant User Response200+Check-ins24000+People receivednotifications$0Dollars spentGoals drivenEngagement Read more on SimpliFlying.
  43. 43. Airport case study London Heathrow: “Airport Concierge”
  44. 44. Cider anyone?Having a look at an airport’s twitter feed it would be reasonable to expect tosee a lot of tweets talking about flight delays, people complaining aboutqueues etc… but at LHR things seems to be a bit different. yes there are allthe usual airport questions but you can also find interactions like this one:
  45. 45. The Personalized attention makes people to combine the most important lesson learned from LHR is how feel importantnecessary degree of information dissemination with a bit of helpful humanfeel.In a complex and busy airport like Heathrow, providing information is afundamental task, and providing personalized advice always provoke positivereactions and creates happy users.
  46. 46. Airport case studyWarsaw-Chopin Airport: “Preparing for the future”
  47. 47. Preparing for euro 2012…Warsaw Chopin airport is still a relatively new player in the social mediaarena, but it seems to be improving fast with two dedicated Twitter channelsand two Facebook pages catering to local (Polish) and foreign (EnglishSpeaking) passengers respectivelyThe airport has recently stepped up its social efforts, most likely in preparationfor the Euro 2012 games and, in the process, has become one of the first twoairports (together with Cancun) to open a company page on Google+.
  48. 48. …and showing its crisis management prowessRecently this airport also got a chance to show its crisis management skills onsocial media, when an LOT 767 did a gear up landing that blocked theairport’s only runway for several days. The airport responded promptly and wasable to provide up to date information, both in Polish and English, that werewidely re-tweeted and acknowledged.
  49. 49. Overall, a fantastic effort.*Plane “lands”*The airportanswers its users*Plane is removed*Back tonormal*Compliments andthank you notesarrive fromeverywhere Goals Driven Engagement Customer service Crisis management
  50. 50. Airport case study Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA)
  51. 51. iStyleKLIA 2010 Social Media CampaignObjectives:Drive awareness and engagementfor the iStyleKLIA 2010 event.Utilised the latest social media toolsto seek and engage keyinfluencers, designers and theircommunities, retailers and otherparticipants.Empowered the airport users andparticipants to share theirexperiences.
  52. 52. Key words: Engagement & Empowerment
  53. 53. Microsite
  54. 54. Facebook fan page
  55. 55. A broad-based, successful campaignViews:Microsite 3,000+Microsite blogs 2,400+Facebook 10,100+YouTube 1,250+Google 3,000+ referencesTwitter 10,000+Photographs 4,500+Goals driven:Engagement
  56. 56. Airport case study Changi Airport (SIN)
  57. 57. Changi’s Millionaire Dance Celebration Video!Objective: To launch ChangiAirport’s largest ever shoppingpromotion.Singaporeans invited to show whatit feels like to win $1m in a flashmob-style mass performance, rightin the heart of Changi Airport.Attracted over 400performers, professional andamateurs, aged 10 to 75.Goals Driven Apart from driving retail, the campaignEngagement evoked heartwarming expressions of pride asRevenue well. Watch the video here. It has received almost 200,000 views till date.
  58. 58. Airport case study Akron-Canton Airport (CAK)
  59. 59. Fully Integrated Marketing/Communications CAK is one of few airports to have more than 34,000 Facebook fans. Nearly 5,000 Twitter followers. Social feeds for Facebook and Twitter on every page of the CAK website. Only airport to host a regular online chat with their CEO.Social Tip from CAK: Success is not from having social pages but fromhigh response rates and attention to the pages.
  60. 60. Interactive Social Media IntegrationT-shirt Tuesdays: a contest onCAK’s Facebook page thatgenerates thousands of Facebooklikes and email addresses. EachTuesday, CAK awards ten t-shirtsto people who have entered.(This is not just any t-shirt. This isa limited edition cool CAK tee thatpeople have offered to buy!)Prez Says: a live, online chat thattakes place on Facebook. CAK’sPresident & CEO Rick McQueenanswers questions from anyone forone hour every month.
  61. 61. Social Loyalty case study British Airways & American Airlines: Miles Millionaire
  62. 62. Joint loyalty contest to get more members! Targets existing American Airlines AAdvantage and British Airways Executive Club members, as well as prospective members. Loyalty members who register for the promotion will earn 20,000 AAdvantage or British Airways Executive Club bonus miles for every eligible trip booked in full-fare economy class or above.
  63. 63. So you think you can be a miles millionaire?Once travel iscompleted, customers willreceive a contest entryemail where they cansubmit an essayanswering the question, “Ifyou were cured of theWanderlust with 1 millionmiles, where would you goand what would you dothere?”Entries are then voted for.Goals DrivenEngagementLoyalty
  64. 64. Social Loyalty case study Virgin Atlantic: Social Gaming
  65. 65. Innovative reward systems: In the works Virgin Atlantic recently announced plans to re-launch its social travel community site, Vtravelled, wi th a strategy focused on rewarding their frequent flyers using gaming mechanics. They will partner with social gaming experts Lithium to engage with their 1.8 million Flying Club members. The airline willintroduce the ability to earn real currency in the form of miles in addition to the more usual virtual rewards.
  66. 66. First step: In-flight entertainment overhauled as social network!As a firststep, there’s anew system intheir new A330sintegrated withthe aircraft’s in-flightentertainmentunits.Goals driven It works like a travel social network – you can readLoyalty tips about destinations, write messages to othersEngagement using the network, search for reviews and rate content from other passengers! How cool is that?
  67. 67. Viral Video case study Southwest Airlines: “Singers and Rappers”
  68. 68. Southwest puts the fun back into travelWouldn’t you love to be in aflight where safety instructionsare rapped out or sung insteadof the normal dull andsometimes foreboding routine?Travelers say yes! The rappingflight attendant David Bloom isalready a minor internetcelebrity!YouTube views: 466,700+Goals drivenRevenueEngagement
  69. 69. Viral Video case study Cebu Pacific: “Dancing Flight Attendants”
  70. 70. Passengers going Gaga!If you’re more of a danceperson then you can alwayshop on to Cebu Pacific wheresafety instructions are givenout by flight attendantsdancing to Lady Gaga songs.YouTube views: 10,080,000+Goals drivenRevenueEngagement
  71. 71. Viral Video case study Virgin Atlantic: “Your airline’s either got it..”
  72. 72. Your airline has either got it or it hasn’t!This ad campaign thecampaign takes the viewer ona metaphorical flight withVirgin Atlantic - a surreal andglamorous world of airlineiconography and dramatisinghow it feels to fly with theairline.YouTube views: 739,000+Goals drivenEngagementLoyalty
  73. 73. Viral Video case study American Airlines: “Thank You”
  74. 74. Thanking the men in uniform who serve the CountryAA’s new ad aims toemotionally connect viewerswith active military servicemembers as they travel.“Thank You” follows youngmen and women fromdifferent branches of themilitary as they travel on AA.YouTube views: 97,000+Goals DrivenEngagementLoyalty
  75. 75. Route Launch case study SpiceJet: “Q400 Launch”
  76. 76. SpiceJet organized 3 contests to drive awareness about their new planes and destinations in India1. Name the plane –Fans and followers wereasked suggest 5 namesfor SG Q400 aircraft inHindi after Indian spicesthat would be appropriateas names for the planes.If their choices matchedSpiceJet’s, a lucky winnerwould get to inauguratethe first flight of the Q400fleet!Goals drivenRevenueEngagement
  77. 77. Trivia Contest2. SG400 trivia - This six-daylong contest had onequestion everyday regardingthe SG Q400. Every correctanswer gave the fan/followera DIGIT. At the end of thecontest, these digits formedthe key to win some greatprizes!
  78. 78. Loads of Responses
  79. 79. 3. Guess the Destination
  80. 80. Route Launch case study Lufthansa: “A380 Launch”
  81. 81. Driving huge buzz online for 1st A380 flight from Frankfurt to JFKLufthansa invited anumber of aviationbloggers and geeks on-board their inauguralflight resulting in atremendous amount ofbuzz being generatedonline regarding thelaunch of their first A380flight.This resulted intremendous awarenessbeing generated viasocial media. Goals driven Engagement
  82. 82. Tremendous buzz driven online
  83. 83. Route Launch case study American Airlines: “Helsinki”
  84. 84. Fantastic Facebook competition to get eyeballs!AA gives away a free luxury tripto Helsinki to one lucky winner apizza-design contest:As AA puts it:“Create a Chicago-style pizzawith a Finnish twist –cook it, drawit, mould it or just describe it, wewant to see your ideas! Uploadyour pictures or ideas to thecompetition tab on the AmericanAirlines page and get your friendsto vote for you.”
  85. 85. Driving a huge number of conversations online Goals driven Engagement
  86. 86. Route Launch case study Edmonton Airport: “Stop the Calgary Habit”
  87. 87. Edmonton International Airport launches intervention campaignEdmonton International Airport(EIA) estimates that it strikes upto 750,000 people annually: TheCalgary Habit, the drive or flightsouth that many Edmontoniansmake to catch a plane fromCalgary.The symptoms: travellers usingthe Calgary airport don’t weigh incosts likegas, parking, time, inconvenience, lost economic activity for theregion and the toll they’re takingon Edmonton’s capacity to growits air service. Goals Driven EngagementThe cure: EIA’s “Stop the Calgary RevenueHabit” intervention campaign.
  88. 88. Widespread grassroots campaign!A roving rally was organised with aprize giveaway. The winner walkedaway with a $4,000 travel voucherto purchase a trip for two to any ofthe more than 50 destinations EIAserves non-stop.The cheeky campaign is alsomeant to discourage them fromflying via Calgary and make themaware of the toll this behaviour hason Edmontons ability to attractnew routes.
  89. 89. Route Launch case study Cathay Pacific: “Chicago”
  90. 90. Cathay holds Facebook competition for HK- Chicago non-stop service launchCathay invites Facebookfans to produce any form ofart that blends Hong Kongand Chicago into a singlepiece of art. Thesesubmissions are thensubjected to online votingby their friends and peersGoals drivenEngagement
  91. 91. Encouraging creativity, driving engagementThe winner will get:2 tickets to Hong Kongand a cultural FengShui architecturaltour, courtesy of theHong Kong TourismBoard.In addition, the winningentry will be featured onthe Cathay PacificFacebook fan page andwill be on display atselect airport locations.
  92. 92. Distribution Initiative case study Virgin America: “Chrome app & Groupon”
  93. 93. Route launches using GrouponAfter announcing the newChicago-OHare andLAX, SFO routes, VAtasted huge success witha Groupon deal in amatter of a couple hours.The bargain was to pay$7 and get $77 in airfaretowards a round-trippurchase on VirginAmerica’s new Quite obviously the deal was a hugeroutes, and the deal was hit. Later, this was repeatedgood on Groupons successfully, with slight modificationsChicago, Los Angeles and to the price, for the Dallas-Fort WorthSan Francisco sites. routes.
  94. 94. Google Chrome app helps you fly!To use VA’s app, usersinput their gender aswell as where, whenand the kind of trip inorder to getsuggestions for what topack and where to go.Users can also selectspecific travelingpreferences to buildTrip Inspiration boardsbased on criteria likeTrip Vibe and Must Doactivities.
  95. 95. Discover a social travel experience!They can also pick froma selection of images oradd their own imagesfrom Picasa to theirboards. The app thenrecommendsdestinations thatcorrespond to the“mood” of yourInspiration Board.Goals drivenRevenueEngagement
  96. 96. Distribution Initiative case study Lufthansa: “iPad app”
  97. 97. Looking for travel inspiration?The Lufthansa foriPad app isavailable in Englishor German and itcaters to peoplelooking for a littletravel inspirationand also to thepractically mindedtraveler.
  98. 98. An interactive booking guideThe crux of this app is aninteractive worldmap, enabling you totrace your way fromorigin to destinationairports and helpingbook flights.It also allows check-insand uses an interactivefeature to select seats.You can also access abooking summary andview your Miles & Moreaccount balance.
  99. 99. Discover more and experience LufthansaNot only are theredetailed guides tocities, the ExperienceLufthansa section offersa 3-D rendition of theairline’s new Europeancabin, and there are360-degree views of theA380 cockpit, along witha selection of videos.Goals drivenRevenueEngagement
  100. 100. Distribution Initiative case study Malaysia Airlines: “MHBuddy & MHQuick”
  101. 101. Book tickets directly from FacebookThe second prong in MalaysiaAirlines’ e-commerce suite,MHbuddy is Malaysia Airlines’ticket office on Facebook. WithMHbuddy, socially activetravelers can now have aseamless travel experience onMalaysia Airlines without evenleaving Facebook, and canspread the words of their travelexperience has earlierfeatured MHBuddy in detail. Readthat article here.
  102. 102. A truly social booking experienceSocially savvy travelers can booktheir flights without having toaccess the Malaysia Airlineswebsite, check-in for theirflights, select their seats on theplane and see where their friendsare sitting if they are flying on thesame flight.In addition, being on theFacebook platform, users ofMHbuddy can announce theirtravel plans to their friends ontheir Facebook wall, or even findfriends who are at theirdestination.
  103. 103. Chrome app gives more options to the social userWith the launch of theMHbuddy app onFacebook, MalaysiaAirlines not only hasanother commercechannel, but also itserves as abridge, together withother Malaysia Airlines M-commerce solutions suchas MHmobile & MHquickGoogle Chrome app, forusers who are socialmedia savvy. Goals driven Revenue Engagement
  104. 104. Distribution Initiative case study Alaska Airlines’ “FlyingSocial”
  105. 105. Use of Facebook’s social graph to sell ticketsAlaska Airlines’FlyingSocial Facebookapplication allows youto see on a map whereyour Facebook friendslive.Then it super-imposesfares to thosedestinations on theairline, and you caneither buy or share witha friend.Goals drivenRevenue
  106. 106. Mobile App case study Case-study 1 Top Mobile App case n 1 KLM: “Tripshake”
  107. 107. Shake your phone to find travel inspirationThere’s a reason why KLMwon the award for the BestAirline at the SimpliFlyingAwards for Social MediaExcellence this year: They’reconstantly innovating andlooking for newer ways toengage their customers.Their new app helps usersselect a place or date theywant to travel and in turn canselect one of about 100options.
  108. 108. Ensuring a social experience even on the phone Users can see a ticket price and can subsequently either choose to book or shake the phone for another option till they find the perfect match. Destinations and prices can also be shared via social media. This is in addition to their existing app that already has numerous features. (see next slide)
  109. 109. Augmenting the existing appThe free KLM iPhone app offersa range of options includingregulars such as booking flights,managing bookings, changingbookings, flight status.In addition, it offers in-appfeatures such as e-boardingpass and discounts on additionalcheck-in baggage.Goals DrivenRevenueEngagementCustomer Service
  110. 110. Mobile App case study Cathay Pacific: “City Guides”
  111. 111. Forget those bulky travel guides!While the experience ontheir iPhone app wasalready very good withexcellent functionality andcomprehensive features, theiPad app goes one stepfurther.Not only is it stunning to lookat, it offers in-depth cityguides(sights, dining, attractionsetc) which customers arecertain to spend hours with.An excellent travelcompanion overall!
  112. 112. A look behind the scenesMoreover, it also allowspassengers to “Meet theTeam” by browsing photosof Cathay Staff, makingthe journey experiencethat much more personal.Goals DrivenRevenueCustomer ServiceEngagement
  113. 113. Mobile App case study Virgin Atlantic: “Flight Tracker”
  114. 114. Now your iPhone (or iPod) can show you the position of your plane on a map!While Virgin Atlantic’sFlight Tracker was initiallyprecisely what it’s nameindicated, it is now muchmore including managing,bookings, checking-in etc.Some of the fun things theapp can do:~Tell you the position ofyour plane on a map.~Alert you on your devicewhen the plane lands.~View short videos of mostdestinations.
  115. 115. Welcome to the Virgin “family of apps”Virgin has some other apps tohelp you with flying as well. JetLag Fighter helps you reduce jetlag by helping you establish aproper sleep schedule while theFlying Without Fear app ismeant to help you minimize thefear of flying. A third app calledTripJournal does what its namesuggests. Very thoughtful, wehave to say.Goals drivenEngagementCustomer Service
  116. 116. Mobile App case study Qantas: “Loyalty + Augmented Reality”
  117. 117. A clever loyalty appThe Qantas Frequent Flyer app aimsto show members the wide range ofearn and burn options of the loyaltyprogram. Users can flip through awardflights (including an estimate of thesurcharges, fees and taxes payable)and through a large catalogue of non-flight awards, to find out how manypoints they need.Members can set themselves pointsgoals, track progress, and get notifiedonce their goal has been achieved.They can also share with their friendson social media when they reach theirgoals.
  118. 118. Brilliantly combining augmented reality with loyaltyCombining the camera, GPSand compass to recognize anobject or place that a user ispointing to, the app lets aniPhone 4 or 3GS search forpartners while on the road.Pointing the device in acertain direction brings up thenearest loyalty programpartners in that direction.This feature can be used in anumber of ways and is Goals drivenobviously great fun to use. Engagement Loyalty Customer Service
  119. 119. Crowdsourcing case study SAS: “New summer routes”
  120. 120. Summer routesIf you are an airline manager and have successfully identified 21 out of the 22summer destinations you were asked to find, but cannot decide on the 22nd doyou:a) Start looking immediately for an expensive market analyst?b) Ask a magic mirror?c) Go on Facebook and ask your customer where would they like to fly ?(Hint: Magic mirrors do not exist)
  121. 121. Sommerflyet 2012Being a very social airline with more than 110,000 followers, SAS decidedto go for option C and launched a campaign called “Sommerflyet 2012’ tolet its followers decide one of its 22 summer routes.
  122. 122. A clear winnerThe company asked its followers to submit a destination that was within 5hours’ flight-time from its Oslo hub and then included the top 10 suggestionsinto a poll that was posted on its Facebook page.This well planned approach proved very effective and provided both brandexposure, social interaction with the community and efficient businessintelligence. The Turkish town of Alanya emerged as a clear winner and will become one of the 22 summer destinations for the summer 2012 season.
  123. 123. Social Customer Service case study Frontier Airlines: “Damage control”
  124. 124. Fighting Murphy’s law with social mediaWhen a storm hits anairline’s major hub it isreasonable to expect someflight delays. However, whatif that storm happens tocarry golf-ball-sized icepellets, and damages onethird of their fleet?The solution Frontier airlinesfound was called socialmedia.
  125. 125. Two easy stepsThe airline knew from the startthat a lot of passengers weregoing to arrive at the airport onlyto find out that their flights hadbeen cancelled so, in order toreduce the negativesentiments, they started usingsocial media to disseminateinformation.Step 1: Keeping peopleinformed It reduced stress and helpedcustomers understand what wasgoing on.
  126. 126. Listen! Empower! Engage!They also knew that passengerswere, understandably, going tobe angry and complain about iton the social web. So they usedRadian 6 to track down anymention of Frontier and addressthe complaints.Step 2: Being proactive andempowering their social mediateamThe employees wereempowered to help customersre-book their flights throughTwitter and Facebook.
  127. 127. Glowing results!Using social media ultimatelyallowed Frontiers to servecustomers much faster thanthey could have using“traditional” customer servicecounters.Lots of positive reactionsfrom “surprised” customers4000 customers engagedduring the crisis700,000 visitors to the Goals Drivenfacebook page Engagement Customer service Crisis management
  128. 128. Social Customer Service case study CityJet: “Twitter concierge service”
  129. 129. Providing local knowledge to busy travelersAlthough still in itsinfancy, CityJet’s Twitterconcierge is probably themost innovative tool in airlinesocial media customerservice. The aim is to providepersonalizedrecommendations to thosetravelers who request them.The service is currentlyundergoing trials but it’sexpected to becomeavailable on all City Jetdestinations and provideanswers within 15 minutes.
  130. 130. Changing times. Changing approaches. “Twitter has become the „go to‟ tool for customer service within the travel industry [….] The majority of our passengers are business travelers and the Twitter Concierge taps into their need for a swift, efficient and seamless travel service.” - Christine Ourmieres, CEO CityJet Goals Driven Engagement Customer service Revenue
  131. 131. Social Customer Service case study Air Asia: “Lil Miss Red”
  132. 132. Spot the right answer!When you’re a low-cost airlinein need of increasing yourcustomer service reach do you:a) Build an expensivetraditional customer servicecenter with hotlines etc… Orb) In true low cost style youcreate a dedicated web portaland social media accounts?
  133. 133. The correct answer is BAir Asia clearly seems tothink the answer is B.They were already theairline that replied tothe highest percentageof tweets in theworld, but now they arescaling up their effortswith a dedicatedAskAirAsia website, adedicated Twitteraccount and a Facebooktab.
  134. 134. Lil Miss Red presents…For its dedicated customerservice website thecompany also developed anice avatar called “Lil’ MissRed” that helps customerswith their questions.Likewise on the facebookversion of the FAQ searchengine they used the imageof their CEO, TonyFernandes.Goals DrivenCustomer serviceRevenue
  135. 135. Social Customer Service case study KLM: “More than just social”
  136. 136. When social media is in your DNA…Given KLM’s prowess onsocial media (they were thewinners of the SimpliFlyingSocial Media Awards thisyear), it’s no surprise thatthey made it to this list too!Their Live Reply video willshow you why they’re sogood at tackling customerservice while engagingcustomers. Check out thenext slide!
  137. 137. Friendly customer service available 24/7If you are a KLM passengerthe company will make itextremely easy for you toget answers to questions.They provide 24x7 customerservice on Twitter, Facebook and are nowexperimenting with Google+as well.
  138. 138. From virtual to real-life!What really distinguishes them, however, is their ability to go beyond socialmedia and into real life. For example during their Live Reply campaign thecompany started answering tweets with YouTube videos.The result: Surprised passengers weremore than happy to re-tweet andshare the videosFollowers were attracted to bothfacebook and twitterKLM’s campaign was featuredon important websites and TVchannels… and all at almost no cost to the Goals Drivencompany Engagement Customer service
  139. 139. Social Customer Service case study Virgin Atlantic: “Social Snow”
  140. 140. 2010 was a difficult winter for airlinesThree separate, major snowevents in December 2010:“Snow 1” :closing of Gatwick;“Snow 2” : extended closingof Heathrow;“Snow 3”: closing of JFK andthe heavy snow on the USeastern seaboard.They followed in quicksuccession, giving little timefor planning to Virgin (as wellas other airlines).
  141. 141. Virgin’s integrated communication strategyVirgin posted majorupdates on their websiteevery few hours.They also handledindividual queries viaFacebook and Twitter.About 50,000 textmessages sent over aperiod of a few days toalert customers about thedisruption and to directthem to their website orsocial channels for moreinformation.
  142. 142. Huge Twitter customer service effort during disruption!Virgin proactively broadcastedkey messages to their socialfollowing as well as answeringas many individual passengerquestions as possible.This peaked at more than 460tweets, 1,950 comments andposts and almost 1 millionpost views on Facebook up tothe 19th December.The social team worked in 8hour shifts to cover a24*7, one-on-one response. Atits peak, they were handling aTwitter response every 20-30seconds.
  143. 143. Special chartered flight to repatriate US travellers for Christmas, FREE!Since this decision was takenhurriedly, Twitter and Facebookwere used to inform strandedcustomers of the option.Virgin filled the plane by activelypromoting the flight on Twitter forseveral hours. They achieved TopTweet status resulting in filling450 aircraft seats in 7 hours.The fully-loaded flight left on timeand the customers got back toNew York in time to meet their Goals Drivenfamily and friends for Christmas. EngagementThis was a first for any airline. Customer service
  144. 144. Crowdsourcing case study Finnair + Helsinki Airport: “Quality Hunters”
  145. 145. It all started in September 2010……when Finnair launched a campaign tohire 4 “quality hunters”. The original joboffer read: “The Quality Hunters mission will be to travel to cities in Europe, Asia and the US throughout October and November, assessing flights, airports and destinations. As independent advisors to Finnair, they are expected to communicate their impartial views and recommendations to the company on a regular basis throughout the two- month period. In addition, the Quality Hunters will share their thoughts and adventures with the public through personal blogs.”
  146. 146. … and expanded in 2011The original campaign received more than 5200 job applications and generateda considerable amount of positive exposure for the company, both online andoffline, with the website being visited by more than 10.000 people on thebusiest days. In 2011 the campaign was re-launched, but this time in partnership with Helsinki Airport and searching for 8 quality hunters. Each specialized in a different “field” of quality, from socializing to business class services.
  147. 147. Invited other users to share ideas too!This time however the program also included several “additional” socialmedia based tools to allow other users to suggest and discuss new ideas. The idea meter was a particularly successful tool as it allowed on-site discussions as well as Facebook and Twitter discussions, with dedicated Twitter hashtags for each idea.
  148. 148. Quality brand focusThe greatest achievement of the strategy behind the quality hunters campaignhowever is perhaps a less obvious one…By creating this crowdsourcing challenge both Finnair and Helsinki Airport havecreated a strong association between their brand and the concept ofquality.This was achieved mostly through the media coverage of the challenge and thebuzz that it generated on the social web.
  149. 149. Crowdsourcing case study Lufthansa: “Cargo Innovation”
  150. 150. Going GreenIn November 2011 Lufthansa Cargo launched a competition aimed at improvingits operations in two key areas: Green Solutions: aimed at reducing the company’s environmental footprint Add-on Services: aimed at identifying additional services that could improve the company’s portfolio or streamline its current operations
  151. 151. Social InnovationThe initiative has recently achievedthe 100 submissions mark, and isconstantly growing.Once posted, the ideas can bebrowsed trough a tag cloud on thecompetition’s website and discussedusing either a dedicated twitteraccount, a dedicated facebook tab, orthe website itself.
  152. 152. A noble initiative generates considerable buzzThe contest is scheduled toend in mid December2011, with the winners beingannounced in February 2012.So far the initiative has provento be verysuccessful, generating aconsiderable amount of buzz.This achievement is evenmore remarkable if the lowerlever of “glamour” associatedwith air cargo is taken intoaccount.
  153. 153. Crowdsourcing case study Estonian Air: “My Estonian Air”
  154. 154. A renewed vision at the top!The arrival of a new CEO at Estonian Air has brought a wealth of new ideasand innovative management techniques to the airline.One of the most remarkable changes has been the launch of acrowdsourcing campaign to: “..firstly, to get ideas from people and see what they think and expect from us. Secondly, it gives us a perfect opportunity to explain why certain things are done in certain way and also sell our service” [Tero Taskila, CEO, Estonian Air]
  155. 155. My Estonian AirRight from its very start the crowdsourcing campaign invited users to getinvolved and, most importantly, to take ownership of the airline, helpingshape its future. The initial reaction was overwhelming with over 300 responses on the day the website opened. Furthermore the concept proved so successful that the airline, after implementing some of the proposed solutions, was nominated for several industry awards for its outstanding initiatives and product offerings.
  156. 156. Follow-through: Actual implementaton of ideasBuilding on the recommendations andideas put forward by its customers theairline was able to considerably improveits service offering. One of its most popularinitiatives has been the “gourmet flights”where passengers are offered a special in-flight meal designed and presented bylocal chefs.
  157. 157. Crowdsourcing case study Air France: “Design competition”
  158. 158. Pioneering the crowdsourcing wave!The Air France design contest of 2009 as well as being one of the first andfinest examples of airline crowdsourcing was also one of the first to pre-selectparticipants by only accepting applications from: “students and youngpeople who graduated less than 3 years ago from design schools, graphic arts schools, industrial design schools, fine arts schools in France, theNetherlands, Belgium, Swit zerland, Italy and the United Kingdom”
  159. 159. Ensuring quality resultsBy limiting its pool of candidates to selected groups of culturally relevant andappropriately trained young professionals, the company was able to receive alarge amount of high-quality submissions that ultimately led to someextraordinary results.
  160. 160. Strategic marketing backgroundFrom a marketing point of view however, the most important aspect of thecompetition was the subtle association it created between the concept ofhigh-quality design and the airline itself. This core association was further exploited by the airline in its advertisements that often featured design, fashion and quality related themes.
  161. 161. Crowdsourcing case study Ryanair: “Ancillary revenue competition”
  162. 162. What should we charge you for today?When it comes tofinding additionalrevenue sourcesEuropean low costcarrier Ryanair iscertainly one of themost proactive (andprovocative) airlinesaround.However, it seems thateven they had someproblems finding new“revenue streams”.
  163. 163. The crowd has a sense of humorThe company ran a crowdsourcing contest where it asked people to submitideas for new extra fees, promising 1000 Euros to the winner. The responsefrom the crowd was exceptional and often included a good deal of humor. These are some of the best proposals received by the company: •Charging for toilet paper – with O‟Leary‟s face on it, •Charging €2.50 to read the safety cards, •Charging €50 for bikini clad Cabin Crew.
  164. 164. Two years later people are still worried…The contest turned out to be an excellent marketing tool for thecompany, reinforcing its image of a low cost company willing to do anythingto lower its fares. The legacy of the contest also had a surprisingly longlasting effect generating a considerable amount of buzz and urban legendsstill circulating about the possible implementation of some of thesemeasures.
  165. 165. Christmas “wow” initiatives case study Spanair: In-flight meeting with Santa Claus
  166. 166. Owning the magic of ChristmasWe often hear a lot aboutpositive brandassociations and whentalking about it there aretwo things that oftencome to mind. The firstone is Christmas, as anexample of a perfectmoment for “feel good”campaigns and thesecond one is CocaCola, considered themaster of positive brandassociations.
  167. 167. Building a positive brand association Now, that’s easier said than done, but, without being Coca-Cola, how wouldyou do it? And most importantly how would you get children to smile like this?
  168. 168. Flight JK6474 – A special surprise from Santa On Wednesday 21st of December at 20:30, at 10,700 meters of altitude, the173 passengers on JK6474 between Barcelona and A Coruña did not believewhat they were experiencing. Watch the video on the next slide to see more!
  169. 169. Christmas “wow” initiatives case study Toronto Pearson: Singing Christmas Carols
  170. 170. Singing employeesAnother way to offer passengers a feel good experience during an holidayperiod like Christmas is making something unique for them, and to surprisethem.While Christmas carolssung by professionalson a stage are a fairlycommonoccurrence, whatappears in this videoclearly isn’t. Check outthe next slide for more!
  171. 171. Tweet to surprise!This Christmas Toronto airport organized a twitter campaign where anyonewho had a loved one or a friend travelling through the airport could tweet andask for a personalized Christmas carol to be sung for him/her. What you’ve seen in theprevious slide was a carol sung for our CEO Shashank Nigam who, after recovering from the initial surprise, took out his camera and recorded it.
  172. 172. Mrs. Klaus and the Elves To further enhance the Christmas feeling the airport also partnered withMicrosoft to set up booths were passengers could take holiday pictures with Mrs. Klaus and the elves
  173. 173. Christmas “wow” initiatives case study airBaltic: Elves take over
  174. 174. Airports are boring, right?Airports are, amongst other things, a place where passengers have to spend alot of time waiting and often, getting bored. That is unless someone startssinging Christmas carols to you, or… well let’s see if you can guess whatthese people are staring at:
  175. 175. A plane was taken over by…Well, panic must have been running through the veins of some Air Balticexecutives when they heard that one of their planes had been taken over.However luckily for them, the elves did not damage the aircraft. In fact quitethe opposite.
  176. 176. A quarter of a million views on YoutubeThe campaign was perhaps one of the most imaginative we’ve seen this year,and was designed to target not only Air Baltic’s passengers but all the onesthat happened to be in the airport at the time. On Youtube the campaign’svideo registered about 250,000 views.
  177. 177. For more Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably