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Top 10 Social Media Initiatives by Airports


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Published in: Travel, Business
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  • Fantastic compilation Shashank! I especially loved the use of the flash mob in Singapore. Overall, however, the best takeaway from this great share is the versatility of social media and airports. You lend an excellent snapshot to the timid airport not yet sure of how social media can be a game changer. Retweet worthy for sure!

    Jenn Seeley
    Community Engagement - Radian6
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Top 10 Social Media Initiatives by Airports

  1. Great examples of airports using social technologies for building their brands and driving customer engagement and loyalty. <br />Featuring<br />World leaders in helping airports go social<br /><br />
  2. Case-study 1<br />Changi Airport (SIN)<br />
  3. Changi’s Millionaire Dance Celebration Video!<br />Objective: To launch ChangiAirport’s largest ever shopping promotion.<br />Singaporeans invited to show what it feels like to win $1m in a flash mob-style mass performance, right in the heart of Changi Airport. <br />Attracted over 400 performers, professional and amateurs, aged 10 to 75.<br />Goals Driven<br />Engagement<br />Revenue<br />Apart from driving retail, the campaign evoked heartwarming expressions of pride as well. Watch the video here. It has received almost 200,000 views till date.<br />
  4. Case-study 2<br />Akron-Canton Airport (CAK)<br />
  5. A radical all-encompassing approach<br />Successes include being the first US airport to have a corporate blog and to use Facebook. One of a few airports to gain 25,000 fansas well.<br />Goals driven:<br />A huge aspect of the social media strategy is listening and engaging with customers, while empowering them to build a community around the airport.<br />
  6. Case-study 3<br />Melbourne International Airport (MEL)<br />
  7. Melbourne Airport provides cheap deals on Twitter!<br />Melbourne Airport helps travellers plan their journeys better by providing the latest deals on flights from Melbourne on their Twitter stream.<br />Goals driven<br />Revenue <br />
  8. Case-study 4<br />Outagamie Airport (ATW)<br />
  9. “Memphis Money” promotion on Facebook<br />10,000 golden tickets printed. Each has an individual lucky number on the back. Each “Memphis Money” ticket has quick instructions to invite the finder to participate on Facebook.<br />The lucky number is announced on Thursdays and the winner is awarded $500 on Delta Air Lines.  <br />Running for 8 weeks<br />
  10. A community affair!<br />Tickets distributed throughout the community to large employers, travel agencies, and shops.<br />Goals driven:<br />1) The public shops such as cafes etc. get new foot traffic.<br />2) Online cross-referencing increases both parties’ web-presence.<br />3)Brings the brand closer to its fans.<br />
  11. Case-study 5<br />London Gatwick Airport (LGW)<br />
  12. A unique, real-time social initiative<br />In LGW, a Twitter FIDS screen is in full public view, allowing ‘social customers’ to tweet any issues that need attention. <br />Being in full public view, everyone can see the airport’s responses and their timeliness.<br />Goals driven:<br />Customer Service<br />
  13. Case-study 6<br />Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA)<br />
  14. iStyleKLIA 2010 Social Media Campaign<br />Objectives:<br />Drive awareness and engagement for the iStyleKLIA 2010 event. <br />Utilised the latest social media tools to seek and engage key influencers, designers and their communities, retailers and other participants.<br />Empowered the airport users and participants to share their experiences.<br />
  15. Key words: Engagement & Empowerment<br />
  16. Microsite<br />
  17. Facebook fan page<br />
  18. A broad-based, successful campaign<br />Views:<br />Microsite 3,000+<br />Microsite blogs 2,400+<br />Facebook 10,100+<br />YouTube 1,250+<br />Google 3,000+ references<br />Twitter 10,000+<br />Photographs 4,500+<br />Goals driven:<br />Engagement <br />
  19. Case-study 7<br />Manchester Airport (MAN)<br />
  20. Sterling crises management efforts!<br />The first UK airport to officially launch a Twitter stream, in February 2009. Currently has a following of around 18,000. <br /> <br />During the snow and the volcanic ash cloud crises, Twitter became a vital channel of communication.<br />Updates were posted as they happened and even Sky News took live updates from their Twitter stream to use on its website and TV channel!”<br />Goals driven:<br />Crisis Management <br />Customer Service<br />
  21. Case-study 8<br />Boston Logan Airport (BOS)<br />
  22. Wide-ranged social strategies!<br />Have Facebook pages for their separate entities e.g. Logan Airport and the Cruise Lines – each with different programs. <br />The Facebook pages support several outbound campaigns developed for partner Airlines:<br />Virgin American contest<br /> Iceland Airlines contest<br />Also have a microsite to manage contests:<br />Goals Driven <br />Engagement <br />Awareness<br />
  23. Case-study 9<br />Bangalore International Airport (BLR)<br />
  24. They really made a point to listen!<br />Bangalore airport’s fantastic crowdsourcing endeavor got eyeballs as well as ample engagement from customers.<br />Some suggestions are well on their way to being implemented in the new Terminal building!<br />Goals driven<br />Engagement<br />
  25. Case-study 10<br />Copenhagen Airport (CPH)<br />
  26. Navigate the airport with ease!<br />The augmented reality iPhone app is designed to help users navigate its terminals.<br />This is a first for location-based augmented reality services, which typically don’t deliver information about the layout of indoor areas. <br />This app keeps track of a user’s location by using Wi-Fi signals generated inside the airport’s terminals.<br />Goals driven<br />Engagement<br />Customer Service <br />
  27. Bonus Case Study<br />Harrisburg Airport (MDT)<br />
  28. A holistic social media strategy!<br />Objective<br />To keep their followers, friends and fans up-to-date on weather, delays and conditions at the airport, along with travel, aviation and local tourism articles, blogs and commentary. <br />Goals driven<br />Engagement <br />
  29. For more case studies, visit<br />World leaders in helping airports go social<br /><br />