Top 10 Facebook Contests by Airlines


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Facebook has become the hottest playground in social media. Inevitably, airlines keen to build their brands online while driving greater customer engagement have taken to organizing creative contests on their Facebook pages.

  • I would love to know the names of the companies that developed some of these apps (particularly if it was 3rd parties).

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Top 10 Facebook Contests by Airlines

  1. Great examples of airlines using Facebook contests for building their brands and driving customer engagement<br />Featuring<br />World leaders in helping airlines go social<br />
  2. Case-study 1<br /> Cathay Pacific: “Around the World in 80 Days”<br />
  3. Cathay will fly you around the world *free* for 80 days!<br />Cathay invites its fans to plan an 80-day trip across the world. <br />One global winner gets unlimited round-trip tickets for 80 days on the Cathay Pacific network.<br />
  4. Unlimited round-trip tickets to the winner!<br />Increases Cathay’s visibility on Facebook.<br />Drives unparalleled awareness about Cathay’s worldwide network of flights.<br />
  5. Case-study 2<br />Etihad: “Next Stop Bollywood”<br />
  6. Etihad sparks Bollywood mania<br />Etihad targets a huge Indian audience by inviting its fans on Facebook to upload their dance videos.<br />The premise is to target people’s love for Bollywood and dance.<br />
  7. The winner meets a Bollywood star!<br />The dance videos are submitted for a round of public voting.<br />Overall winner gets a USD 5000 cash prize and has lunch with Katrina Kaif. A few others get attractive prizes.<br />
  8. Case-study 3<br />Southwest Airlines: “Fans Fly Free”<br />
  9. Southwest promotes its free baggage policy<br />“Fans fly free” sweepstakes was organized in Dec 2010. <br />Fans got the details from the “bags fly free” page.<br />
  10. 100 pairs of round-trip tickets given away!<br />Fans came in droves to the Facebook page to participate.<br />Southwest now has 1.3 million fans on Facebook!<br />
  11. Case-study 4<br />Turkish Airlines: “Fly in Comfort”<br />
  12. Turkish Airlines promotes new Comfort Class<br />Turkish Airlines invites fans to compete amongst themselves to get the most points.<br />Points are gained by sharing the competition or inviting friends to join. <br />
  13. Free flights to the most ardent promoters<br />Greater visibility of Facebook page.<br />Great promotion for the new Comfort Class.<br />
  14. Case-study 5<br />Cebu Pacific: “Fly One, Fly All, Fly Free”<br />
  15. Cebu Pacific flies you and friends free!<br />Cebu Pacific will fly you and your friends free if you can get 150 friends (including yourself) on a confirmed flight.<br />
  16. Exponentially increase awareness!<br />Each participant invites 149 of his friends!<br />1=149<br />10=1490<br />100=14900!! <br />
  17. Case-study 6<br />LAN Airlines: “South America is for Lovers”<br />
  18. LAN wants to know your love story!<br />LAN targeted the romantic side of people during the “love season” before Valentine’s Day.<br />Visibility of their flights to South America increased.<br />
  19. Case-study 7<br />United Airlines: “Win Three Perfect Days”<br />
  20. UA wants to know your “perfect destination”<br />United invites its fans on Facebook to create videos describing their “perfect” three-day trip.<br />
  21. A call to be creative!<br />The winner, chosen by the number of “likes” on his video wins a trip to his dream destination. <br />
  22. Case-study 8<br />Hawaiian Airlines: “Discover Seoul Giveaway”<br />
  23. Hawaiian promotes its new non-stop flight<br />Fans on Facebook can enter a sweepstakes to win a tickets on the inaugural, non-stop flight from Honolulu to Seoul. <br />
  24. Case-study 9<br />All Nippon Airways: “Fly me Here”<br />
  25. ANA will fly you where you want to go!<br />ANA’s photo contest on Facebook gives free tickets to the winner. <br />Fans “imagine” themselves in a city in Japan in the photo, which is then publicly voted for by other fans.<br />
  26. Driving awareness!<br />Smart move to engage more people on Facebook.<br />Currently less than 12,000 fans.<br />
  27. Case-study 10<br />Frontier Airlines: “Winter Fun Trivia Challenge”<br />
  28. Frontier tests your trivia-knowledge!<br />Frontier Airlines invites its Facebook fans to show off their knowledge of “snow facts” and win a $1000 voucher.<br />
  29. For more case studies, visit<br />World leaders in helping airlines go social<br />