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Top 10 Co-Branding and Ancillary Revenues Initiatives by Airlines


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How Airlines across the world are discovering unique ways to co-create their brands and to drive ancillary revenues.
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Top 10 Co-Branding and Ancillary Revenues Initiatives by Airlines

  1. 1. Top 10Ancillary Revenues & Co-BrandingInitiatives by Airlines
  2. 2. bbbbKLM: Stewardress Yourself
  3. 3. bbbbCase-study 2Virgin America: Swag shop
  4. 4. bbbbCase-study 3Southwest Airlines: FreedomShop
  5. 5. bbbbCase-study 4Vueling Hotels
  6. 6. bbbbCase-study 5AirBaltic: selling real estate in flight
  7. 7. bbbbCase-study 6WestJet: local sandwiches
  8. 8. bbbbCase-study 7Emirates: the big idea
  9. 9. bbbbCase-study 8Ryanair Talk
  10. 10. bbbbCase-study 9Scoot: rent iPads for IFE
  11. 11. bbbbCase-study 10Air Asia X and Optiontown
  12. 12. http://www.SimpliFlying.comFor more case-studies:www.SimpliFlying.comHelping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably