Top 10 Airlines on Instagram


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A selection of airlines that are using Instagram to drive superior engagement with their customers.
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Top 10 Airlines on Instagram

  1. 1. We Believe in Thinking Differently about Aviation Marketing Airline Marketing 2.0 Top 10 Airlines on Instagram Case studies Find us on: Twitter Facebook Linkedin
  2. 2. bbbb Case-study 1 Lufthansa: # DeinBerliner
  3. 3. Lufthansa has been one of the latest airlines to join Instagram and it decided to kick start its Instagram presence with a remarkable live, one-day initiative called #DeinBerliner. Arriving in style
  4. 4. The airline “unleashed” an instagrammer named Lisa and gave her the task to showcase the best of Berlin by intsagramming different spots of the town. But there’s a catch: the places she visits are not decided by her nor the airline; they are suggested by Lufthansa's fans. A guided tour guide
  5. 5. The initiative only lasted one day but users seemed eager to participate with plenty of comments and suggestions. The collective suggestions and decisions made by Lufthansa’s online community made Lisa visit not only a number of scenic locations but also little known bars, and helped her showcase different aspects of Berlin like the so called “urban gardening”. 24 hours, live
  6. 6. bbbb Case-study 2 Finnair: Instagram crews
  7. 7. Finnair is another airline that decided to enter the world of Instagram in an unusual but very effective way. It decided not to create a corporate Instagram profile but instead launched two separate Finnair accounts run by one of its pilots and one of its Flight attendants respectively. Crew managed instagrams
  8. 8. The Finnairtomi handle is run by Tomi Tervo, an experienced Finnair pilot and blogger. His images tend to focus on the operational side of the aircraft, reinforcing ideas like the quality and safety of the service while also featuring numerous destination images taken while in flight. Finnairtomi
  9. 9. Noora Kunttu is the Finnair flight attendant and blogger who runs the Finnairnoora account. Her focus is mainly on safety, comfort and behind the scenes, providing a nice complement to the instagrams of her colleague. Finnairnoora
  10. 10. bbbb Case-study 3 COPA: #MiDestinoCopa
  11. 11. As a way to encourage users to share instagrams of COPA destinations, the airline created a tag called “MiDestinoCopa” (my COPA destination in Spanish). This well-designed tag has the added advantage of bringing viewers back to the brand, associating it with the idea of travel. Fomenting shares
  12. 12. The best images that are submitted with the tag are then re-shared by the airline and the original creators are mentioned in the new Instagram. Acknowledging
  13. 13. The airline has also been using this tag to promote its destination thus creating a mix of user-generated and branded images on the hash tag. Not just users
  14. 14. bbbb Case-study 4 EasyJet
  15. 15. In terms of user generated images on Instagram, however, it is very hard to beat the work done by EasyJet, whose feed is composed almost exclusively of images shared by users. Almost all user generated
  16. 16. The airline asks users to share images in the simplest way by using its brand as an hash tag. Images received vary from destination images to happy passengers on the plane. Brand as a tag
  17. 17. bbbb Case-study 5 United Airlines: #UnitedIn
  18. 18. To get users engaged not only online but also in the real world, United runs treasure hunts using Instagram. Each time, a location is selected and users are invited to first guess the town and then try to get to the team on the ground as quickly as possible. Treasure hunt
  19. 19. The city where the event will take place is announced at the last minute together with instructions to take part. The campaign is also used as a way to highlight not only destinations but also events like new crew uniforms or an important milestone. How it works
  20. 20. Participants have to hurry in order to be the amongst the first to reach the United team and have a chance to win. The airline’s team instagrams an image of the view from their current location to let users know where they are. Sometimes the team visits more than one location per city giving users multiple chances to find them. Finding the location
  21. 21. bbbb Case-study 6 Delta: #ThrowBackThursday
  22. 22. Delta has been one of the airlines that best embraced existing #tags and Instagram traditions with its usage of the #ThrowBackThursday tag. As the name indicates this tag is used every Thursday to post vintage images. Leveraging tags
  23. 23. These images serve the airline well as they are a powerful way to highlight the airline’s history and connect its brand to positive memories and images of the “golden age” of flying. History and brand
  24. 24. bbbb Case-study 7 Vueling airgallery
  25. 25. Images and gamification are possibly the two most engaging elements in social media. Last year, Spanish low-cost airline Vueling decided to merge the two into an interesting Instagram competition called the Vueling Airgallery. Visual + Gamification
  26. 26. The campaign asked users to create an Instagram image of a Vueling destination and share it using the hashtag #vuelingairgallery. All images were uploaded to a dedicated tab on the company’s Facebook page and the most voted images were featured on the exterior of a special Vueling plane. #vuelingairgallery
  27. 27. The campaign was a success: it received almost 6000 submissions with some images receiving over 100 votes. For the airline this meant the creation of user- generated content that boosted destination awareness and associated the airline’s name with those destinations. User generated content linked to the airline
  28. 28. bbbb Case-study 8 Qatar Airways: #WHPputaplaneonit
  29. 29. The Weekend Hashtag Project or #WHP is an initiative created by Instagram that asks users to take a picture on a specific topic every weekend using a dedicated tag. #WHP
  30. 30. When instagram chose planes as the topic for the weekend, Qatar Airways was quick to react asking its followers to take part and add the #qatarairways tag to their instagrams. WHPputaplaneonit
  31. 31. bbbb Case-studies 9 & 10 JetBlue and Virgin America: First on video
  32. 32. A special shared place in this top 10 has been reserved for two airlines who proved to be equally quick in responding to a new Instagram innovation: the inclusion of video. While there had been rumors about the possible arrival of this new feature, nothing certain had been published other than a mysterious letter by Facebook inviting journalists to a product launch event. Special Mention
  33. 33. Both airlines were able to acquire the new app update, learn to use it and produce their first Instagram videos in less than 24 hours from the announcement! Their quick reaction to innovation is an almost priceless quality in the age of social media and the reason for their inclusion in this Top 10. Speed matters
  34. 34. JetBlue used video to highlight a campaign for the national paper plane day and used Instagram video to share part of one of its video ads. Due to the limitations imposed by the new app that prevents uploading of videos for editing, they had to shoot the video off a computer screen. The video can be viewed here. JetBlue
  35. 35. Virgin America, on the other hand, should get an extra prize for quick thinking creativity. They went around an airport to film what can perhaps be described as a mini-advert or a snapshot of a passenger’s journey. Their excuse: the summer solstice! You can watch the video here. Virgin America
  36. 36. For more case-studies: Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably