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Top 10 Airline Videos on YouTube


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The best videos made by airlines that touched various aspects of their customers' lives and association with the airline. If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email

Top 10 Airline Videos on YouTube

  1. 1. Airline Marketing 2.0 Top 10 Airline Videos on YouTube Case studies Find us on: Twitter Facebook Linkedin We Believe in Thinking Differently about Aviation Marketing
  2. 2. Case-study 1 bbbb Turkish Airlines
  3. 3. Stars still drive views Featuring both Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant it’s perhaps not surprising that this Turkish Airlines ad turned into one of the most watched airline YouTube videos of all times. Its success is a testament to the persistent value of stars in these kind of videos. The view count is currently over 105 million!
  4. 4. Case-study 2 bbbb Air New Zealand
  5. 5. Movie Partnership + Safety video Another proven path to success is the usage of “unusual” in-flight safety videos. In this case ANZ created one using its partnership with the movie “The Hobbit”. The video was uploaded 11 months ago and has reached 11 million views.
  6. 6. Case-study 3 bbbb Etihad
  7. 7. A brand statement For some airlines their YouTube videos and advertisements are all about their brands’ attributes, and with this beautiful video Etihad took care of reminding everyone of theirs. Over 3 million views endorsed their statement.
  8. 8. Case-study 4 bbbb Singapore Airlines
  9. 9. Leveraging a legendary brand In terms of brand symbols, however, no famous star is likely to reach the deep-rooted meaning and brand values carried by the Singapore Girl. In a recent YouTube video Singapore Airlines used her to promote their brand values.
  10. 10. Case-study 5 bbbb Virgin Atlantic
  11. 11. Emotional appeal Virgin Atlantic produced a very successful video by adding together several elements frequently linked with the success of airline videos: children, glamour, and the feeling of differentiation.
  12. 12. Case-study 6 bbbb Delta
  13. 13. Unusual app promotion To promote its new app Delta decided to tap into the curiosity of viewers and focused on one of its key functionalities: bag tracking. To get users’ attention it installed 6 cameras on a piece of luggage and create a beautiful video showing what the bag “sees” when it goes beyond the flaps of the check-in desk.
  14. 14. Case-study 7 bbbb KLM
  15. 15. Attention grabbing Sometimes the key to a video’s success lies in its ability to get the attention of users without fully revealing what it is about. In this case KLM was able to produce a video whose main purpose was not advertise a product but generate curiosity and get users to the micro site.
  16. 16. Case-study 8 bbbb WestJet
  17. 17. A profitable WestJet tradition Canadian LCC WestJet has turned April Fools YouTube video into a sort of company tradition with even some executives taking part. The most important part of this videos, however, is that their viral spread has actually been very profitable for the airline with considerable amount of bookings coming from the associated micro sites.
  18. 18. Case-study 9 bbbb JetBlue
  19. 19. A shared feeling JetBlue got to the hearts of their customers with a short 15-second video that in two weeks gained almost 1 million views. The video is simple but effective, highlighting one of the company’s most used slogans.
  20. 20. Case-study 10 bbbb British Airways
  21. 21. A challenge A few months ago British Airways created a video that tapped into both the human, technological and competitive element. It challenged a famous rugby player to race against an A380.
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