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#SFAwards13 Best Airlines in Social Media - Finalist Presentations


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This is a compilation of finalist presentations for 4th Annual SimpliFlying Awards for the category of 'Best Airline in Social Media'.
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#SFAwards13 Best Airlines in Social Media - Finalist Presentations

  1. 1. Best Airline in Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. 2. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  3. 3. Best Airline on Social Media! Simpliflying 2013!
  4. 4. Evolution of an Iconic Brand Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 21/10/13 American Airlines is navigating through Chapter 11 reorganization:! ! •  A very public brand transformation! •  We have used social media as an open door for conversation with key stakeholders against a backdrop of operational challenges! ! We have encouraged the growth of social media to enable customers to connect with us in real-time for news, assistance & conversation. ! ! Our social media strategy is an essential part of the evolving, new American:! ! •  We keep our customer at the center! •  We develop specialist skills! •  We are ever vigilant!
  5. 5. Becoming the #newAmerican Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 31/10/13 American’s response to Hurricane Sandy was voted #1 by socialbakers.! ! ! ! ! ! ! Merger announcement with US Airways set a new course, prompting a huge spike in brand conversation.!
  6. 6. Becoming the #newAmerican Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 41/10/13 American began a holistic brand transformation with a refresh of aircraft livery – the first in 45 years. The brand was brought to life with a social plan including behind-the-scenes video, images & event.! ! Social conversation reached 21,769 mentions in 4 days, creating 63M+ impressions.!
  7. 7. Generating Social Conversation Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 51/10/13 The hashtag #newAmerican is used to capture all brand re-emergence social conversation.! •  39,543 mentions between January & September 2013! •  #newAmerican trended on Twitter on brand reveal day & has continued since as it represents a symbol of change!
  8. 8. Flying New Aircraft Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 61/10/13 American is receiving on average 3 new aircraft every month, including B737, A319 and the flagship B777-300.! ! Innovative social activations have brought this fleet renewal & new routes to life, giving customers an opportunity to learn, experience and share.!
  9. 9. Flying New Aircraft Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 71/10/13 On Jan 31, 2013 American debuted the flagship B777-300 with new cabin interiors, seating, international wi-fi and in-flight entertainment.! •  Highest level of positive customer sentiment! •  Social tactics included live tweeting, advocate event, crowd sourcing of customer photos #AmericanView! !
  10. 10. Recognizing Social Influencers Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 81/10/13 A partnership with Klout activated influencers to talk about & fly American.! •  3,772 social influencers with a Klout score 55+ received a perk for an Admirals Club pass, available worldwide! •  There were 10,905 mentions of the promotion between May 7 & 31, creating over 53M impressions !
  11. 11. Official Airline of SXSW Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 91/10/13 Innovative social activations in support of American’s sponsorship of the digital, film & music festival in Austin, Texas!
  12. 12. 
 Official Airline of SXSW Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 101/10/13 American was the #1 most tweeted sponsor on day 1, and #1 most mentioned sponsor across the digital festival.! Social mentions! compared to other sponsors! (source: Tnooz)!
  13. 13. Customer Service @AmericanAir Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 111/10/13 ! ! ! Customer service specialists receive up to 6 weeks of! custom training with a focus! on engagement and creating! brand advocates.! •  They are empowered to help customers, uniting as one voice under the #newAmerican brand tone, with wit and a smile ! Assisting customers on Twitter and Facebook 24/7 with ticketing, rebooking, upgrades, baggage, and general inquiries.! #winning!
  14. 14. Engaging Customer Service Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 121/10/13 @AmericanAir responds to customers efficiently! •  86% of tweets replied to are answered within 15 minutes (Unmetric)!
  15. 15. Tweet Chats with Leaders Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 131/10/13 Customer feedback used to identify topics for open discussion with American’s leaders! •  Over 692K impressions from 3 Tweet Chats!
  16. 16. Best Airline on Social Media! Our customers speak!
  17. 17. Delighting Customers Best Airline on Social Media – Simpliflying 2013 151/10/13
  18. 18. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  19. 19. Turkish Airlines Interactive Channels
  20. 20. Turkish Airlines, has a massive social media operation that encompasses Tens of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The brand is also active on YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and more locally focused social networks such as Vkontakte, Sina Weibo and Wechat. Turkish Airlines has a definite purpose for all this activity: Connecting with its widespread community.
  21. 21. Turkish Airlines’ Facebook community alone gives a figure of about a quarter million fans. Our YouTube account has a total number of more than 100 million views. This community is managed through a process fully integrated with our customer service team. This gives us the ability to go beyond Q&A management.
  22. 22. But we go beyond this integration. We use social media to raise online awareness about our sponsorships. QR Flags
  23. 23. But we go beyond this integration. We use social media to raise online awareness about our sponsorships. Eye of the Fan
  24. 24. But we go beyond this integration. We use social media to raise online awareness about our sponsorships. Kobe&Messi Video
  25. 25. Thank you…
  26. 26. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  27. 27. Background Finnair is one of the world’s oldest airlines that is still operating and it is turning 90 years this year. Experience brings certainty. Operational excellence, environmental leadership and our international staff are our greatest assets, which help us in achieving our strategic goal of connecting Europe and Asia via our Helsinki hub.
  28. 28. Finnair in social media Finnair’s objectives in social media are •  listening and learning •  solving customers’ problems •  supporting sales and •  increasing brand awareness. This happens by engaging* people. *Engagement: - creating brilliant content, which people like, comment and share. - inviting people to talk with us - encouraging people to create Finnair-related content (videos, blog posts, reviews) - involving people in developing our products and services.
  29. 29. To celebrate one of the world’s oldest still operating airlines: Rich history, bright future To communicate Finnair’s operational quality, network strategy and long-term sustainability To engage the public with memorable stories about Finnair, aviation and travel To explain, show and educate viewers about what happens behind the scenes at an airline Goals and objectives of the Finnair 90 year video series
  30. 30. Finnair 90th anniversary video series production A series of Youtube videos on the Finnair experience, one each month. Each with a different theme: history, employees, fleet, design, Asia, sustainability, Helsinki, cabin service, piloting, network control... Example: What is the Finnair spirit?
  31. 31. Celebrating 90 years of aviation | Playlist on YouTube
  32. 32. Results Total views for the 8 videos that have been published so far: 48,276 Total of 474 likes – 98.5% positive response Finnair story told in an emotionally appealing way – positive feedback and visibility among Finnair followers in Finnair’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo...) Content produced for Youtube works well across multiple platforms (in-flight entertainment, internal communications) Driving traffic to Case demonstrates Finnair’s long-term commitment to high quality content
  33. 33. SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media Finnair 90 year videos Thank you!
  34. 34. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  35. 35. AirAsia Social Media
  36. 36. As a strong believer in social media, we’ve had an in-house team since 2008. 20 team members across 13 countries. A 2008 A humble beginning with a corporate blog ‘Just Plane Thoughts’ in 2008 2008-2010 Early adopters of social media across Asia & Australia. Started global & local pages & profiles to reach wider audience. 2011 Started an account on WeChat, one of the fastest growing social chat applications & believing in the power of visual marketing, we started our official Pinterest account. Our Social Story
  37. 37. Globally aligned, Locally defined
  38. 38. Global Taiwan Hong Kong Vietnam Australia Philippines Japan India South Korea Thailand Indonesia Singapore One brand. One voice. Global
  39. 39. 2 milvisits from social media sites Over 4 mil fans across 12 regional pages Over 1.2 mil followers across 7 regional accounts Over 1.2 mil followers in China Strength in numbers Over 23%of’s unique monthly visitors =
  40. 40. Our campaigns are not limited to specific countries as we strive to be the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline even on social media space, and this is reflected through our regional social media campaigns. Regional Campaigns For example, we ran a video contest to fly fans from around the region to attend the mega Japanese summer festival, Summersonic and in China, we offered our Weibo fans the opportunity to catch a QPR English Premier League match live at Loftus Road, London, via a most-creative video contest. 
  41. 41. •  Generate brand buzz and consumer noise •  Enhance brand experience •  To transform the PR landscape •  Humanize our brand •  To reduce our marketing dollars Social Media to us
  42. 42. We are all advocates of the brand through social media. It’s part of our DNA starting from the very top. That’s our secret ingredient. It’s in our blood
  43. 43. •  A number of new routes in 2012 were established from ‘talking’ with our fans. For example, our Group CEO, Tony Fernandes received a tweet requesting for a route to Lombok, while another tweet ‘sold’ Wuying, saying: “Can you please also open a new route to Xi’an? Xi’an is a 3,000 years old historical city, and also a hub for the northwest region in China, with 20 million passenger traffic in one year. It’d be very beneficial to a low cost carrier like AirAsia.” •  Not long after receiving these requests, we launched the Kuala Lumpur – Lombok and Bangkok – Xi’an routes. Not for the sake of it. We did not jump on the social network bandwagon for the sake of it or just to run campaigns to drive marketing. We are there because we are a people-oriented company and for us, the social media is a great platform to connect with our guests and fans. REAL FAN engagement
  44. 44. What are we like on social media?
  45. 45. •  In celebration of AirAsia X’s brand new A330s planes this year, we dedicated the planes to our fans by inviting them to participate in our two-phases social media campaigns, i.e. Name the Plane and Paint the Plane. •  The campaign first phase have recently ended where 6 names (XKLusive, Xiao Long Bao, Xeoul Mate, Xiaolin Spirit, Xcintillating PhoeniX, Xakura Blossom) were selected over 200 submissions received and we launched our second phase inviting fans to design the plane liveries based on the winning entries and one lucky fan will win a trip to Airbus factory in Toulouse, France for once-in- a-lifetime experience! Results: Over 200 submissions received for ‘Name the Plane’ and over 100 livery design submissions received from fans around the world! PAINT THE PLANE! CAMPAIGN
  46. 46. •  To showcase our brand promise, ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’ in the Australia market, we held a bold campaign that no other airline has done before where we gave away the whole plane to our fans and that’s how the Friendsy campaign was born. •  One lucky Facebook fan was given the chance to fill-up the whole virtual plane (that’s 377 seats!!) by inviting their own (Facebook) friends for the specially- reserved flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur including three nights stays with accommodation covered by AirAsia, before returning home to Australia on their specially chartered flight. FRIENDSY CAMPAIGN Results: 30% growth for AirAsia Australia’s Facebook base | PR value of AUD$1,627,593 | Facebook Studio Awards (Silver Award) | The happy faces of our winner and her 302 friends Play video!
  47. 47. •  A collaboration with Tourism Queensland where our main objective was to share & educate that Gold Coast has more to offer other than it’s surfing paradise. •  To achieve it, we developed an interactive microsite where fans can use Google Streetview to play 5 different types of games which are actual attractions in Gold Coast. •  To encourage and reward our fans for playing, the game scores are actually group discounts for each attraction. •  Fans need to find ‘Johno’ at the 5 locations, grab 5 stamps from him and play all the 5 games to be eligible for the Grand Prize - a return trip to Gold Coast, Australia. WHERE’S JOHNO? CAMPAIGN Results: Close to 20,000 unique visitors| The games was played 30,000 times | Incremental bookings to Gold Coast Play video!
  49. 49. Building relationships across borders; reaching out to the locals in their own familiar settings; and connect with them at a more personal level. This way, our airline is a truly global brand that acts local, but thinks global. WHAT TRULY MATTERS …
  50. 50. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  51. 51. 1 Best Airline in Social Media Presentation Pitch September, 2013
  52. 52. We want to break the conventional belief about flying with disruptive communication Flying is for the elite Conventional belief Be everybody’s airline Focus on the customer, not on the product (communicate customer traveling experiences, not airplanes) Disruptive communication idea We want everybody to fly Volaris vision
  53. 53. We continuously look for direct communication with our customers I believe what you’re saying because I see what you’re doing
  54. 54. Social networks fit with Volaris’ Marketing strategy and philosophy •  Volaris is the industry’s innovation leader •  Our marketing department focuses on developing new ways to establish relationships with our customers thus distinguishing ourselves from other airlines •  We strive to keep ahead of the competition and be the pioneers of new practices that enable us to provide better customer service •  Social networks have exponential growth and they represent new and exciting channels to communicate with our customers Participating on social networks is a natural step for Volaris and its communication strategy
  55. 55. Each of our planes has the name of our Clients, We know and award them!
  56. 56. Through social media, we invite fans to experience on board activities, such as live music concerts...
  57. 57. … or participate in contests and earn free travel experiences with your buddies
  58. 58. We developed a strategy of direct communication with our clients through social networks The objective is to build a lovemark and loyalty •  Communicate with the customer - Promotions - News - Express gratitude - Relevant topics •  Listen to the customer - Questions - Congratulations - Complaints - Comments •  Connect with the customer - Answer comments and questions - Acknowledge congratulations - Channel complaints to customer service Connect
  59. 59. Our strategy defined the development of two social networks, a video channel and a blog •  Volaris defines itself as a friend, not a corporate community •  Complements but does not substitute customer service and call center •  We share news, pictures, videos and promotions •  Quick and agile Communication •  Publish advertising and original content •  Publish original content •  Travel tips and recommendations We choose the most relevant and fastest growing social media in Mexico Text Viaja (Blog) Sep 2009 Jun 2009 2010 Jun 2009
  60. 60. Our strategy is different for Facebook and Twitter according to the strengths of each social networkStatisticsStrategy •  Volaris news feed •  Promotions •  Customer service •  Social responsibility •  Customer communication with frontline staff •  Trip information - Travel advice and tips - Interesting places to visit •  Aviation - Pictures - News - Commercials Bench- marks •  678K fans •  22k daily visits (average) •  30k daily feeds (average) •  150 interactions per feed (average) •  402K followers •  350 daily interactions (mentions, RTs) average •  Southwest: 3.9 million fans •  jetBlue: 816K fans •  Southwest: 1.5 million followers •  jetBlue: 1.7 million followers
  61. 61. We are the Mexican leading airline in Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  62. 62. Volaris is ahead our competitors considering influence on fans and Klout score #1
  63. 63. Social media is a powerful tool and some guidelines should be followed to generate good results Do’s Don’ts Social media is a complement of the communication strategy, not a substitute •  Develop open communication within the community •  Channel issues to customer service •  Post new content continuously (feeds get old really fast) •  Communicate with customers using their own language •  Post excessive or irrelevant feeds •  Use social media to give customer service •  Consider social media as the main communication channel. Social networks complement but don’t substitute customer service and call center
  64. 64. Five things we shouldn’t forget about social media management •  Be a content provider •  Be helpful, participatory and use your own language •  Listen first (grow bigger ears) •  Don’t forget innovation •  Develop two-way communications Get closer to our customers
  65. 65. Thanks for your attention
  66. 66. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  68. 68. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA Executive summary WestJet has been active on social media since 2009. The 3 main parts to our social strategy are: 1.  Brand engagement 2.  Customer service 3.  Revenue
  69. 69. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SNAPSHOT Current communities • Twitter 230,000 followers • Facebook 450,000 fans • YouTube 3300 subs, 5M views • Instagram 11,000 followers • WestJet Blog
  70. 70. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Brand engagement •  Keeps WestJet brand in our guests’ home feed between trips •  Reminds our fans why they choose to like us and fly with us – fun & friendly •  Helps ensure retail messages have the biggest possible impact
  71. 71. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Brand engagement – content from WestJetters •  Employees are often in interesting locations and/ or on board WestJet flights •  We solicit content from WestJetters for use on social media •  Some of our most popular posts are from our own people
  72. 72. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Brand engagement - video •  YouTube is where we’ve often found viral success •  April fools jokes have reached around the globe for past 3 years & we have 5M total views •  This has a positive impact on many of our other branded videos: •  More than 5M total video views
  73. 73. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Customer service •  Since our inception, WestJet has been known for top customer service •  Social media offers us another way to provide service to our guests in all stages of the booking and travel cycles •  WestJet won the award for excellence in social media customer service at the 2013 social media awards ( •  WestJet was also ranked #18 (of 700+ brands) in the 2013 Social Brands 100 for social media engagement (
  74. 74. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Customer service examples
  75. 75. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Revenue generation •  WestJet won “Best use of social media to drive revenue” Award at the 2012 Simpliflying Awards •  Our 2013 April Fools joke had better results than 2012 ( •  Every link sent out via social media channels has tracking code to measure results •  We have found the right way to blend retail messages into the social media world for maximum impact
  76. 76. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Retail promotion: seat sales & promo codes •  All major sales and promo codes promoted on social media •  Paid social advertising used occasionally to amplify reach & results on Facebook & Twitter
  77. 77. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Retail promotion: Blue Tag sales •  Blue Tag originally launched in 2010 •  Web-only fares = lowest-cost distribution channel •  Promoted only via social media and on •  Low-cost method to sell seats on emptier flights •  #BlueTag is now a regular part of our retail calendar
  78. 78. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Social media on our mobile site •  Social media is an important part of WestJet’s overall business strategy in the future •  Social media is featured on our website, IFE & inflight magazine, •  Social feeds are also prominent on our mobile website
  79. 79. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Social media support of WestJet Encore launch •  WestJet Encore regional airline launched in 2013 •  Social media played a key role in reaching out to new communities to ensure a successful start-up •  Social media also helped us crowd-source content to change negative perceptions about turboprop aircraft.
  80. 80. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Community investment •  We use social media to help give back to the communities we serve •  Our network allows us to reach across Canada •  We encourage our fans and followers to get involved •  We have fun with it:
  81. 81. WESTJET SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS WestJet blog •  WestJet blog allows us to include all social media stories in one place •  Real-time social feed is included on all pages on the blog •  Sortable feed pulls WestJet content as well as photos from the public
  82. 82. bbbb Best Airline in Social Media Finalist
  83. 83. Scandinavian Airlines Social Sales & Marketing Best Airline in Social media Finalist Cecilia Saberi, Social Media Manager
  84. 84. No. of current SAS followers on different SoMe platforms 2 29 000 498.000 2.000 70001.000 500
  85. 85. Main areas of focus 2013 3 !  Customer Service !  Team of 15 + answer questions from customers from 8-20 (daily) on Facebook and twitter !  Marketing & Sales ! Owned media (editorial content) ! Paid media (advertising) ! Focus on sales and marketing (2013)
  86. 86. Selling through social !  Past year focus has been on sales through social media !  Sales through Facebook high as 54 times the money !  Twitter awerages 4-5 times
  87. 87. Editorial content - To boost engagement Disney and SAS collaboration Aircraft trivia every weekend Guess where we are!
  88. 88. Paid media – to boost online sales
  89. 89. Follow us: ! ! ! ! !
  90. 90. - END - Stay tuned to for the awards results