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SFAwards12: Best Airports in Social Media (Finalist Presentations)


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Here are the finalist presentations for SimpliFlying Awards 2012 - Best Airports in Social Media.
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SFAwards12: Best Airports in Social Media (Finalist Presentations)

  1. 1. Best Airlines Driving Revenue Best Airport in Social Media Finalist Presentations from Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. 2. Best Airport in Social Media Finalist Aberdeen Airport United Kingdom
  3. 3. Aberdeen Airport - Simpliflying 2012
  4. 4. Our social media mission statement: Dialogue dialogue dialogue
  5. 5. Passenger facing social media•  Launched to communicate with passengers during a crisis (the infamous ‘ash cloud’ of 2010) but it quickly emerged that a brand new way of communicating had been unlocked.•  Each of the airport duty manager has been trained to respond out of hours, allowing passengers to get answers to their questions whenever they arise.•  First and foremost, we use social media as a service to engage in a dialogue with passengers.•  It also allows us to promote our own products and services. For example, the day during which the airport saw the greatest number of downloads of the new mobile app was on the day when a link to the mobile app page was push out on Facebook and Twitter.•  A great tool to communicate trusted messages to the media, freeing up the communications team during a crisis.•  More than doubled our Facebook fans since the start of the year, massive growth.
  6. 6. Staff facing social media•  Launched at the start of 2012 to add an extra strand to the staff communications strategy.•  Used to simply alert staff to the presence of a new communication message in one of our existing channels. As an example, we would never publish the details of a newly agreed pay deal on our Facebook page, but we would use Facebook to remind staff to look in their daily briefing sheet for a pay deal update next time they are on shift.•  Used to promote staff social events, meanwhile staff are encouraged to promote their own social/charitable events on it.•  Launched from a desire to create a communications channel that was more personal and relaxed, whilst remaining trusted and informative.
  7. 7. Our commitment•  Social media should always be used to engage people in a real and honest conversation.•  We commit to always properly engaging with compliments, suggestions, enquiries and complaints, with a timely response. Any issues will be passed on to the correct department or person, so the conversation doesn’t end at the point of logging off.•  We will use social media to communicate in times of crisis.•  We will provide valuable and tangible benefits for followers. “What do they get from following us?” This comes in the form of timely and relevant responses, latest news and information, and a variety marketing/commercial messages.•  We always take language and tone very seriously. Passengers/staff should feel as if they are speaking to a friend.
  8. 8. Some of the views of our passengers•  Mark Elrick @dollydigital : Who does Twitter right? Which companies and business engage with followers correctly. Not just as a marketing tool. Big or small. #Curious Reply from a follower: @ABZ_Airport use it well. (cont) Ive asked question about travelling and had prompt answer.•  “See when I get back to Aberdeen I want to heartily shake the hand of whoever operates the @abz_airport account..(cont)..For an account promoting an airport its amazingly light-hearted especially in winter :P”•  “helpful informative and friendly. And very useful in the bad weather. Plus, we get to appreciate behind the scenes efforts!”•  “Your updates are more accurate and frequent than the airlines”.
  9. 9. And finally..•  We wont take ourselves too seriously.•  We must be prepared to take the complaints as well as the compliments.•  We will engage with other airport colleagues to find out the REAL answer to questions.•  We will keep dialogues open as much as possible.
  10. 10. Best Airport in Social Media Finalist Warsaw Chopin Airport Poland
  11. 11. An Air of CultureChopin Airport in social media Sylwester Puczen Przemys aw Przybylski Warsaw, 22.08.2012
  12. 12. Why we need social media-  To build awareness of the Chopin Airport brand and promote Warsaw and Poland around the world-  To have easier access to opinions from passengers, spotters, local communities etc.-  To be able to easily communicate with passengers and provide them with immediate assistance 2
  13. 13. FacebookTwo pages:- Polish language – 17,528 fans- English language – 2,927 fans •  Chopin Airport is the most popular check-in location in Poland with 62,642 check-ins •  Big fan activity – 37.87% from January to August 2012 •  Joint initiatives with spotters – cleaning the area around the airport, an open day 3
  14. 14. Twitter•  One of the ten most popular airport accounts in the world (22,500 followers)•  One of the fastest growing airport accounts on Twitter (December 2011 – 1,000 followers, August 2012 – 22,500 followers)•  Recognition in Poland and abroad – positive media coverage•  56.49 Klout score for the last 90 days 4
  15. 15. Google+•  One of the first two airport accounts•  One of the most popular airport accounts on G+ - 272 fans 5
  16. 16. Pinterest•  One of the first airports on the site 6
  17. 17. FoursquareOne of the most popular check-in locations in Poland – 23,350 check-ins 7
  18. 18. YouTube 249.186 video views 8
  19. 19. Best Airport in Social Media Finalist Kansas City International Airport USA
  21. 21. A LOOK AT SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE On a day to day basis KCI uses social media to:  Listen for conversations going on about the airport  Be helpful and provide useful information for followers and fans Over 90% of Tweets sent out are responses to conversations taking place about the airport, and not a broadcast of marketing and PR messages Used to find out about and fix problems  Parking shuttles frequently running late, graffiti in the restrooms, a bathroom door blocked by a line to a Starbucks  Responsive to complaints on airport design (cot’d on next slide)
  22. 22. A LOOK AT SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE KCI Airport was designed in the 1960s before modern security requirements  Post-Security there are very limited food options and often times cramped spaces  Our customers are vocal about the design and go to Twitter to complain  Honest responses to complaints turn annoyed airport users into brand advocates  Comedian Todd Barry went on David Letterman and talked about his interaction with @KCIairport
  24. 24. #RACE ACROSS MO – THE CHALLENGE A race from One Kansas City Place (2nd tallest building in Missouri) to the St. Louis Arch (tallest)
  25. 25. #RACE ACROSS MO – THE RULES1. Airport Rep (Justin Meyer - @KCJetSetter) must arrive atKCI the recommended 1hr prior to departure on September26, 20112. Justin could not use private transportation (i.e. own car at all)3. The car could not speed (tracked by Garmin)4. Race begun at 9:30 am
  29. 29. #RACE ACROSS MO The Result:  KCI Airport won! Campaign Aftermath  Several Trending Topics  150+ new followers  200+ direct mentions  100,000+ impressions
  30. 30. #RACE ACROSS MO Benefit to KCI and Carriers  Noticeable decline in short haul pax on flights under 500 miles over the last 10 years  Helped educate the public that perceived “hassles” of air travel experience are unfounded  In Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 Southwest Airlines reported a 9.3% increase in onboard passenger revenue for MCI-STL over the previous year, despite a small drop in pax direction each way
  31. 31. ADDITIONAL EXCITING EVENTS FedEx donated a 727 to the KCI Fire Department for training exercises  Held a ceremony for the donation and invited #AvGeeks (self proclaimed aviation geeks) from the community to help us celebrate  Created a #KCI727 hash tag and live-tweeted photos and videos from the ceremony  80,000+ impressions gained from the hash tag and event
  32. 32. INITIATIVES TO WATCH FOR Currently in discussions with airport vendors and concessionaires to set up Foursquare and Facebook places discounts Examining ways to drive parking revenue by making our current parking rewards program more social
  33. 33. THANK YOU Joe McBride – Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications  Kathleen Hefner – Manager, Marketing and Communications  Jaspreet Singh – Intern, Marketing and Communications 
  34. 34. Best Airport in Social Media Finalist London Gatwick Airport United Kingdom
  35. 35. The social media journeythrough Gatwick2012 Simpliflying Awards submission 1
  36. 36. The role of social media at Gatwick• Rather than just being a promotional or customer services tool, social media is built into every stage of the passenger journey• A mixture of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Qype, Foursquare, mobile barcodes and (most recently) Soundcloud are deployed with three overall objectives: 1. To bring the new Gatwick post its £1 billion investment programme to life 2. To improve the passenger experience by using social media to impart information 3. To give passengers a way to feedback to Gatwick, and to give us the chance to resolve any problems, often in real time 2
  37. 37. How we use our arsenal of differentsocial networks• We mix and match content on our social media channels to reach passengers at different stages of their journey: • Trip planning and pre departure • At the airport • Once passengers return 3
  38. 38. Trip planning and pre departure• Our passengers can learn about new routes, and also take part in competitions / promotions via our Facebook page• They can be inspired and informed about whats going on at Gatwick through the images shared on Instagram• They can read about the latest developments at Gatwick on our Tumblr blog• They can research shops and restaurants to visit while at the airport by looking at consumer reviews on Qype 4
  39. 39. At the airport• Passengers interact with us on Twitter, our main customer services channel• They check in on Foursquare, often unlocking special offers from retailers in the process• They can leave feedback on retailers and restaurants via Qype• If they have children, they can download an exclusive series of stories from Soundcloud 5
  40. 40. Once they’ve come back• They can leave comments about their Gatwick experience through Twitter and on Facebook• They can upload pictures onto their Facebook page and upload and tag them on Instagram 6
  41. 41. Facebook• We use Facebook as a way of show-casing what is happening at the airport, and also to support our airline and retail partners• New routes are promoted through Facebook. We also have been running a summer shopping campaign, where every two weeks we give someone the opportunity to win £200 in shopping vouchers• Though not as prevalent as Twitter, we also field a certain amount of customer services queries 7
  42. 42. Tumblr• Tumblr is the worlds most popular blogging platform. Our Tumblr site ( was the first airport tumblr in Europe• Tumblrs very visual scrapbook style, lends itself to communicating airport news and developments in a setting that is more informal and accessible to passengers than a press release page• As a result, we regularly upload short posts about everything from our Soundcloud audio-book campaign to new routes 8
  43. 43. Instagram• Instagram is the worlds largest mobile social network with 80+ million users.• We embraced the network when it was small and were the first airport worldwide to have a feed.• We regularly repost passenger images of Gatwick and show Gatwick news through photos. We also organised a day trip for Instagrams most active users in London, generating unique content from the day 9
  44. 44. Qype• Qype is Europes largest review and listings service, with 20+ million visits a month• Weve partnered with Qype to bring the Qype API into the Gatwick website, sourcing a restaurant listing for example will also give you that venues Qype reviews• We were the first airport in Europe to roll out a ratings programme of this nature, and all reviews - good and bad - are left up on site for all to see 10
  45. 45. Foursquare• So far there have been 100,000 foursquare check-ins at Gatwick, 40,000 offer claims• Evidence also shows that people who check into Foursquare retail locations spend more. As a result, we have been working with our retail partners to run specials across the network• As a next step, we are looking to tailor Foursquare tips and offers to different nationalities passing through the airport 11
  46. 46. Twitter• Twitter is our front line customer services channel. The idea is that we monitor the channel out of hours as well as during office hours, and aim to resolve passenger concerns and issues often in real time• Twitter is also deployed during peak periods - for example the Olympics, during industrial action by immigration staff and during bad weather / snow• During these peak periods weve sometimes had to field hundreds of Twitter queries an hour• Monitors and signs around the airport actively encourage passengers to call us out via our Twitter handle (@gatwick_airport) 12
  47. 47. Soundcloud• We were the first airport worldwide to work with audio social network Soundcloud• Over the summer, authors have had the chance to submit kids short stories, which we have then turned into audiobooks for parents to download at and before they get to the airport• In August 2012 we had 60+ authors send us their stories and generated significant pick-up in literary, travel and social media communities online 13
  48. 48. Some key results• Two years ago we had 4,000 Twitter followers and a Klout score of 16. Now we have 33,000 followers and a score of 60• Over the past year, the size of our Facebook community has tripled to 10,000 fans• We were the first airport worldwide on Instagram, the first in Europe on Soundcloud, Tumblr and Qype• Over 100,000 check ins at Foursquare locations, 40,000 offers claimed• 1,600 followers on Instagram - 4,500+ images tagged #gatwick or #gatwick airport• Our social media campaigns have offline extensions. For example, we regularly use QR codes to point passengers towards content• By using a mix of networks that talk with passengers at different stages, were underpinning out commitment to becoming Londons airport of choice, as well as being a leader in social media worldwide 14
  49. 49. Best Airport in Social Media Finalist Helsinki Airport Finland
  50. 50. Quality Hunters Season 2 By Helsinki Airport With Finnair and Miltton
  51. 51. tionOu r Loca
  52. 52. Could we improve the customer experience and service quality not only FOR but also WITH our customers?
  53. 53. Background – QH Season 2In a continuous drive to offer better and more convenientconnections between Asia and Europe, the Quality HuntersSeason 2 was ready to start.Recognizing that it is not just about a super-efficientairport and the shortest possible route, we weresearching for ideas large and small to make travellingconvenient, pleasant, and hassle-free.
  54. 54. Background – Total of 8 HuntersThe most coveted job of the year was given to 8 innovative,inspiring and creative Hunters who took on the task oftraveling and developing the via Helsinki route betweenAsia and Europe into the most innovative and convenientway to travel.Each hunter was given a specific theme to monitor anddevelop, and asked to find ingenious ideas for improving theoverall travel experience.
  55. 55. See QH2 video on YouTube Click here to go to YouTube! (Requires Internet connection)
  56. 56. Goals•  Biggest crowdsourcing effort in the service industry ever•  Promoting Via Helsinki as the fastest way to travel between Asia and Europe•  Driving recognition of the brands of Helsinki Airport and Finnair•  Development of a community•  International coverage
  57. 57. Enhancing the whole customer journey Arrival to the terminalBefore Entrance Check inSecurity check Airside BoardingArrival Baggage claim Leaving the airport
  58. 58. Everybody can join the discussion!Recruitment Sharing Platform Central Channel
  59. 59. Shortlisted ideas We got total of 260 ideas... Fresh deli mobile Boarding bracelet Finnish Asian fusion kitchenMeat free Mondayunit Airport Explorer An ongoing online service development platformService app audiobooks or e-magazines Organising randombusiness meetings Magazine and book swapTheme flights Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries Destination informationNew meal options for the airport and flights Activity / action centreA public place of the arts and performances strategictheming of gatesAirport Hostel On-board private hiding place Micro communicationat all touchpoints Develop announcements at the airport andonboard Helsinki Airport themed products Communication cards on plane Bring Finnishnature to the airport Airport casino
  60. 60. Examples of implementation Idea: A public place of the arts and performances !Design Gallery ready in January 2012 !Three more galleries also ready in 2012Idea: Bring Finnish nature to theairport! Design security lines ready in April2012
  61. 61. Examples of implementation Idea: On-board private hiding place !Ready in May 2012 Idea: Magazine and book swap !Ready in June 2012
  62. 62. Example of Crowdsourcing •  The Helsinki Airport Book Swap Station is designed by the QH2 Community on Twitter and Pinterest
  63. 63. Thank you!
  64. 64. The EndLook forward to the final results to be announced on 3 October 2012 on