SimpliDream - Top 10 Airline Initiatives that Inspire Travel


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Here's how airlines are waking up to connected and social travelers and are targeting them at the inspiration or SimpliDream phase of travel - motivating them to take the first step towards travel.

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SimpliDream - Top 10 Airline Initiatives that Inspire Travel

  1. iDream - Top 10 Airline Initiatives that Inspire TravelHelping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably
  2. The Social Traveler LifecycleAs we often say to our clientsand write on our website, thetraveler lifecycle has evolvedfollowing the exponentialincrease in social interactionbrought about by socialmedia.In this top 10 we’ll focus onthe “iDream” element of thisnew lifecycle and take a lookat how airlines have managedto inspire travelers to fly.
  3. Case-study 1Finnair: Chong what?
  4. Destination awarenessInspiring a person to travel to a well known destination may be hardenough, but what if your latest destination is called something like….
  5. Chongqing!Chongqing is Finnair’s latest Chinese destination but also an almostunknown place for most Europeans. To raise awareness Finnair createdthe “Chong what?” campaign as part of the larger destination Chinapage, where it provided general information the Chinese cities it served.
  6. PinterestBut it did not end there. Instead of using Pinterest to create not thetraditional “destination” board they decided to create an eye catching“Chong-what?” board that featured images of the town from the web.Currently the board has achieved almost 400 followers with just 19 pins.
  7. Case-study 2South African Airways: Virtual Safari
  8. Africa on PinterestRecently a lot has been saidabout Pinterest and its ability toinspire people through images,however few airlines were ableto embrace this concept betterthan South African Airways.The company created severalinteresting boards including acrowdsourced one, but its bestinitiative is perhaps its “virtualsafari board”.
  9. Leveraging natural beautySouth African Airways was able to leverage on Africa’s legendary wildlifeto create a Pinboard where users could dream of the places they couldsee in Africa.
  10. Not just re-pinsIn this case however thecompany did not just re-pin images but they alsomade sure that each cameaccompanied by welldesigned descriptions toentice users to share, likeand plan a trip.
  11. Case-study 3Vueling airgallery
  12. Visual + GamificationImages and games are possibly the two most engaging elements insocial media. The Spanish low cost airline Vueling has recently decidedto merge the two into an interesting competition called the VuelingAirgallery.
  13. #vuelingairgalleryThe campaign asked users tocreate an Instagram image ofa Vueling destination andshare it using the hashtag#vuelingairgallery in order towin free flights and thechance of having their imagefeatured on the exterior of aspecial Vueling plane.All images were uploaded to adedicated tab on thecompany’s facebook page.
  14. Share to winAfter uploading their image, users were invited to share it with theirfriends since only those images that received at least 10 votes would beput forward to the judges.
  15. User generated content linked to the airlineThe campaign was a success as it received almost 6000 submissions withsome images receiving over 100 votes. For the airline this meant thecreation of user generated content that boosted destination awarenessand associated the airline’s name with those destinations.
  16. Case-study 4BMI: Pinterest lottery
  17. A lottery on PinterestAnother airline that managed to merge gamification and images to drivedestination awareness was BMI that organized a virtual lottery on itsPinterest boards.
  18. Getting re-pinsTo encourage users to sharethe images on its Pinterestboards the airline attached anumber (and a logo) to eachimage, asking users to re-pinup to 6 images to get achance to win a return ticketto the destination portrayedin the picture they selected.Each week the airlineannounces a lucky numbergiving the users who sharedthe corresponding image achance to win.
  19. All in oneWith this strategy the airline achieves several objectives, all aimed attargeting users during the “iDream” phase of the lifecycle. With oneinitiative it was able to increase: destination awareness, engagement,Pinterest following and sharing of BMI-branded destination images.
  20. Case-study 5KLM: Destination Hangman
  21. Simple ideasThe best ideas are often very simple ones, and in social media KLM iswell known for theirs. This time they have created something wenicknamed D_ST_ _ _T_O_ HA_ _M_N !
  22. Destination awareness + facebook engagementTo drive awareness of its new routesKLM decided to play a game with itsusers that at SimpliFlying we havenicknamed “destination hangman”.The airline would post an image likethe one on their previous page andreveal one letter every “n” likes.Users are invited to guess thedestination that can be seen in thewindow or like the post to get moreletters.
  23. A well liked planThis simple idea was able to generate hundreds of shares and commentsbut also thousands of likes. Some images received over 10.000 likes and2.000 comments.
  24. Case-study 6Air China: Facebook check-ins
  25. Local engagementWhen Air China decided to raise awareness of their Asian destinationsin Sweden they realized that the best way to entice new customers tovisit Asia was to engage them at places where they were alreadyexperiencing Asia... Asian restaurants across Stockholm.
  26. A win-win solutionThe airline reached an agreementwith several Asian restaurants inStockholm and invited users tocheck-in with facebook wheneverthey visited. The check-ins wouldthen be converted into a leaderboard and each week the topscorer would win a trip. By doingso they created a win-win situationwhere the restaurants receivedmore visitors, the airline increaseddestination awareness and userswere rewarded.
  27. The resultsAt the end of the campaign the airline reported these impressive results:
  28. Case-study 7Bmibaby: instameet exchange
  29. Virtual meetings are not enoughAs we’ve seen previouslyInstagram can be a verypowerful tool to drivedestination awareness as itallows users to sharebeautiful and inspiringimages.But to one small Europeanairline this was clearly notenough as they decided tomove things to the next levelallowing users to meet in reallife, for free.
  30. The real thingBmiBaby launched a campaign to celebrate the 4th World Instameet Dayby providing free travel to members of different Instagram communities,allowing them to meet each other. On 11th March, members of the London Instagram community were flown into Amsterdam to meet with local Instagramers. The event was tweeted and blogged live using the #myamsterdam tag.
  31. Committed to a platform and its communityThe airline was able to benefit from this campaign by being able toassociate its brand to the cities that were “united” and by increasing itsengagement with the Instagram community.The company’s commitmentto the Instagram communitiesof the destinations it serves,has also been used to createthe base for more successfulcampaigns like the #myfrancecampaign pictured in this slide
  32. Case-study 8American Airlines: #AAtoAsia
  33. Anniversary celebrationsTo celebrate 25 years of flights to Asia and to raise awareness of thedestinations it serves, American Airlines organized a Pinterestsweepstake offering the change to win a luxury trip to Tokyo.
  34. Smart rulesThe rules of the contest were simple, usershad to:1. follow AA on Pinterest (= increase Pinterest followers)2. re-pin the poster of the competition (=spread the word about the competition)3. Pin a photo of a place in Asia with the #AAtoAsia Tag (generate Asia-related content with inspiring images… and an AA tag)4. E-mail a link of the pin to AA’s social media team
  35. Positive resultsA quick Pinterest search hasrevealed a wealth ofengaged users and over 700re-pins of the competition’sposter, making it perhapsthe most re-pinned airlineimage ever.Further details on the 390% increase in followerscampaign’s performancewere also very impressiveas the data on this pagedemonstrates
  36. Case-study 9LAN: wonders of South America
  37. Discovering new placesIn its efforts to position itself as “the” airline for South America LAN wasable to create what is possibly one of the best examples of travel-inspiration websites:
  38. Personalized itemsIn this interactive website users can not only learn more about LAN’sdestinations but also create and shares personalized items likepostcards.
  39. Case-study 10Air Asia: Japan
  40. Local focusAnother interesting way to engage local users when opening a newdestination is creating a dedicated facebook page to create a spacewhere the destination can be launched in sync with the local languageand culture. This is exactly what Air Asia is doing for its new Japaneseroutes.
  41. Early engagementEven before the officialroute-launch, the airlinewas able to gain tractionlocally by paying attentionto local events and keepingusers up to date as thecompany’s plans to opennew routes went ahead.
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  43. Case-study 10
  45. Case-study 10