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Best Airline in Social Media - Finalist Presentations for #SFAwards12


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The finalist presentations for the SimpliFlying Awards for Social Media Excellence 2012 in the category for Best Airline in Social Media.
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Best Airline in Social Media - Finalist Presentations for #SFAwards12

  1. Best Airlines Driving Revenue Best Airline in Social Media Finalist Presentations from Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. Best Airline in Social Media Finalist Volaris Mexico
  3. Best Airline in Social MediaPresentation PitchAugust, 2012 DAL Best Airline in Social Media v3PWPT
  4. An introduction to Volaris… 2 DAL Best Airline in Social Media v3PWPT
  5. Each of our planes has the name of our Clients,here is a photo of the awarding ceremonyWe know our Clients! 3 DAL Best Airline in Social Media v3PWPT
  6. Through social media, we organize activities onboard, i.e. live music concerts. If you can’t bethere, enjoy it on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook 4 DAL Best Airline in Social Media v3PWPT
  7. We are the Mexican leading airline in Facebook, Twitter and Google+Source: Facebook, Twitter and Google + web pages DAL Best Airline in Social Media v3PWPT
  8. Our Klout score is constantly increasing, showingour influential role in the marketSource: Klout, August 2012 6 DAL Best Airline in Social Media v3PWPT
  9. Thank you for your attention 7 DAL Volaris DAL Best Airline in Social2011) -v3PWPT DAL Master Slides (version Feb Media ESP v1
  10. Best Airline in Social Media Finalist American Airlines USA
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  12. Best Airline in Social Media Finalist SAS Scandinavian Airlines Sweden, Denmark, Norway
  13. Scandinavian Airlines SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media Category: Best Airline in Social Media“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishmentrarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out andhappened to things.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
  14. Social media activities 2011-2012!  SAS Summer Flight 2012!  Norway’s most punctual person!  Design our cups!  My SAS Idea!  SAS facebook customer page (continuous)
  15. SAS Summer Flight 2012!  First airline ever to crowd source a destination!  Facebook fans could suggest destinations!  10 were shortlisted by network and revenue departments and fans could vote for their favorite via Facebook.!  Alanya, Turkey was votes fan favorite!  First scheduled flight premiered July 5th 2012!  8 return flights were scheduled from the start. Due to the huge popularity, the route is now prolonged until further
  16. Results:!  By letting our customers and fans suggest new destination, we really engaged them in our core business. You cant decide anything bigger than this when it comes to he airline business.!  The destination we got from the voting proved to be fantastic for several reasons. !  From a revenue point of view we decided to prolong it thanks to its popularity !  From a newtwork point of view, not many other major carriers are able to use "GZP“ Airport in Alanya as their aircraft are too large. With our diverse fleet, we are able to go where other can not thus shortening the journey time by more than two hours..!  From a internal strategy point of view, we stayed true to our new focus on introducing more leisure destinations and helped create a buzz.!  All and all, Its huge popularity shows that this is a multifaceted success.
  17. Norway’s most punctual person!  Facebook campaign amied to put focus on our world class punctuality and drive traffic to our site (!  Fans could participate in a Punctuality Contest on Facebook by playing a punctuality game.!  First prize was 100 000 NOK and the winners face on one of our planes (tail - B737).
  18. Results!  Over15 000 entries the first week.!  Besides emphasizing our world class punctuality, this campaign sure drove a lot of traffic to our website and from a revenue point of view, it was a very successful
  19. Design our cups!  To mark the start for us introducing complimentary tea and coffee onboard all our flight, we decided to involve our customers.!  A contest was launched on facebook where we asked fans to design our onboard coffee/tea cups (summer edition)!  The list of 700 incoming design was revised and 10 designs were shortlisted. Fans could then vote for their favorite on facebook.!  The winner would get their design on the cups as of June 2012
  20. Results!  We received over 700 design suggestions and over 8000 votes. The buzz around this competition was a real success and drove a lot of traffic to our websites as well.!  We have had very good feedback from customers, giving us positive feedback both onboard to our employees and leaving great comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about the cups. Winner: Swedish free- lance designer Frida Axell’s design Go To Gate
  21. My SAS Idea!  This past June, we launched our crowd sourcing platform My SAS Idea, where our customers can post their suggestions on how to make SAS even better. Tips for destinations, products and procedures are all posted on the site:!  Not a campaign, it’s a part of our strategic development platform, where we intentionally want our customers to be a part of us, since they know what they want to pay for when flying SAS.!  Everyone can post an Idea and people can also comment and cast a vote on ideas. Those with the most votes are looked at by SAS and implemented if doable.
  22. Results!  Since the launch in June we have received over 500 ideas and suggestions and are working with the ones most popular.!  It has also been received well by our customers as they expressed that they now got a channel where they can voice their opinions and suggestions!  Today we have over 300 registred profiles and get approx 10 new each day.!  15 new ideas each week and about 50 votes.!  Slowly but surely we’re getting there
  23. Facebook Fan Page!  An established channel we use to interact with our customers and fans on a daily basis.!  Questions are answered within an hour but often more sooner that that.!  Opening hours 08.00-20.00!  The page is frequently used as a marketing channel with campaigns posted on a weekly basis!  We also take the opportunity to present a member of the SAS family making an employee our profile picture (holding a SAS Logo). We call this: The Face of SAS.!  Every Friday, we also have Flash Back Friday, where we post historical images from our archives. Showing a piece of the SAS histroy.
  24. Results!  Today we have over 208 000 fans!  This is one of our customer interaction channels and it works very well.!  Facebook is a great tool for customer service as it is easy to use, instant, social and provides direct feedback.!  Customers often find that the Facebook channel is more helpful than some of our more traditional channels.
  25. Some final words…….!  With all Social Media activities the past year, we are working in the light of our brand promise – Service & Simplicity. By letting our customers and Fans be a part of building our airline, we create a great amount of loyalty and good will. And by using the new and innovative ways of communicating, thru social media, we make all of this accessible and simple. SAS Social Media team
  26. The EndLook forward to the final results to be announced on 3 October 2012 on