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Ie singapore@communic asia2012

  1. 1. Sn a oe ig p r:L cl n vtn, l aS li s o a I o ai s Go l o t n n o b uoeE u ain -d c toC mmu iA i 2 1 - ig p r P vl n o nc sa 0 2 Sn a oe a ioiMai B y a d E p a dC n e t nC nr r a a S n s x o n o v ni e t n o eB H l B ohB 40 2 a D o t E -1 l
  2. 2. Singapore’s e-Education companies are committed to enriching andtransforming the learning environment for 21st century learners.Setting the pace of adoption of infocomm technology in education,Singapore companies develop products and solutions such as learningmanagement system, interactive textbooks, mobile educational gamesand applications which contribute to Singapore’s vibrant education sector.Creative Technology LtdCreative is a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products. Famous for its Sound Blaster® sound cards andfor launching the multimedia revolution, Creative is now driving digital entertainment platforms with innovativeaudio solutions, multimedia speakers, portable media players and headphone products. Creatives innovativehardware, proprietary technology, applications and services leverage the Internet, enabling consumers toexperience high-quality digital entertainment - anytime, anywhere.Through its wholly-owned subsidiary ZiiLABS, a pioneering media processor and platforms company, Creativeoffers the ZMS StemCell media processing solutions and modular tablet computer reference designs that enableOEMs to meet the growing demand for innovative next- generation Android tablet computers. Creative KnowledgeChina, a pioneer in Chinese computing research and an associate of Creative with more than 20 years of valuableexperience in Chinese OS, offers comprehensive Chinese OS and educational content based on the Zii platform.The hanZpad Golden Standard Tablet platform is developed by adapting and combining the proprietarytechnologies and powerful platform solutions of Creative and ZiiLABS, supporting an amazing “razor-slim” designas thin as 7.4mm, and as light as 480g. The production-ready hanZpad platform allows companies to lower theirbusiness risks, and gain fast entry into the burgeoning tablet computer market.For more information, please visit http://www.creative.comRockmoon Pte LtdRockmoon Pte Ltd is a serious games product development company based in Singapore.Rockmoon’s focus is on developing game-based learning products, specifically mobile apps and courseware forteaching and training. Underlying Rockmoon’s commitment to quality is their product development philosophy –intuitive fun. Rockmoon believes that the most effective way to learn is through play, where one learnsunconsciously.Since Rockmoon’s inception in November 2010, they have been engaged by schools and enterprises to co-createeducational games and tools.For more information, please visit www.rockmoon.sgSingTel EducationSingTel is Asia’s leading communications group providing a portfolio of services including voice and data solutionsover fixed, wireless and Internet platforms as well as infocomm technology and pay TV. The Group has presencein Asia and Africa with 445 million mobile customers in 26 countries, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia,Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand. It also has a vast network of offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe andthe United States.For more information, please visit
  3. 3. Sn a oe ig p r:L cl n vtn, l aS li s o a I o ai s Go l o t n n o b uoeG v rme t - o en nC mmu iA i 2 1 - ig p r P vl n o nc sa 0 2 Sn a oe a ioiMai B y a d E p a dC n e t nC nr r a a S n s x o n o v ni e t n o eB H l B ohB 40 2 a D o t E -1 l
  4. 4. Foreign governments working with our companies are assured ofstate-of-the-art solutions that will empower them to leapfroggenerations of e-Gov adoption.As a world leader in e-Gov design and adoption, Singapore featuresmore than 1,600 public services online, from income tax e-filing to theOnline Business Licensing Service, allowing for application, renewal ortermination of multiple licenses in a single transaction. These onlineservices can be easily accessed by citizens and residents with a commonpassword linked to their identity card number. Singapore is also a pioneerin national-level electronic payments and e-documentation forinternational trade.CrimsonLogic Pte LtdCrimsonLogic is a trusted partner to governments worldwide. For over 20 years, they have worked withgovernments across Asia, Middle East, North America, Latin America and Africa to find innovative and sustainablesolutions to collaborate more seamlessly with their citizens and ecosystem.CrimsonLogic’s expertise extends across trade facilitation, judiciary, tax, healthcare, and citizen-related domains.They have continued to set industry-standards by delivering world-first eGovernment solutions to optimiseworkflow, increase operational efficiencies, and improve decision-making. TradeNet, eJudiciary, eStamping andCertOfOrigin are some of CrimsonLogic’s pioneering innovations being used everyday by government agencies allover the world.For more information, please visit ww.crimsonlogic.comEcquaria Technologies Pte LtdEcquaria Technologies is a leading provider of e-government consultancy and infrastructure solutions that powershigh-volume, mission-critical applications for governments and ministries worldwide. For more than a decade,Ecquaria has successfully implemented complex and high quality e-government solutions for governments aroundthe world.Founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Singapore, today Ecquaria is growing with a solid staff strength of over150 employees and operates a Research and Development Centre in Suzhou (China). Ecquaria progression issteadfast thus continuously gaining global presence in 12 countries, achieving strong collaborations with Brunei,Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.For more information, please visit www.ecquaria.comElixir Technology Pte LtdElixir Technology provides a suite of Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI/BA) products including ElixirRepertoire for Dashboard, Report, Data Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), Scheduling and Ad Hoc facilities, as wellas Elixir Ambience, a cloud-scale multi-tenant BA platform with elastic scalability and pluggable architecture forhosting data mining components as well as visualisation packages and analytics databases.Headquartered in Singapore, Elixir has a sales office in the United States and a research and development arm inthe UK. Elixir has over 800 customers in 60 countries and is represented by a worldwide network of partners.For more information, please visit
  5. 5. Korvac Holdings Pte LtdEstablished in 1999 in Singapore, Korvac Holdings Pte Ltd is the management and holding company of fourseparate groups of businesses. Headquartered in Singapore, Korvac Holdings also has offices in Malaysia andThailand.A leading provider of payment and consumer data processing services in the region, Korvac’s full range ofpayment services include PIN-based debit services through the EPINS network and non-transit payment usingez-link and concession cards.In addition to payment services, the Group provides an extensive suite of merchant related services from regionalpayment infrastructure, transaction acquiring and processing, loyalty programmes, private label authorisationsystems and consumer data analytics.For more information, please visit www.korvac.comnovaCITYNETS Pte LtdnovaCIYTNETS Pte Ltd is a leading provider of e-Government application software & services with a strong beliefin delivering solutions that are relevant and crucial to meeting business objectives of their customers. Theirproducts and services are designed to improve and sustain clients’ competitive position through the developmentof innovative e-Government solutions enabled by the integration of emerging and best-of-breed technologies.novaCITYNETS has an established track record in delivering large mission critical e-Government systems likeSingapore’s national scale CORENET e-Submission System and Brunei’s national scale Land TransportManagement System. Their experiences would allow them to offer consultancy and solutions that will value-add totheir customer’s businesses.For more information, please visit www.novacitynets.comST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte LtdST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies ElectronicsLimited. It is a leading solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region for infocommunications, advanced electronicsand intelligent transportation businesses. From design and development to production, system integration,maintenance and enhancement, it has become a one-stop solutions provider and a strong partner for itscommercial, government, defence and homeland security customers worldwide.The company’s core business areas include smart utilities suite, emergency response and integrated security &surveillance systems, e-Government infocommunication and enterprise solutions, intelligent traffic and advancedfleet management systems, infocommunication security products and solutions, and managed & operationsservices. In addition, its strong commitment to R&D has lead to the development of home-grown award-winningsolutions such as SuperneT™ Integrated Communication System and cetrac® Intelligent Transport ManagementSystem.For more information, please visit www.stee.stengg.comStratech Systems LtdStratech Systems Limited (“Stratech”) is a world-class Advanced Technology and e-Systems leader. Stratechbrings together world-class expertise, software and other intellectual assets, enabling clients to meet operationalchallenges and seize new business opportunities.Founded in 1989, Stratech has established an impressive track record serving industries such as Aerospace,Homeland Security / Air, Land and Sea Transportation, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare.Stratech is recognised as a leader in innovation and technology and is extremely entrepreneurial, developing andimplementing advanced technology solutions that achieve significant business transformation and competitiveadvantage for its clients.For more information, please visit
  6. 6. Sn a oe ig p r:L cl n vtn, l aS li s o a I o ai s Go l o t n n o b uoeH at -e lhC mmu iA i 2 1 - ig p r P vl n o nc sa 0 2 Sn a oe a ioiMai B y a d E p a dC n e t nC nr r a a S n s x o n o v ni e t n o eB H l B ohB 40 2 a D o t E -1 l
  7. 7. Singapore’s e-Health companies are at the forefront of developinginfocomm solutions for the healthcare sector.Today, companies use the latest technology to provide sophisticatedsolutions that simplify healthcare systems and improve patient care. Thee-Health innovations include the world’s first mobile phone with ECGmonitor, and solutions revolutionising healthcare image datamanagement. As a result of the constant development of high-qualitysolutions by the e-Health companies, Singapore is known to have one ofthe best healthcare systems in the world.EPI Mobile Health Solutions (S) Pte LtdEPI Mobile Health Solutions (S) Pte Ltd (“EPI”) is a healthcare technology company at the forefront of mobilehealth concierge solutions and virtual health repository services.Leveraging on its innovative technology and development capabilities, EPI is continually forging ahead in the fieldof mobile health and will be launching new products that provide additional and more sophisticated healthmonitoring functions.With its cutting edge technology, EPI’s vision is to be the global leader in Health Concierge and Health Repositoryservices based in Singapore, being the vital link between physicians and patients globally through its integratedmobile health platforms.For more information, please visit: 7 Technologies Pte LtdMach 7 Technologies (M7T) is a global provider of clinical image management solutions that empowers customersto own, share and access image data from departmental PACS (e.g. radiology, cardiology, echo, endoscopy, etc.)as well as ECG strips, dermatology photos, radiology reports, and much more. Their innovative, flexible,Enterprise Clinical Imaging Platform enables healthcare enterprises across the globe to improve clinical imagingworkflow and patient care.Sold directly and through a growing network of regional distributors around the globe, M7T solutions solveinteroperability challenges across the imaging continuum and provide increased medical image access throughoutthe healthcare enterprise, thereby increasing the value of existing IT (EMR) investments.For more information, please visit
  8. 8. Sn a oe ig p r:L cl n vtn, l aS li s o a I o ai s Go l o t n n o b uoeR ti - ealC mmu iA i 2 1 - ig p r P vl n o nc sa 0 2 Sn a oe a ioiMai B y a d E p a dC n e t nC nr r a a S n s x o n o v ni e t n o eB H l B ohB 40 2 a D o t E -1 l
  9. 9. Singapore’s e-Retail companies are constantly innovating to meetthe changing needs of consumers.As one of the e-Retail pioneers in the sector, Singapore consumerinfocomm companies deliver a unique value proposition with strengths ininnovation, distribution and sourcing. Homegrown companies such asEpiCentre have collaborated with industry partners to launch a MobileCommerce Shopping platform, enabling consumers to enjoy a shop-on-the-go experience.EpiCentre Holdings LtdEpiCentre Holdings Limited (“EpiCentre” or the “Group”) is one of the fastest-growing and most prominent digitallifestyle companies in Singapore. It was established in 2002 as the first Apple Premium Reseller (“APR”) in theregion and was listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange on 18 January 2008.EpiCentre has redefined the shopping experience for Apple consumers by offering a comprehensive range ofApple and Apple-related products as well as pre- and post-sale services in a one-stop lifestyle digital hub. Today,it operates a total of 18 stores in Singapore, Malaysia and China with plans to further extend its footprint.Apart from retailing Apple and Apple-related products in EpiCentre stores, the Group also retails an extensiverange of accessories in EpiLife concept stores where Fashion meets IT. EpiLife also carries merchandise underiWorld, the Group’s proprietary brand of accessories targeted at the young and trendy. In line with the Group’spenchant for innovation, it has spearheaded one of Southeast Asia’s pioneering m-commerce platforms coinedEpiLife On The Go. This unique shopping experience drives sales through the clever placements of QuickResponse (QR) codes on both traditional and non-traditional promotional mediums.For more information, please visit www.epicentreasia.comTrek 2000 International LtdTrek 2000 International Ltd is an industry leader, innovator, original inventor and patent owner of theThumbDrive® (USB Flash Drive) . Trek offers state-of-the-art design solutions ranging from Mobile MediaSolutions, Wireless, Anti-piracy, Compression and Encryption to sophisticated Enterprise solutions for the fastchanging digital industry.With its library of granted patents, Trek is represented all over the world and has offices in the U.S., Malaysia,Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan toserve rapidly expanding markets in all regions. A public company on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX:TREK),Trek 2000 was named by Forbes Global as one of the Best Small Companies in the World for 2000 and 2002.Trek 2000 was also ranked the Best Managed Small Company in Singapore by AsiaMoney (of Euromoney). In2008, Trek 2000 received the INVENT Singapore Award.For more information, please visit Pte LtdFounded in Singapore, Xmi Pte Ltd is a technology-driven company focused on bringing the very latest RAVE ofmultimedia products to the global market. As we enter a fast-paced digital age, the ability to foresee market trendsand react dynamically to market changes becomes quintessential to the success of any technology business.Xmi Pte Ltd’s main objective is in creating multimedia devices that will precede major trends in Digital LifestyleTechnology. With unique products of superior functionality, mass-market appeal and uncompromising quality, XmiPte Ltd is set to push the boundaries of technology with new exciting products and to build a global brandsynonymous with future innovations.Xmi Pte Ltd currently distributes the award-winning X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ through networks in 80countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia.For more information, please visit
  10. 10. Sn a oe ig p r:L cl n vtn, l aS li s o a I o ai s Go l o t n n o b uoR moe e tC mmu iain o nc t s oC mmu iA i 2 1 - ig p r P vl n o nc sa 0 2 Sn a oe a ioiMai B y a d E p a dC n e t nC nr r a a S n s x o n o v ni e t n o eB H l B ohB 40 2 a D o t E -1 l
  11. 11. Singapore’s Remote Communications companies have a keenunderstanding of different needs in various markets.Our companies have been engaged to develop integrated networksolutions, engineering services and comprehensive satellitecommunication services in regional markets. They also customisesolutions for enterprises, governments and non-profit organisations,allowing customers to enjoy enhanced business and operationalefficiency.Amplus Communication Pte LtdHeadquartered in Singapore with strategically located offices in the Asia Pacific, Amplus Communication has beenserving the Global VSAT Industry, being continuously managed by experienced personnel in Design, Engineering& Manufacturing of VSAT Equipments in the South-East Asia region.Certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and Bizsafe Star Accolade, the companyoffers a comprehensive range of power levels for its VSAT products, which have been deployed in more than 40countries worldwide.For more information, please visit www.amplus.biziCELL Network Pte LtdiCELL Network is a leader in wireless infrastructure and solutions in Singapore and one of the country’s pioneeringWireless ISPs and system integrators. The company is also one of the three Wireless ISPs selected forSingapore’s island-wide Wireless@SG public Wi-Fi initiative.As both WISP and SI, iCELL is uniquely able to provide both the infrastructure as well as the content andapplications to build a commercially viable, end-to-end high-performance wireless ecosystem. The company offersa complete range of services in conjunction with a broad array of wireless and wireless-related products fromglobal technology leaders.For more information, please visit www.icellnetwork.comSingTel SatelliteSingTel Satellite is a global provider of one stop satellite communications and ICT solutions. Leveraging on theirtelecommunications infrastructure, SingTel Satellite is particularly strong in harnessing infocomm technology forinnovative, customised and value-added solutions for various industries like oil & gas, broadcasting, ISP/Telcos,transportation and logistics, banking and finance, government agencies and NGOs.With more than 35 years of experience in fixed satellite services and over 20 years of experience in mobilesatellite services, SingTel Satellite has established a satellite footprint that covers Australia, New Zealand, thePacific Islands and more than 100 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.SingTel Satellite strives to uncover new frontiers to provide new ICT-based solutions.For more information, please visit