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health presentation


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nan hua high

Published in: Health & Medicine
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health presentation

  1. 1. National University of Singapore Communication for Social Change
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. What is Health? 3. Activity (Illustrate your thoughts) 4. Group Presentation and Discussion
  3. 3. What is Health? Smoke Free Healthy Lifestyle Eating Mental Healthy Wellness Lifestyle STDs/AIDS Regular Prevention Physical Activity
  4. 4. More on health Smoke Free Lifestyle Mental Wellness Healthy Eating Smoke Free Lifestyle Mental Wellness Healthy Eating • State of well • Having a • Causes 5 being where balanced million deaths the individual meal worldwide can cope with • Making the normal • 1 in 2 informed food stresses of life smokers will choices by and work die from checking food productively tobacco labels and and fruitfully. related causes symbols (WHO)
  5. 5. More on health Regular physical activity STDs/AIDS Regular physical activity STDs/AIDS • Greater health • No. of young benefits achieved people aged 10-19 by increasing the infected with STDs amount of physical has climbed from activity 283 in 2002 to 653 in 2004. • Reduces risk of developing some of • Need for sex the leading causes education and of illness and death awareness
  6. 6. Group Activity Starts…. Discuss ☺