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Equestrian 3 day eventing powerpoint


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Equestrian 3 day eventing powerpoint

  1. 1. Equestrian 3 Day Eventing Hannah Freathy “RED ON RIGHT, WHITE ON LEFT, INSANITY IN THE MIDDLE”Dressage Cross Country Show Jumping
  2. 2. Levels of Eventing 3 Day Eventing is the competition testing you and your horses’ obedience, speed, stamina and ability to think fast. The team with the lowest accumulated penalties over the weekend wins. The Levels in Canada are: Pre Entry- 2’3-2’6 Entry- 2’6-2’9 Pre- Training- 3’-3’3 Training- 3’3- 3’6 Prelim- 3’9-4’0 When you start competing internationally the levels are: CCI* - For Horses new to International Competition CCI** - For horses who are used to international competition CCI*** - For advanced horses qualifying for Olympics CCI**** - The highest level of competition and only five competitions on the world run it.This year I will run Prelims in Canada and CCI* in the States to qualify for NorthAmerican Junior Young Riders 2013 in Kentucky. Also to qualify to run CCI** in2013.
  3. 3. Schooling AttireAttire *Helmet *Polo shirt *Breeches and Belt Show Jumping Attire: *Boots and ½ Chaps *Leather Boots *Spurs (optional) *White or Beige Breeches *White or Light colored Dress shirt with color and stock pins *Black or Navy Jacket *Helmet *Medical Armband, has all your medical information in case you are injured (only required for Cross country and Show-jumping)Dressage Attire: Cross Country Attire*Leather Boots *Leather boots and spurs*Spurs (optional) *Any color breeches*White breeches *Any color shirt as long as it has*Black or White Gloves sleeves*Black show coat *Helmet *Medical Armband*White Dress shirt with *Cross Country vest (protects in falls)collar and stock pins *Air vest, attaches to saddle and*Black Helmet (Top inflates like an airbag in a fallhats are only allowed to (optional)be worn by Seniors *Stopwatch for timingriding under the FEI. *Pinny with competitor number
  4. 4. SCORINGReasons for elimination: Show Jumping is a combination*Going off course 3 times in dressage of speed and obedience. It is also*Not starting the test within 45 seconds of the timed. You are penalized forjudge ringing the bell going to slow, pulling rails and*Carrying a whip into dressage refusals. It is penalized much*Any fall of horse OR rider anytime through the lower than Cross Country.competition*Missing and obstacle in show-jumping or Cross Pulling rails and refusals are bothcountry 4 penalties. 1 penalty is given for*3 refusals on Show Jumping or Cross Country every second or fraction of a*Finishing Show-jumping or Cross Country second too slow.more than double the optimum time. Cross Country is a timed phased. It is a test of endurance and the horse’s ability to think for himself. Dressage is the You are given a speed to ride the judged on track at which is determined by obedience of the the level you are riding. For horse over a example 525 meters per minute series of There is an optimum time movements window that you must come in called a “test.” between given the speed. If you Each movement are faster than the window you are is given a score penalized by 1 penalty per second out of 10, you too fast and if you are slower than then get an the window you are penalized by overall % which .4 of a penalty per second too is converted to slow. A refusal or run-out is 20 penalties. An penalties, for the second refusal it average score is is an additional 40 penalties. 45 penalties.
  5. 5. Rings, Fields and TracksWhen you are riding you need to have a significant amount of flat land. Differentdisciplines require different terrain. A dressage ring is 20x60 meters, sometimesgrass sometimes sand footing. Cross Country is always on grass with hills and lotsof flat gallop land. Show jumping is on grass or on sand. Upper level horses requireto be conditioned lots. It must be specifically designed to the conformation andenergy level of the horse. Some days are strictly strengthening their hindquarterson hills, others are interval gallops on the flat at a track or large fields. Dressage Ring Grand Prix Show Jump Ring Racetrack used for conditioning
  6. 6. Safety IssuesSafety is a big concern in 3 Day Eventing. It now is the most dangerous sport. Thereare many rules to try to prevent accidents, although they still do occur. Lower levelaccidents are normally just a child becoming unseated and falling off, not a big deal.But Upper Levels, you start getting into the nasty falls; Rotational (where the horseleaves a knee and somersaults), Slipping and falling.Before each ride you have a tack check, making sure all of your tack is allowed and insafe condition. You must always wear a ASTM Approved Helmet if you are a Junior(under 18) and on cross country day you must wear an approved cross country vest.The newest type of vest is called an Air Vest; it goes over top of your regular approvedvest. It is attached like on a bungee with a breakaway clip to your saddle and if you dohave a fall and breaks the clip, the air vest inflates in .2 of a second like an air bag. Alsothere are rules stating that a Junior cannot ride a horse under 4 y/o, you can only have 4stops cross country because if you have that many stops you Regular Approved Vestor the horse should not be out there. Air Vest
  7. 7. TYPES OF PLAYERSYou need to have a certain personality type to be a 3 Day Eventer. You have to beincredibly bold to be able to gallop around at 500+mpm and jump solid jumpsthat will not come down if you hit them, but still technical enough to be preciseand accurate in dressage and show jumping. Being an event rider you must beconfident and sure in what you are doing. The most accidents occur when youhave a hesitant, unconfident child out on cross country day. Eventing or evenriding at all, is not a sport for everybody but you have to be all in or all out. It alsohelps if you love adrenaline!
  8. 8. Historical Information “Eventing Back in the Day” The first day consisted of theEventing was first endurance and cross-country testintroduced at the that involved about 50km of roads and tracks, about 5km of a flaggedOlympic Games in cross-country course of naturalStockholm , Sweden in obstacles and then around 3.5km of a1912, where Sweden won. speed test with ten obstacles. The Jumping was performed on the second day of Eventing . Dressage was performed last . Today’s format is exactly the opposite, starting with Dressage the first day, continuing with the endurance, speed and cross- country test the second day and completing the competition with the Show Jumping on the final day.
  9. 9. 3 Day Eventing is an incredible sport thatI love. You work hard and it pays off.
  10. 10. SOURCES:*All pictures are mineand of me. Except theblack and white on “Backin the Day,” and the“Rings, Fields andTracks.”* All information is frommy own Knowledge, nosites were referenced.