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Mohanji, the Guru Who Finds You!


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Article by Aparrna Sharma

Landing up at a meditation session instead of a Christmas party changed the author's life, as she found her guru.

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Mohanji, the Guru Who Finds You!

  1. 1. Close encounter Landing up at a meditation session instead of a Christmas party changed the authors life, as she found her guru MOHANJI, THE GURU WHO FINDS YOU Text and pics by Aparrna Sharma “There are two powers that alone can affect in called forth grace in your life, or the grace that ignited their conjunction the great and difficult thing your aspiration. which is the aim of our endeavour, - a fixed I first wondered about it in 2010, when by the quirk of and unfailing aspiration that calls from below fate, I found myself at a meditation session run by and - a supreme Grace from above that someone called Mohan, instead of a swanky Christmas answers.” party in Delhi. An hour and a ‘shaktipat later I won- - Sri Aurobindo dered, “Did I find this experience or did this experi- T ence find me?” But one thing I was sure of was that I he confluence of the seeker’s had come to the right place. aspiration and Divine Grace is Mohanji says, “The guru is not a form or a person. Guru how I would define a master or a is a principle. It could take human form and talk, or it guru. A guru is the conscious- could come as a message from the nature.” ness that propels from within, and calls from without. You never really Who is Mohanji? know whether it was your aspiration that Mohanji is a normal human being with a high profilew14w LIFE POSITIVE wJUNE 2012
  2. 2. corporate job in Muscat, a wife, and a daughter. On and genuine search for the very meaning andanother level, beyond the physical plane, he is a siddha, purpose of life.a spiritual master. Despite that, he remains introverted, “One by one, God removed everything that Iand unassuming. It is amusing to see him arriving at a was attached to, and placed me firmly on thegathering organised in his honour, dressed in jeans and path of spiritual evolution. We must lose a lotT-shirt, disappointing many who expect him to fit into to gain somewhat,” he says of that period.their glorified image of a ‘guru.’ He made the Himalayas his second home,To know his spiritual aspects, one needs to connect to and found solace in the wisdom and uncondi-the consciousness that is the guru – the guru tatva or tional love of the Masters, which opened upguru principle, which is operating from within us. He his inner channels fully. It was during thissays, never connect to the physical form of a guru. time that he had his profound ‘Shiva experi-“Marry the consciousness, which is permanent and ence’unshakeable. Never marry any guru. They are crazypeople. Believe me.” Shiva experienceMohanji was born on February 23, 1965, a smiling infant In February 2007, he was at an ashram inin Palakkad, Kerala. “Perhaps I refused to cry because Kerala, when he was overcome by an unex-this birth was chosen, this body was chosen, the par- plained sickness and nausea. So the swami ofents were chosen, and landing on earth perhaps did not the ashram took him outdoors for a walk ingive me the expected shock after all,” he speculates. the fresh air. They walked up to a house, about 500 yards away, went inside, and just as Mohanji sat on a chair, heThe guru is not a form or a person. Guru is a lost his physical consciousness, slip-principle. It could take human form and talk, or ping into deep samadhi. Sacred ash (vibhuti) started pouring outit could come as a message from nature. through the top of his head, slowly falling down his body. In the Dattatreya tradition, they say that Coursing through education, work, and personal life, sacred ash gushing out of the sahasraara (thehe reached Muscat in the Middle East. Until 2000, he head chakra), is a sign that the last remnantscoasted along. And then the upheaval began. He lost his of karmas are being exhausted. Along withprecious child, Ammu, to a nasty road accident. But it the vibhuti, he became incandescent, a brightdid not end here. Soon after, his marriage broke, he lost light glowing from within him, radiatingall his earnings, investments and belongings in India through his body and clothes. His bodyand abroad and eventually lost his job too. Suddenly, he seemed transparent, his eyelids turned gold-was stranded and virtually on the road. And if that was en and his consciousness expanded beyondnot enough, he developed a painful skin infection, description. He felt everything was withinwhich was especially unbearable in the hot desert sun him.of the Middle East. Forsaken by friends and family, “Mohan did not exist There was no timeMohanji experienced human suffering at its worst. or space. There were no gunas (attributes) such as satva, rajas, or tamas, there were noA different perspective identities. Everything was erased in a splitHowever, from the higher perspective, things looked second. The need to return or come back wascompletely different. His isolation, agony, pain, and suf- also not there. I do not know for how long Ifering eventually led him to a deep inner exploration existed in that state. All I heard after someLIFE POSITIVE wJUNE 2012 w15w
  3. 3. With the Power of Purity medita- tion, came ‘shaktipat.’ This is a trans- fer of the master’s energies to the recipient. The experiences were powerful and varied. People started experiencing heavy cleansing, com- munions with the masters, and hav- ing other life-transforming experi- ences. In Baba’s words, “Understand that those who come to you, are sent by us.” Priceless For Mohanji, spirituality is priceless. Therefore, all meditation sessions are held free of charge as are all workshops and classes. His medita- tions are available for free down- loading at his website:www/mohan- Raising conciousness of an eager disciple He says, “One cannot buy enlightenment in shops.” His aim, he says, is simply to ele-time was the voice of swami shouting to vate as many people as possible to higher conscious-other ashramites – ‘Shiva is here! Come fast. ness. “I am performing my dharma, duty, as a citizen ofBring the camera.’” the universe. I am giving forth everything, uncondition- As he slowly regained body awareness, he ally!” says he.found himself surrounded by people, some There are no dos and don’ts. Doing meditation is antaking photographs. The swami later internal call. The operating platform is unconditionalexplained that initially the light was so bright love. Each shaktipat received during meditation has thethat he could not allow anyone to enter the power to change one’s, as their nerve endings would not be Peter Mohammad Langille from Canada was suffer-able to withstand the high levels of energy. ing from a combination of prostatic hyperplasia and This experience tilted his consciousness, severe sleep apnea. After ten months of sleeplessness,taking his awareness to an entirely different he had reached a point where the drugs had stoppedlevel. Thenceforth, he started floating in and working, and he had accepted that he would soon die.out of different awareness levels, receiving The practice of the Power of Purity meditation, and theguidance from ascended Masters. It was dur- grace he received through shaktipat healed him anding one such communion that the voice of gave direction to his life.the unseen beckoned and ‘Power of Purity’ In my own experience, one day after I received my first(or ‘Bless the World’) meditation was ‘given’ shaktipat my mother had a heart attack. The great pro-to him. At first, Mohanji did not know what to tection was that there were no palpitations and no with it. “You must teach,” the guidance She did not even know that she was having a heartcontinued. attack, when she walked into the clinic for an ECG test. Now he was perplexed. “Immediately the The doctor was shocked. Her main artery was 100 perintrovert in me objected, ‘No Baba, I am not cent blocked and the second was 40 per cent blocked.cut out for such a thing. You know that I am With only one artery functioning he wondered whyan introvert. Moreover, I am not guru mate- she had not yet collapsed. He immediately sent her torial. I am an ordinary man.’” the emergency ward. I had never met Mohanji in per- Nevertheless, the guru principle was at full son but I could see that this was, in fact, a heavy cleans-play. Immediately, the answer came, “That’s ing happening for my entire family. I wrote a mail tonot your problem. We will send people to him introducing myself and my mother’s condition andyou. Understand that those who come to you simply affirmed to the universe, “I love you. I trust you.are sent by us. Others will not reach you. Nor I thank you.”will they understand you. Your strength is Within minutes, I received a reply from him in whichyour subtlety. You are empowered. You will he asked me to surrender all my thoughts, worries,represent our tradition.” anxieties to Baba (that is what I called Sai). He furtherThus, the meditations started, and quickly assured me saying, “I am with you. I am with yourspread all over the world. mother.”w16w LIFE POSITIVE wJUNE 2012
  4. 4. These words were enough for me to trust that Ammucare Charitable Trust, and noweverything would be taken care of. I sat down to chant, Mohanji Seva foundation, founded by himmentally connecting with the eyes. Within an hour the have spread across the globe.second ECG was done, the finances were arranged, Sumit Partap Gupta, an initiate from Jammuthe operation was performed, and my mother was out explains, “The reason is that this is not aof the operation theatre after a successful heart surgery. branded exercise. It is a universal cause of(‘The masters will take care of everything’, they humanity. Therefore, it is bound to touch any-always say.) body’s heart.” There are no promises of abundance orRepaying? manifestation. Healings and elevations ofSo how do you repay the debt of gratitude? Through consciousness happen, but they, again, aremoney? However, this guru works for a living. He does purely individual experiences. No entice-not seek students, disciples, power, or fame. He does ment, no dependency. Mohanji does notnot even use his name in his articles, signing them as invite anybody, and he does not stop anybodysimply ‘M.’ from leaving. “If the guru binds you, leave How, then, do you repay? “Through selfless service to him. If meditation binds you, drop the medi-Mother Earth,” advises Mohanji. “Social service or self- tation, because this is the path of liberation,less action of any kind, will relieve you from the accu- not a path of binding,” he says.mulating dues.” “Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, spend time withthose abandoned by society, feed the mute birds, and Aparrna Sharma is a writer, amateur photographer, and aboveanimals. The size of seva does not matter, the intent all, a seeker. An educational consul-does. Have the intent and do whatever you can, every- tant by profession, she is based inday. In the current shift of times, the energies of the Chandigarh, are so tumultuous, that pure sadhana is extreme- To read these articles online and post your com-ly tough. Therefore, selfless service gives us the ments, go to purity to do the sadhana,” he says. Jun2012. We welcome your comments and sugges- This is the reason that the charitable organisations, tions on this article. Mail us at “Activation of Abundance Gene “ Now in BANGLORE Hundreds of People are already seeing Transformation in their lives, be it their Relationships, Finances, Health or Career. Once your Gene is activated in this 2 days workshop you will be able to attract all that you want with ease and create your own destiny. This is your chance to change your life. When an opportunity knocks at your door, all you have to do is take it. Faclilitator :- Dr Ashish Narayankar ( MBBS, Past life regression therapist, Spiritual healer and teacher) Banglore – 23rd and 24th of June 2012. For more details log on :- Call now for special offer :- 9886627027/ 9886827227/ 9886333108 . Limited seats only.LIFE POSITIVE wJUNE 2012 w17w