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Why barter instead of buy


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Bartering is still an ideal answer to some of the most complex issues of today’s unstable marketplace. Here we discuss why it’s good to barter instead of buy.

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Why barter instead of buy

  1. 1. Why Barter Instead Of Buy?
  2. 2. Here we discuss why it’s good to barter instead of buy
  3. 3. Helps eliminate extra transactional costBartering can save you money by eliminatingtransactional cost involved in a financial dealing.Let’s take an example; if you are thinking to buy analready-used car from an individual, you need topay tax, respective of the regulations applicable toyour locality.
  4. 4. Helps find a liquid secondary marketThe existing buying patterns heavily rely on directrewards and there’s not necessarily any sustainedway to sell or buy products/services that lack aliquid secondary market. Bartering helps thebuying process by opening up new avenues ofincreased opportunities irrespective of marketconstraints
  5. 5. Helps exchange skills and knowledgeBartering assists in exchanging skills and makesroom for knowledge sharing. When you buysomething from a shop, you are participating in arigid and close-ended communication where themain aim of the buyer is to obtain the product andthe seller aims to get a profit from the deal. Inbartering, things are different.
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