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Corporate yoga panacea for busy folks


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Studies worldwide report a sharp rise in the number of stressed and unproductive employees costing millions of dollars to companies.

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Corporate yoga panacea for busy folks

  1. 1. Corporate Yoga: Panacea For Busy Folks
  2. 2. Corporate yoga programs are designed to meet the growingrequirements of employees looking to live a fuller life at workwithout the stress and work-related troubles.
  3. 3. Improved immunityCorporate yoga helps build strong immunityresulting in better productivity. When the immunesystem is strong, the workforce is unlikely to call insick because of fever, cold and other alignedillness..
  4. 4. Reduced back pain:Back pain has been reported to be one of the majorreasons hindering the participation of employeesin work projects. Regular yoga earns employeesstronger backs and muscles which again cancontribute to minimise sick leave and lost timeinjuries.
  5. 5. Builds accuracyYoga improves focus and concentration whichmeans one can focus on projects with accuracythat is required.
  6. 6. Thank You To have a complete look at the article visit: yoga-panacea-for-busy-folks/