Common Worm Bin Challenges


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Worms are likely to grow and get you great fertilisers in a bin that is healthy for them. While it is common to have some early growing problems, it is actually easy to counter these with proper action taken on time.

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Common Worm Bin Challenges

  1. 1. Common Worm Bin Challenges: Part 1
  2. 2. Worms are likely to grow and get you great fertilisers ina bin that is healthy for them
  3. 3. How to counter worm without investingmuch effort.
  4. 4. I’ve got a stinky binA common problem most would encounterespecially when they give it a start, worm bin maysmell too bad because of many reasons. Chancesare you are putting enough of wrong ingredientslike garlic and onion. Always add the rightproduct in thoughtful quantity. The rest reasonsfor a stinky bin could be it has excess moistureand not proper oxygen. Add fresh bed and mixthe content thoroughly to counter it. Also, neveruse any dairy, oil rich products. Take steps as yousmell the problem since ignoring the smell willonly attract pests and make the environmentunsafe for your worms.
  5. 5. My worms are escaping their binThis may be due to three main reasons. Maybe your bin is too dry, too wet or you haveincluded any material that the worms are nothappy with. Do not add much citrus fruitssince it may be a reason for their uneasiness.Given the bin is dry, use a spray bottle tomoisten or when you find the bin is too wet,shred up some fresh newspaper and mix it.
  6. 6. Fruit flies are disturbing me morethan everFruit flies will come to the bin because they love the fruitscrap you put there, they lay eggs on the skin and otherareas of fruits as well as vegetables. To discourage theirarrival, put the fruit scraps after washing them; do notadd any decaying food, cut these into small items anddon’t feed the worms excess foods. Absence of alreadyfaded fruits will limit of the possibility of any fly larvaegetting into the bin, cutting the scraps into smallerpieces will help the worms eat these quickly therebymaking no room for insects to feed or breed on whileplacing adequate amount of food will reduce the chanceof any waste hence flies won’t get anything significant totour the bin.
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