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Big cats save before they are nowhere


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Big cats are pride of every forest. However, due to excessive encroachment of forests, lack of natural shelter and sufficient prey, these most beautiful creatures are being extinct.

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Big cats save before they are nowhere

  1. 1. Big Cats: Save Before They Are Nowhere!
  2. 2. The population of big cat is on a declinefor decades; so much so that some havebecome extinct and are no longer aroundto roar and live (we don’t have Bali Tiger,Cape Lion anymore besides many others).
  3. 3. Amur LeopardThey are critically endangered and according Wikipedia “Only 14–20 adults and 5–6 cubs were counted in a census in 2007”(source). They are believed to be now restricted in the areas ofRussian-Chinese border.
  4. 4. CheetahThey are the fastest land mammals, with the merit of running around70 and 75 mph. Because of hunting by men, and lack of undisturbedland areas, the cats are declining rapidly
  5. 5. TigerThey have been widely hunted for many body parts and aredeclining from where they used to be a common sight: Asia.
  6. 6. JaguarThey need home but rapid habitat loss is snatching them peacein the Americas.
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