Beekeeping 101 things to learn from honey bees


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Bees are colonial creatures and they teach us several things. Some of the most important lessons that we can learn from honey bees are covered in this article of beekeeping 101 series

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Beekeeping 101 things to learn from honey bees

  1. 1. Beekeeping 101: Things To Learn FromHoney Bees
  2. 2. Beyond earning rewards in the form of hiveproducts, humans have a lot to learn fromthese magical creatures.
  3. 3. Bees are useful for so many reasons!One may start it out of a hobby or as a profession,and earn the benefits in the form of hive productsnamely honey, jelly, pollens, beeswax etc. Abeekeeper irrespective of the nature of beekeepinggets to learn so many things besides just rewards.Bees being social insects teach us some of the mostwonderful and thoughtful lessons of life includingthe value of staying united, hard work, dedication,proper distribution of work and adaptable living.Observe their behaviours and see how they dothings, right from sourcing honey to caring theirqueen and you are likely to find a wealth ofresources relating to a healthy and successful life.
  4. 4. Hard work is the key to success:They are a glowing example of how hard workreally pays in living a sustained life. Almostevery bee has a certain role to do throughout itslife and the same is performed by this wondercreature with no complaint. Consider theprocess of honey making. Thousands of workerbees work continuously to produce more than200 pounds of honey per year for an entirecolony. The job requires hard work. A workerbee doesn’t have the ability to carry enoughpollen at any particular time. But because shehas to meet a demand back at home, she visits asmany as 50-100 flowers and then repeats thesame entire day.
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