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Nokia 6630 s


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Nokia 6630 s

  1. 1. NOKIA 6630A Product Development & Launch Case Presented by:- Shantanu Bera Mrityunjay Das Sadhana Devi Atindra kundu
  2. 2. Nokia in Brief • Nokias roots go back to 1865, when the Nokia wood-pulp mill was founded. In 1967, upon the merger of three separate companies. • Mobile revolution 1992-1999 • 1992 Jorma Ollila becomes CEO of Nokia  (access to international finance markets) • 1994: World’s first satellite call made using a Nokia GSM handset • 1998 Nokia becomes the leader in mobile phones
  3. 3. Competitive Strategy Increase distribution channel Adjust preferences for specific market Aggressive Pricing 1) for middle income group Penetrating pricingstrategy 2) For upper income group Skimming Pricingstrategy. Promotion Strategy
  4. 4. Cont: Technological differences between the competitors are minimal so they all compete mainly on price and specially on design innovation. So all of them adopted price cut strategy and renewal throughout the product portfolio. To combat competition Nokia implemented world wide low price strategy for most of his product portfolio. In 2003 Nokia introduce 40 new Models on all product portfolio to gain leadership
  5. 5. Competitive Strategy cont: Changed its structure from 3 business groups: Mobile phones, Networks and Enterprise solution to 4 business groups so as the Mobile phones was divided into Mobile phones and Multimedia. Constant innovation Separate department for Mobile phones and Multi-media Using advanced features and applications that its rivals does not have. First to introduce Imaging, games, Entertainment, Media as Mobile features
  6. 6.  Nokia uses a pricing strategy that best suits the product. Market Penetration- Entry level mobile like Nokia 1100. Market Skimming- Premium series like Nokia 6630(3G) Hence, The Strategy which was used for N-Series & E-Series, 3G series was Market Skimming. Most user friendly mobiles phones compared to its competitors. Huge investments in promotions
  7. 7. Current and Future threats Threats from China mobile phones which are giving many features in a single phone China mobile made copy of Nokia Orange, Vodafone and 02 and many others operators are globally selling their run brands of phone. High imports Charges.
  8. 8. Positioning Yes Nokia was clear in their positioning strategy Entry Level( Rs 2500-6000): Nokia targeted low income people and first time mobile buyers in the series. Classic series 40 and 60 (Rs 7000-17000): Nokia targeted decent people in this series. These sets includes are 6300, 6233, 6120 etc. N-Gage Series (Rs 8000-16000):Nokia Targeted game includes like play station, PSP, Xbox etc.
  9. 9.  Xpress music (Rs 13000-35000): In this series music lovers are targeted sets are 5220, 5310,9800 etc. N-Series, E-series, 3G: New generation people and premium seekers sets like 6630, N70, N73, N95, E51, E66.
  10. 10. Product life cycle of NOKIA Maturity Nokia Symbian & N- Series, 3G Decline Nokia 30 & 40 Series Growth Sales curve Nokia E- series, Introduction The Concept Phones Time
  11. 11. BCG Matrix of NOKIA N-Series, 3G Premium Series Question Stars Mark Cash Dogs Cows Entry N-Gage Level
  12. 12. New product Development Market share and Sales were declining, this emphasizes on NPD strategy The stiff competition is given by especially Samsung, LG, sony. Other players are providing better mobile phones that too at cheaper rate and People who are price sensitive switch over to cheaper mobiles, since switching cost is low. Bargaining power of the buyer is high, so constant innovation and product development is necessary. Product Life cycle shows decline in nokia, so for product extension New Product development is required.
  13. 13. Product Life Cycles:mobilephonesDevelopment Typical life cycle
  14. 14.  Like Nokia developed a totally New product, a 3g set Nokia 6630. An innovative 3g set with always-connected Internet,mobile broadband access to multimedia contents, living video streaming and video conferencing. Nokia 6630 is the only 3G phone introduced to date that is designed to work on 3G, EDGE and 2G networks around the world. view important documents in formats like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint while being away from the office. considered an effective substitute for a normal mobile phone, a PDA, a digital camera, and more. Introducing phones with flash light for rural india.
  15. 15. Future suggestions Nokia is doing its business at its best but due to its recent downfall in its brand image has coaused Nokia to loose its market share. Nokia should focus more and more on Promotion and regaining its image back. Constant innovation required regarding:1. Design2. Price3. Service offering