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Industrial revolution review
Industrial revolution review
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Hi I am Bo!

  1. ^
  2. Imma gonna need more candles
  3. For 2600 generations
  4. of the world’s languages..
  5. ..are spoken by six percent of the world’s population
  6. A language dies every two weeks
  7. languages have only speaker left
  8. By the year 2100, 90% of the world's languages will be extinct. Some linguists claim that
  9. Competition? Globalization? Shifting Allegiance? Linguistic Warfare? Disease? Genocide? Epidemic? Glottopolitics?
  10. Indifference.
  11. Indifference**is injurious to our health
  12. Imagine being the only speaker of your language..
  13. Extinction of a language does have its economic and practical advantages..
  14. But the death of each language is another step on a treadmill towards humankind’s cultural oblivion .. - The Lousy Linguist
  15. It is a loss like none other
  16. ‘When I think of my tongue being no longer alive in the mouths of men, a chill goes over me that is deeper than my own death, since it is the gathered death of all my kind.’ - David Malouf in The Only Speaker of His Tongue
  17. A language is not just a way to communicate.. Tonight? Nope.
  18. A language is a way of being..
  19. each language is ’a whole alternative universe, since the world as we know it is in the last resort the words through which we imagine and name it. - David Malouf
  20. Stop cruelty to Languages!
  21. Preserve Us. Nurture Us. Pass Us on.
  22. Goodbye then!
  23. Do vote for us! Presentation Trivia In case you couldn’t identify, the lady in the sizzling outfit is Bo Derek. The musician is Bo Diddely. Now go Google it. Slide 6 and 7 have some Braille characters at the top and some Sign language symbols at the bottom.
  24. Image credits 010/02/boa-sr-from-great- andamanese-group.jpg 4586@N00/112835575/sizes/l/in/phot ostream/ 4512729@N00 For Bo Derek, Bo Diddely and RIP Gif, Copyright information was not available. If you own the photos, contact me @
  25. Designed by: @Tantanoo