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Fit bad news presentation


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Fit bad news presentation

  1. 1. Communicating Bad News
  2. 2. Our Situation• State the bad news• Be clear, don’t try to obscure the situation
  3. 3. How did this Happen?• Any relevant history, facts, or strategies• Original assumptions that are no longer valid
  4. 4. Alternatives Considered• Present alternative courses of action• Discuss pros/cons of each
  5. 5. Recommendation or Decision• State the recommended course of action or decision• Discuss how recommendation addresses the problem• Discuss how plan will address hardships resulting from action
  6. 6. Our Vision for the Future• Reaffirm your goals• Set expectations for the future• Set a time for expected results
  7. 7. Summary• Key Points to remember that will give audience confidence or improve morale