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Music Magazine Research

  1. 1. Music Magazine Research
  2. 2. Available Music Magazines:• Kerrang!• NME• Rolling Stone• Vibe• Top of the Pops• Q• Billboard• Uncut• Spin• Mixmag
  3. 3. Kerrang!Publisher – Bauer Media Group( on this website there are a list of othermagazines this company has created.)Editor – James McMahonKerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rock music. Kerrang! Was named afterthe onomatopoeic word that derives from the sound made when playing a power cordon an electric guitar, Kerrang! was initially devoted to the New Wave of British HeavyMetal and the rise of hard rock acts. In the early 2000s it became the best-sellingBritish music newspaper.
  4. 4. NMEThe New Musical Express, popularly known by the initialism NME,created by Theodore Lloyd-Jones, it is a music publication in the UnitedKingdom, published weekly since March 1952. It started as a musicnewspaper, and gradually moved toward a magazine format during the1980s, changing from newsprint in 1998. It was the first British paper toinclude a singles chart, in the 14 November 1952 edition. In the 1970s itbecame the best-selling British music newspaper. During the period 1972to 1976 it was particularly associated with gonzo journalism, then becameclosely associated with punk rock through the writing of Tony Parsons andJulie Burchill.
  5. 5. Rolling StoneRolling Stone is a US-Based magazine published every two weeks which is devoted tomusic, liberal politics, and popular culture. In 1967, Rolling Stone was founded in SanFrancisco, California, by Jann Wenner ‒ who is still the magazines chief editor ‒ andmusic critic, Ralph J. Gleason.Rolling Stone is known for its political coverage which began in the 1970s by theenigmatic and controversial gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. In the 1990s, themagazine changed its format to appeal to a younger readership interested in youth-oriented television shows, movie actors, and popular music. This led to criticism thatthe magazine was emphasizing style over substance. The magazine is now known forits strong liberal bent, and less-than-reliable reviews among music fans.In recent years, the magazine has resumed its traditional mix of content, including in-depth political stories. It also has expanded content to include acclaimed coverage offinancial and banking issues. As a result, the magazine has seen its circulation increaseand its reporters invited as experts to network television programs of note.
  6. 6. VibeVibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones. Thepublication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and otherentertainers. After shutting down production in Summer 2009, Vibe was purchased bythe private equity investment fund InterMedia Partners and is now issued every-othermonth with double covers, with a larger online presence. The magazines targetdemographic is predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop culture.The magazine owed its success to featuring a broader range of interests than itsclosest competitors The Source and XXL which focus more narrowly on rap music, orthe rock & pop-centric Rolling Stone and Spin. As of June 30, 2012, Vibe had acirculation of 300,943, of which 202,439 was paid, and 98,504 was non paid.Advertisers ran the gamut from record labels to fashion houses to various cognacbrands.
  7. 7. Top of the PopsTop of the Pops magazine is a monthly publication published by BBC Magazines. Itfeatures chart information, star gossip, fashion and beauty advice, quizzes, song lyricsand posters. It is a supplementary magazine for the TV show Top of the Pops.The magazine was launched in February 1995, and is famous for giving girl group TheSpice Girls their nicknames. Alongside a revamp of the TV show. It was originallymarketed as the missing link between Smash Hits and NME, but its format wasgradually changed, with less music content and a demographic shift to young girls. It isstill in publication despite the cancellation of the TV show.The title has had several editors over the years, including Peter Lorraine, CorinnaSchaffer and Rosalie Snaith, and contributing editors including Adam Tanswell. Itscurrent editor is Peter Hart.
  8. 8. QQ is a popular music magazine published monthly in the United Kingdom.Founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth were dismayed by the music press of thetime, which they felt was ignoring a generation of older music buyers who werebuying CDs — then still a new technology. Q was first published in October 1986,setting itself apart from much of the other music press with monthly production andhigher standards of photography and printing. In the early years, the magazine wassub-titled "The modern guide to music and more". Originally it was to be called Cue(as in the sense of cueing a record, ready to play), but the name was changed so that itwouldnt be mistaken for a snooker magazine. Another reason, cited in Qs 200thedition, is that a single-letter title would be more prominent on newsstands.
  9. 9. BillboardBillboard is an international news magazine devoted to music and the music industry,and is one of the oldest trade magazines in the world. It maintains severalinternationally recognized music charts that track the most popular songs and albumsin various categories on a weekly basis. The two most notable charts are the BillboardHot 100, which ranks the top 100 songs regardless of genre and is based on digitalsales, radio airplay, and internet streaming data; and the Billboard 200, thecorresponding chart for album sales
  10. 10. UncutUncut was launched in May 1997 as "a monthly magazine aimed at 25- to 45-year-old men that focuseson music and movies", edited by Allan Jones (former editor of Melody Maker). Jones has stated that"[t]he idea for Uncut came from my own disenchantment about what I was doing with Melody Maker.There was a publishing initiative to make the audience younger; I was getting older and they wanted totake the readers further away from me", specifically referring to the then dominant Britpop genre.According to IPC Media, 86% of the magazines readers are male and their average age is 37 years.Uncuts contents include lengthy features on old albums, interviews with film directors, music and filmnews, and reviews of all major new album, film and DVD releases. Its music features tend to focus ongenres such as Americana, rock and alternative country. Each month the magazine includes a free CD,which may include both new and older music. Special Issues have covered Radiohead, Bob Dylan, BruceSpringsteen, The Byrds, David Bowie, Demon Records, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Queen,Martin Scorsese, Motown Records, Morrissey, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin and more.Uncut underwent a radical redesign in May 2006, as a result of which the magazine no longer cateredfor books and reduced its film content.Allan Jones writes a regular monthly column, recounting stories from his long career in musicjournalism.Uncuts monthly circulation has dropped from over 90,000 in 2007 to 75,518 in the second half of 2009.
  11. 11. SpinIn its early years, the magazine was noted for its broad music coverage with an emphasis on college-oriented rock music and on the on-going emergence of hip-hop. The magazine was eclectic and bold, ifsometimes haphazard. It pointedly provided a national alternative to Rolling Stones moreestablishment-oriented style. Spin prominently placed newer artists such as R.E.M., Prince, Run-D.M.C.,Eurythmics, Beastie Boys, and Talking Heads, on its covers and did lengthy features on establishedfigures such as Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Miles Davis, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and John LeeHooker—Bart Bulls article on Hooker won the magazine its first major award.Putting black artists and women artists on the cover was considered a risk–potentially damagingnewsstand sales. Moreover, the magazine devoted itself to a long term set of investigative pieces on theAIDS crisis at a time when even gay publications were concerned about losing advertisers by doingcoverage of the disease. On a cultural level, the magazine devoted significant coverage to hard-corepunk, alternative country, reggae and world music, experimental rock, jazz of the most adventuroussort, the burgeoning college rock and underground music scenes of the 1980s, and a variety of fringestyles. Artists such as the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, X, Black Flag, and the former members of theSex Pistols, The Clash, and the early punk/New Wave movement were cultural heritage pioneers inSpins editorial mix, and were reviewed, featured, and mentioned constantly at a time when RollingStone and other publications scarcely acknowledged their existence Spins extensive coverage of hip-hop music and culture, especially that of contributing editor John Leland, was notable at a time whenno other national publication was paying serious attention to the genre.
  12. 12. MixmagMixmag is a British electronic dance and clubbing magazine, published in London,England. It styles itself as "the worlds biggest selling dance music magazine", with anAudit Bureau of Circulations audited circulation of approximately 20,000 (1 January2011 – 31 December 2011). Launched in 1982 in the United Kingdom, the magazinecovers dance events, and reviews music and club nights.
  13. 13. Colour The use of red as the Q Front Cover Sub Heading background colour of the masthead is effective as it could The use of sans serif font makes the represent danger, or passion text simple and easy to both of these things are read/understand. The text included is involved within this magazine. attention grabbing and gives a clear indication of the story line. The font also looks uniformed and neat which links back to the magazine being formal and upper class.MastheadUses a serif font which has little flicks Main Imagein a certain area of the letter. This The medium close up shot of Florencemakes the magazine seem more Welch is the main focus of the frontformal and upper class. Using the cover. The use of her focus in the imagewhite over the red background works makes the front cover more intense.well as this also makes it look more As she is a recent celebrity this wouldsophisticated giving a clear view of work for both males and females as thewho is the target audience. target audience. Women idolise her whereas men see her as a sex object. Hence why 67.2% of the magazine audience are male and only 32.8% are female. Also the highest percentage age range is 15-24 with 38.3%. Buzz Word The use of ‘GIG BLOW-OUT’ makes Plug the audience intrigued to what other Using the colour blue which contracts exciting things are in the magazine with the ginger of Florence Welch’s also what the rest of this story could ginger hair draw automatic attention be revealed. to the magazine. Layout Barcode The layout of this front cover is very A barcode is used for all magazines. sophisticated and the colours work However in this magazine the very well together to create a bold barcode almost finishes off the front cover. The use of the white font cover as it puts a blunt stop to the works well on top of this as the text giving it a neat finish. colours compliment each other.
  14. 14. QThe repetition of the magazine logo Q Contents Page Datebefore the masthead and sub The font size of the date in this pageheadings makes the titles more is quite large. This adds to theunique and claims the titles to be impression that this magazine is atheir own and more personal. special edition and it will draw the readers attention making them wantMenu Strip to buy it.In the menu strip only certain pageshave been picked out of the wholemagazine as the editor and producer Main Imagebelieve these would be the main Using this image of a modern bandstories that the audience would want will also grab the readers attention asto read. This is also a unique layout they will want to find out the latestfor the menu strip as it is isn’t very gossip further inside the magazineoften you see only selected pages making the reader buy the magazinewritten in the contents it’s usually all to carry on reading.the pages. Also the font is sans serifwhich makes it formal and easy toread. Features Highlight Selecting this story line from the menu strip is highlighting a specificBuzz Word story which the magazine editors andThe use of ‘Oasis Special’ makes this publishers believe the audience willedition of the magazine seem more be most interesting in and want tolimited therefore the amount of read. Adding an image to thispeople that buy the magazine will highlight makes the story line seemrise. Also the buzz word is written in more whereas nothing else on thepage is that colour making thissection seem more important. Regular Features The continuation of the menu strip at the bottom is also in the font style of sans serif making it clear and easy to read. The regular features that appear monthly in the magazine will be familiar to the audience as they will be used to seeing it every month. Therefore this helps to persuade the audience to buy the magazine monthly to get the extras.
  15. 15. Main Image Sub heading Q Double page spreadThis image is a mediumclose up of Lady Gaga. There doesn’t seem o be a title on this double page spread just the artist name (Lady Gaga). Lady is in serif and is all inHowever in this photo lower case, whereas gaga is in capital letters but still in the serif font. Therefore the magazine believe that Lady Gaga isenough of the image is well known and people will know who she is rather than having to write her name in as a heading.shown to make theimage suggestiveinvolving the male gazeas all she I wearing is a Large Dropthick necklace, also she Capitalis still cupping her A drop capital isbreast. The audience usually only usedcan clearly see this at the beginningimage of Lady Gaga has of the textsome significance as it however thistakes up half of the specific dropdouble page spread. capital fills theWith the image been whole of theedited to grey scale second half of themakes the photo look double pagemore sophisticated and showing clearclassy which is what importance. Alsoseems to be portrayed this drawsthroughout the whole attention to themagazine. Her focus in text as the dropthe image is clearly capital is serif andtowards the audience is red. This is thewhich would make the only colourfulreader have a clear item on the pageconnection with the which makes itimage making them stand out as itwant to read the story juxtaposes thethat comes along side of Layout black, white andit. The colour scheme throughout the double page Small Drop Capital grey image and spread is black, white and red. This shows the Drop capitals are usually at the start of the article other font. sophisticated side to the magazine. Also these however; in this magazine they are used to start colours are contrasting with each other creating a different paragraphs. The use of these smaller drop bold and classic look to the double page spread. capitals separate the text giving a beginning, middle and end. However these drop capitals are also serif and they add a classy and sophisticated theme to the magazine.
  16. 16. Date and priceKickerThe use of the kicker helps to draw Rolling Stone Front Cover This magazine doesn’t have a barcodethe audience to buy the magazine like most magazines making itas it gives a feel of what is going to individual and unique. However thebe inside the magazine. By naming pricing on the magazine is in dollarsa few big artists will help people making it clear it is an Americanbuy the magazine. Also the singers magazine.listed are all from different genres Mastheadof music therefore there will be The masthead is written in serifsomething for all different types of making the magazine look morepeople within the magazine. formal. Also with the main image covering the masthead shows thatMain Image the magazine is well known andThis image of Megan Fox is a medium they do not need to show thelong shot. This works effectively as it whole name of the magazine for itshows enough of the body to introduce to sell as it is already popular. Thethe male gaze also there is a definite use of colour within the mastheadshow of her tattoo which makes her is a unisex colour welcoming both‘bad’ therefore appealing to males. This genders. Also this colourmakes Megan Fox a sexual object to represents love, passion andthe male audience uprising the amount danger and as said in a sub headingof people that buy the magazine. Also ‘America’s sexiest bad girl’. The usethe female audience will see Megan of the masthead links all theFox as a modern role model and will features together on the page.inspire to be like her so they will alsobuy the magazine with the intentionthat it will help them to look more like Subheadingher. The percentage of males that buy The sub headings in this frontthe magazine is 61.3% which shows cover are written in the font serifthat the majority of the audience is which makes them look moremale and that placing a women with formal. However the main title forthis type of appeal on the male shows each subheading is written in athat it will increase the amount of smaller size and in grey whereasmagazines bought. Megan Fox is the part that you thought would beoverlapping the masthead which shows less bold is written larger and inthat she is the main feature on this black making the magazine more Buzz wordmagazine and that part that draws all unique and memorable. Introducing some more famousthe attention. Also her focus draws all artists will draw more attention tothe attention as it appears she is the people who are not drawn instaring straight at you therefore by the main image.
  17. 17. Masthead The title for the Rolling Stone contents page contents page is quite hidden within the page. Also shortening it to ‘RS’ also shows that the magazine is well Main image known and not the The use of this image in the full name is needed contents page shows that this for the magazine to magazine is for all ages as there be recognised. is a bit of everything in there forImage everyone. This image wouldUsing a smaller image in colour most probably not appeal to 18-next to the main image shows 30 year olds however if a 40-50that there are lots of different year old person was to pic upstories of different genres the magazine and read beyondwithin the magazine. Therefore the front cover they would bethis will help to show that the able to see that the magazine ismagazine can appeal to all for all ages. Within this imageaudience ages and genres. both of the people are smiling and look like they are having fun therefore the audience will want to read on and see whyMenu Strip they are dancing and smiling inThis magazine also only the image.selects the main storieswithin the magazine to put Main StoryI the contents page this The main stories haveworks well as the reader been enlarged to makewould be able to find the sure they are the firststory they were looking for stories read as they are thequickly and not having to most important. The fontsearch all of the magazine. for both the stories is serifThe colour use in the whereas in the menu stripmenu strip is very formal they are in sans serif. Alsoand the use of sans serif the page numbers that thecreates a more formal look stories are on are as largeto the magazine. as the heading of the story, this is one of the first things that you see.
  18. 18. Rolling Stone double page spreadQuoteThe use of this quote from LilyAlan makes the audience feel Main Imagelike the magazine is more This image of Lily Alan ispersonal as if she is actually not as attention grabbingtalking to them and as she is a and the quote and that ismodern celebrity this would so bold it seems to overdraw a lot of attention from an power everything else.audience. The use of what is However in the image Lilysaid within the quote draws the Alan looks very casual andattention of the reader as it informal. The contrast ofmakes an interesting first her red checked shirt nextimpression of the story making to the black and whitethe audience want to red more. works very well as it bringsThe font is sans serif however it colour and boldness to thestill looks informal as it is all page. The expression onjagged and looks like newspaper her face shows attitudecut outs. This informal aspect this also contributes to thelinks to the age of Lily Alan and informal side of thewhat she is wearing in the Article The amount of text in this article is very little as the main Layout image and quote take up a lot of the page. There are only The overall layout of this page is the main colours are black, white and read. This four columns in this article this also shows that is it quite an works well in this page as it adds to the gothic, emo stereotype that is linked to how immature page for the magazine as it doesn’t have much Lily Alan’s appearance portrays her. This page seems quite empty and spacious text. However as Lily Alan is a young women a lot of young compared to other magazine double page spreads. This works well as it give the people will want to read the article so perhaps this article informal and almost immature feel to the magazine. The way the image takes over was designed for the younger audience. half of the double page spread shows importance of the image and that it is a clear link to the magazine article. But the quote overlaps the main image making that seem more important part to the page.
  19. 19. MastheadThe masthead in this front cover seems Billboard Front Coverout of place for this magazine however itis the same masthead design used for allthe Billboard magazine. However in this Main Imagespecific edition of the magazine the in The image of Beyoncé is a close up.fills of colours in the masthead don’t fit This works well and is different asin with the magazine and make it look they are not using the celebritiesquite childish and less elegant and grown body as a way to gain readers butup. The masthead is written in sans serif simply just her good looks. Alsomaking it clear and easy to read also Beyoncé is the background of allmaking it look more formal. Also the the writing, this is unusual for thecolour white works well and is Billboard magazine as they usuallycomplimentary towards the main image pace the celebrities image over thecolours. majority of the magazine masthead. Although the image is not showingCompetition the body of Beyoncé it is using aThis will make the audience want sexual focus of her bitingto buy this magazine for the chance something to gain the maleto see Beyoncé live and to win the audience as well as the femaletickets for free. audience.Subheading SubheadingThe use of Beyoncé written in one of The font used for this subheading isthe largest texts on the page almost extremely feminine and will drawmakes this specific edition of the automatic attention to themagazine seem devoted to her. magazine for females. Also that theAlmost as if it is a one of and that text is written in white as athey will never do a magazine like feminine edge to the magazinethis one gain. This will make the front cover. Also the text that isBeyoncé fan base want to buy the included is ‘Live at Roseland’ thismagazine as they will want to know will draw Beyoncés fan base to theall the gossip about her inside the magazine as they will be wonderingmagazine. Having Beyoncé written in when as they may want to see hersans serif makes the magazine live so they will have to buy theportray Beyoncé as a very formal and magazine to find out as it doesn’tclassy women, give away all the information on the Barcode front cover. A barcode is used for all magazines. However in this magazine the barcode almost finishes off the front cover as it puts a blunt stop to the text giving it a neat finish.
  20. 20. Masthead LogoThe masthead in the contents page Billboard contents page Using the logo on the contents pageis very bold and stands out and it is again shows the immaturity theywritten in the sans serif font making have portrayed with the colourful init look more formal and grown up. fills in the letters making theThe use of lines throughout the intended audience to be aimed atmasthead makes it look more young adults and teenagers.individual and this draws theaudiences focus. The use of Sub heading‘contents’ written in capital letters This No1 in the sub heading isand in a bold black colour makes it written in the same font as themore striking and attention masthead but in white whereas thegrabbing. masthead is written in black. ThisImage works well as these are bothUsing a line of smaller images contrasting colours and are verywithout any text to introduce the close together on the contentsstory line grabs the attention of the page. Also the use of writing makesaudience and makes them want to the audience want to know what isread on to find what the story line is hot on the charts so they can be upbehind these images. The only to date with the music they listen toinformation this gives away is the also there may be new songs outpage number to find the story also that they haven’t yet heard so theythe celebrities in the images are listen to them after reading thiswell known and this will work well magazine contents page.also to intrigue the audience. Main Image The main image in this contents page works well as he is a modern famous person so this will draw theExtra Information audiences attention. Also he is aThis advertises the website and younger celebrity which girls mayother events that the magazine has find a heart throb or an attractivebeen involved with. This will help to male so they will want to buy theincrease the readers and the magazine to read the latest gossip inamount of views. Also the amount his life and see what is happening.of tickets sold for an event.
  21. 21. Billboard double page spread Main Image This image is a medium close up of Kaytie Stoeney. In this image the female is fullyMasthead dressed so theThe masthead is magazine is not tryingwritten in both serif to use the male gaze toand sans serif font draw in readers,making this double therefore the magazinepage spread seem must mainly be aimedinformal and laid at women. Theback. The use of audience can clearly seeblack makes the this image of Kaytiemasthead bold and Stoeney has someone of the first significance as it takesthings you look at on up half of the doublethe page. Using the page spread. The waycelebrities name as she is posed makes herthe title shows that look immature and thatthe celebrity isn’t her main targetvery popular and audience may bewell known so the younger teenagers . Hername is needed to focus in the image isintroduce her to the clearly towards theworld and hopefully audience which wouldgain her more fans. make the reader have a clear connection with the image making them want to read the story that comes along side of it.QuoteThe use of the quote work well as it will make the audience feel more Layoutconnected to the celebrity. This will work well as it will help to draw in an The overall colours of this layout are grey, white, pink and black.audience to the magazine. These colours work well together and create quite a feminine effect making it more appealing for women and girls to buy the magazine. The grey background works well as it is a pastel colour and makes everything stand out more.