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The top don'ts for unique logo design


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In this article, we will talk about some must-known logo design tips and summarized them to a list with 8 "Don'ts" rules.

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The top don'ts for unique logo design

  1. 1. The Top Don'ts for Unique Logo Design In thisarticle,we will talkaboutsome must-knownlogodesigntipsandsummarizedthemtoa list with8 "Don'ts"rules.If youare enthusiastinlogodesigning,youmaynote thatan excellentlogo designshould identifyyourbrandorbusinessideasmarketingtargetandstrategy,give good impressiontothe public.Here the followingdesigningtips,Mostof themnotonlyaimat a great logodesign,butalsofocuson unique andoriginal creations.Hope theycanhelpyourdesignlogosin a smart way. Some Don'ts List: 1. DO NOTmissany flashof inspirations. Draw any of ideasdownwithpencil asmuchas you can. Please note thatyou'dbetterdraw black- and-white logosasdraftsatthe beginning.Itisa practical way for youto distinguishbetterandweak designs. 2. DO NOTcombine more thantwo fontstylesinone logodesign. Sometimes,more meansless.More fontstylesexistinginone designmaycause chaoticproblems. Too manyfactors cannot grab the attentions.People maynotcatchthe focusof your design.Soif not necessary,pleaseuse justone ortwofontstylesinyourlogo.Actually,mostof logodesignsare combinationlogos,whichincludesymbol andlogotexttogether.Inthe case,we onlyneedone type of fontstyle formatching. 3. DO NOTuse more than three colorsinone logo's colorscheme. If you are notwillingtodesignmulti-colororrainbow logos,donotuse three colorsinone logo.It onlymade yourlogoflowerybutnotbeautiful.
  2. 2. 4. DO NOTcopy otherdesignsorideas. Unique logodesignconceptisalwaysdrivenbythe differentbusinesslocations,objectivesandalso your client'sambitions.If followother'sdesign,youwill getnothingbutjustthe accusationof plagiarism. 5. DO NOTalwaysdrawsymbolsandshapeswithjustrectanglesandroundness. Sometimesirregularshapes,unlike others,canleadthe wayinlogo designs.Sokeepsyourbrain tickingoveranddo some changeson details.Itwill make yourlogostandingout. Note:usingvectorratherthan bitmapimage since bitmapisnota good choice forstretching.Jagged edgesalwaysmake the logodesigngodown. 6. DO NOTmake the logosmore and more complex. Simple logosare usuallymore memorablethanothers.Donotletyour logogettoo complicated, onlyif youare confidentthatyoucan control the complex huge designs. 7. DO NOTleave logowithoutdropshadow andgradient. There are some long-standingeffectsthatmostdesignersoftenused.Forexample,youcanuse shadow,reflection,glow,andgradient.Trytouse themflexibly,butnotfrequently.Pleasenote again,lessismore and lessisbetter. 8. DO NOTwork behindcloseddoor. Learn andget inspiredfromotherdesigners'logoartworks.Trytofindoutthe ingeniouscreations and alsothe shortcomingsof theirwork.Butdon't copy them.Please refertothe nexttip. 9. DO NOTdesignlogosforWebusage only.
  3. 3. Most of the time,one logodesignwillbe usedfordifferentpractical requirements,suchasfor the weband forthe print (like onbusinesscard,letterhead,brochure,invitationletterandevenhat). Please make sure yourdesignwillgetgoodqualityinall casesbefore showingthemtoyourclient. Resource san diegodesignagency | Farnborough Hampshire designagency